A letter to Mike Rinder: Your victim speaks up (Part 4) (February 24, 2018)

At least by 1984, from what has been reported, you had made it into the Hubbard sect’s criminal conspiracy. Probably, because of the realities at that time, when you were appointed a director in the newly incorporated Church of Scientology International (“CSI”) in 1982, you were a coconspirator. As you know, your conspiracy is structured and operates as a techno-occult Mafia family. Many of your sect’s victims and critics called your operation a “crime cult” or “criminal cult,” and I don’t believe you ever challenged that label. I am sure I called your operation that myself, and explained why that designation is accurate, defensible and justified. Now, of course, with the solidification and persistence of other Scientologist sects, your operation is more properly called a “crime sect” or “criminal sect.”

For years, you were not only un direttore della società, you were your sect’s primo caporegime. According to reports, you were Commanding Officer OSA US in 1984 and CO OSA International by 1985, and you held that post for twenty or so years. As capo, OSA personnel internationally were your crew. You ran una rete di consiglieri for the boss.

Rathbun was twenty years the underboss, the sotto capo. Hubbard was the boss, the capo famiglia. In fact, once we Flag crew came ashore from the “Apollo” in 1975, we commonly referred to him as “the boss.” He knew we called him that, and he liked it. When Hubbard died in 1986, Don Miscavige succeeded him, and remains capo famiglia. Hubbard went off to Bersaglio Due and is a sort of capo galattico di tutti capi galattici. I had left the famiglia, la comunione at the end of 1981. By not telling the truth about your victimization of the SP class, you are still honoring or applying Scientology’s Omertà, its code of silence.

Zinberg, who is proudly appropriately Jewish, said in his interview, “My behavior as a Scientologist was the functional equivalent of a Nazi.” In that analogy, which, like the mob analogy, is also accurate, during Zinberg’s time doing covert GO ops, Hubbard was the Führer. His Scientology sect’s organization form, like the Nazi org form, was a police state dictatorship. Hubbard’s wife Mary Sue was the Stellvertreter des Führers, the Deputy Führer. Jane Kember, the Guardian Worldwide, would have been the ReichsführerSS, the head of the Schutzstaffel. In 1980 and 1981, I was Führer Hubbard’s Personal Biography Researcher and Archivist, der persönliche Biographie Forscher und Archivar.

After Hubbard’s death, Miscavige became the Führer. He seized Hubbard’s dictatorship reins, and even boasts publicly of controlling Scientology and Scientologists by “policing” them. Rathbun, already a high-ranking Scientolonazi, became demi-stooge Deputy Führer, der halbstichwortgeberende Stellvertreter des Führer. You became Scientology’s Reichsführer-SS, responsible on paper, as Heinrich Himmler had been, for security, surveillance and terror. Himmler oversaw the silencing and destruction of Jews and other persons and groups the Nazi hierarchy wanted silenced or destroyed. You oversaw the silencing or destruction of SPs, who are the functional equivalent of the Jews and other human victims of the Nazis. Like many high ranking Nazi officers or officials, you have used “die Nürnberger Verteidigung” for your criminal and antisocial actions, “Befehl ist Befehl,” the defense that you were following policy and obeying your Führers’ orders.

You and your coconspirators embraced what Jesse Prince called a “required protocol to hate.” You had to hate me, and a few other SPs like me. George Orwell in Nineteen Eighty-Four had the “Two Minutes Hate.” Prince was a budding insider in the conspiracy between 1983 and 1986. Hubbard and Miscavige, in 1984, demanded that their “Protocol to Hate” be twenty-four-seven. You have hated me, in willing compliance your conspiracy’s protocol, policy, and command intention, day in and day out, for thirty-six years.

Admittedly, there could be other rationales you have latched onto for continuing to hate me and your other victims, since you claim to have freed yourself from your conspiracy’s dominion, which had required you, while officially on the sect’s payroll, to embrace hate as protocol. Regardless of what you might believe compels or justifies your hatred, however, what I believe underlies and anchors it, and has always underlain and anchored it, is cowardice. As terrible and embarrassing as this condition can seem, it can also be viewed as a blessing because it is so easy and pleasant to heal.

Prince wrote in 2014:

There were years of board room meeting at ASI [Author Services, Inc.] to figure out how to get rid of Gerry Armstrong, L Ron junior, David Mayo and a few other people who had devoted their lives in servitude to L Ron and his grand ideas. All of these devoted people turned out to be Suppressive Persons all along according to the instructions from L Ron via his publishing organization ASI. It was new management’s job to hunt them down and get them put in jail.


It was required protocol to hate and contribute to the destruction of men and women that I had never met or laid eyes on. We would be sitting in the board room at L Ron’s Author Services organization reading advices from L Ron calling for the heads of staff he felt offended him somehow. Listening to Miscavige and other staff figuring out ever clever ways to get rid of the people who were aggravating poor L Ron.


There were banker boxes full of “advices” [orders] from L Ron spewing hate filled vitriol about Gerry. The information that Gerry provided to Russell Miller and Jon Atack about L Ron’s actual history did in fact expose his underbelly and pulled back the curtains on his imaginary life he expected others to believe.1

That you have “done a lot,” as Sharone Stainforth says, meaning you have done a lot of good in this period when you’ve been presenting as doing good, can be irrelevant to an underlying condition of cowardice. The claim, in fact, can be a pretext, and pretexts are commonly expressions or effects of cowardice. Zinberg could not but have done all sorts of human good during those thirty-five years after conspiring against Paulette Cooper. Yet he remained in his own eyes a coward. He must have been a coward in others’ estimation as well; no one who heard his story, that I have seen, has said, “No, Len you weren’t a coward.” People have agreed with him that for thirty-five years he was a coward, and also obviously agreed that by telling what he had done he ended his long duration cowardice.

Clearly the same condition could exist for you, and, if so, something should be done about it. You have put yourself on public display, and have put your character in issue for analysis, and you have done so for financial gain. You have produced a television series with Leah Remini that propagandizes yourself as courageous and truth-telling. This is what you and Remini ask of the people you approached or selected for your episodes: “be courageous, and tell everyone about your experiences and knowledge.” But you have not done so yourself. You have not been courageous, you have never talked about what is serious, real and ongoing — your experiences and knowledge of your conspiracy’s persecution of SPs like me. By not telling the truth about this to in some way reverse the harmful effects of the wrong you did to us, you not only remain unrepentant but continue the persecution.