OSA Press Release (July 19, 1984)

Source  “PR Newswire”
Author  John Peterson
Date  July 19th, 19841

LOS  ANGELES,  July  19/PRN  –  Ronald  DeWolf,  the  estranged,  disinherited  son  of
bestselling author and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, has paid $6,382.71 for legal
costs incurred during his unsuccessful 1982 attempt to take control of his father’s estate
for himself and Boston lawyer Michael Flynn, the church reported today.

While DeWolf’s allegations initially gained national media attention, the court threw out
his petition and ordered him to pay $4,723.97 in court costs for bringing the “groundless
case” to court. An additional $1,658.74 was charged and collected because DeWolf failed
to pay the initial costs promptly.

Church attorney John Peterson said that “Flynn and DeWolf toured the country with their
outrageous and scurrilous allegations which proved to be nothing more than attempts to
generate enough adverse publicity to influence the court and grab control of the estate.”

Peterson continued: “After hearing all of Flynn’s and DeWolf’s arguments, the judge not
only threw the case out of court as being completely without merit, but he also held Flynn
in contempt for violating court orders during the trial and ordered Flynn to pay a court
fine.  Flynn’s  client,  DeWolf,  not  only  lost  his  case,  but  had  to  pay  costs  as  further

Peterson  revealed  that  DeWolf  made  an  offer  to  pay,  following  a  Monday  hearing  in
Reno,  Nev.,  during  which  a  Nevada  district  court-appointed  special  master,  Craig  L.
Imara,  stated  he  would  authorize  a  motion  to  compel  DeWolf  to  disclose  all  of  his
personal and business financial records for the past five years.

According to Peterson, DeWolf had “dragged his feet from more than a year and claimed
he was unable to pay the court costs, saying that me was ‘destitute.’ Evidence, however,
had  been  uncovered  that  DeWolf  had  concealed  more  than  $60,000  in  cash  and  other
assets when he filed his then-third bankruptcy in April 1979.”

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