A letter to Mike Rinder: Your victim speaks up (Part 1) (February 18, 2018)

To the weak, to the cowardly, to the reprehensively irrational, dishonesty and underhanded dealings, the harming of others and the blighting of their hopes, seem to be the only way of conducting life. Unethical conduct is actually the conduct of destruction and fear. Lies are told because one is afraid of the consequences should one tell the truth. Thus, the liar is inevitably a coward, the coward is inevitably a liar. —Science of Survival © L. Ron Hubbard, 1951, © L. Ron Hubbard Library © 2007

The organization clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid, and this bizarre combination seems to be a reflection of its founder LRH. The evidence portrays a man who has been virtually a pathological liar when it comes to his history, background, and achievements. The writings and documents in evidence additionally reflect his egoism, greed, avarice, lust for power, and vindictiveness and aggressiveness against persons perceived by him to be disloyal or hostile. —Judgment entered 1984 in Scientology v. Armstrong, Los Angeles Superior Court, case no. C 420153, affirmed on appeal, 1991

Dear Mike:

Last summer, Sharone Stainforth wrote a public note pleading with you to do the right thing; specifically that you tell the truth about the bad you did in Scientology. She mentions me, which is logical because I am a person you victimized most royally. Also, among your victims, I have been one who has communicated to you and publicly spoken up about you not doing the right thing. For several years I have addressed the fact, and cruelty, that you have not told the truth about all the victimizing you did and are doing. Stainforth initially made me think of writing something about all this, and I just read your blog article with the timely title “Truth Matters.”

As you know, I have undertaken to speak for all your victims you have not told the truth about, all your victims you have not helped when you easily could have, or anyone really you ever thought or sought to silence or destroy. All it would take to help is the easy and pleasant truth. Stainforth also spoke up for all your victims, and deserves your thanks as well as ours. I am writing both to do the same myself, on my own and others’ behalves, and to advocate that you do the same – speak up for your victims.

Sharone Stainforth wrote:

Mike Rinder has done a lot, but it’s not enough, I have always said this and I will not back down now. Gerry Armstrong comes to mind straight off the bat.

My own Father went to his grave never talking about what he did in Scientology and I know it was bad! Please don’t become my Father, Mike Rinder!

Please do the right thing, please!

I know you are doing good, but you ain’t going far enough and YOU need to.

I have a lot of sympathy for your plight but it only goes so far and then I lose it.1

What a gift! It is not unpleasant to speak up another time, to write another whole chapter in my extraordinary history with you, Mike. You indeed did many bad things to silence or destroy me, my friends and associates, and other similarly situated persons – wogs, Homo sapiens — in the Suppressive Person class. The vast number and devilishness of the bad things you have done to us give your relationship with us a biblical quality. If only you had stood up thirty-six years ago and refused to dedicate yourself to the unholy role of persecuting us for your functionally unholy masters.

Since you began communicating publicly, after claiming you have left the Miscavige sect’s control, I have made real and sincere efforts to get you to tell the truth about what you did to us. Other people have also publicly discussed your role and your refusal to tell this simple but urgent and important truth. 2

Recently, Chuck Beatty commented on Tony Ortega’s blog in response to a Chris Owen article about the 1985 Julie Christofferson trial in Portland, OR3:

Gerry Armstrong deserves so many thanks. I wish Mike Rinder someday tells of the op he was part of with the luring of Gerry with the “loyal officers” ploy. That incident, Gerry and Mike Rinder, on the park bench in Griffith Park, I hope Mike tells who wrote that op and all the discussions, and who pushed that op, using “loyal officers” as pretended insider defectors to whom Gerry was trying to be connected. Maybe that op was more than I imagined it was, but why the choice of the “loyal officers” and by whom, for that op, that rings Miscavige in my mind.

Poster “gtsix” also commented:

And as Rinder dealt with wogs more than others in the SO, he really knew what was occurring. He knew about Fair game, as he was the man who did it (not all of it, and not the only person, but umm… head of OSA/). He fair-gamed Gerry Armstrong and spy lied to him way back in 1984 – and has never come clean about what he personally did, or what he witnessed.

He knew exactly what he was into.

As I have also shown, you have not just failed to tell the truth, Mike, but have, in vital ways, continued serving the Miscavige conspiracy’s evil purposes toward us, the very persons you persecuted and made others persecute from your official Sea Org (“SO”) positions. You have never told the truth about why you do so. You have never told the truth, to me anyway, about what you believe or claim prevents you from telling the truth that I am asking you to tell, or what you believe or claim prevents you from helping your victims. Because you refuse to explain why you still serve the Scientology conspiracy’s purposes against me and other similarly placed wogs, I will attempt the necessary analysis.

As you know, you have never corrected the black propaganda you disseminated and made others disseminate, and you have never spoken up to remedy injustices you perpetrated and made others perpetrate. You have made no effort to communicate adult-to-adult with me, but have treated me with contempt, just as you treated me when it was officially your job in Scientology to hate and silence or destroy me. I’ve written about these matters both publicly and to you directly.

It is obvious that your refusal to correct your black PR — now that you are publicly producing “deep regrets,” newfound “compassion,” and the idea you are “doing something about it” — is to generate the illusion and false impression that your black PR for your conspiracy was not black PR at all, but the truth. Generating false impressions in people was one of your key functions for decades inside Scientology, and it has remained your function since you have been claiming to have left.

If black PR is the truth, logic says, it therefore needs no correction – by the compassionate, the honest, the sincere, the just. If black PR is the truth, whatever evil, in anyone’s eyes, was done to your black PR victims, was justified. Consequently, in this psycho-philosophic “reasoning,” the victims seeking truth or justice are “proven,” just by your snubbing their approaches or requests, to be as bad or undeserving as you black PRed them and made others black PR them when you were officially inside the Hubbard-Miscavige sect. Your refusal to address your black propagandizing is more black propaganda, implicit black PR.