The Jesse Prince Story, Part 2 (August 4, 1998)

Subject: What—–Who?
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 03:10:39 GMT
From: (Jesse Prince)
Organization: ARSCC
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

The Jesse Prince Story, Part II1

by Jesse Prince

If you had the unfortunate experience of having had the “privilege” of paying tens of thousands of dollars for Scientology auditing, then you’ll have an idea of what I’m about to say here. If not, I’ll make it simple for you. When a Scientology victim progresses up to OT3, what do you find out? L. Ron Hubbard tells you there is no such thing as God or the Devil. It’s all an alien space war.

Furthermore, you find out that your whole body is nothing more than a hotel for disembodied spirits called “body thetans” or “BTs,” and groups of BTs called “clusters” that need extensive auditing. The result? Pay more money, of course, to get more auditing.

That L. Ron Hubbard said there was no God was a real shock to me, since I believed in God then and I still do now. I had thought Scientology was a non-denominational religion. If there is no God, then why all the hype about religion?

Now we move forward to 1982. In the summer of 1982 I was at Flag and I worked in the Qualifications Division as a cramming officer. Right around August a friend of mine, Mike Eldridge, came to me and told me he was on a special mission. He showed me a dispatch which he said was from LRH, which in fact was an order to find the best supervisor or cramming officer in all of Scientology and bring that person to the secret base in Hemet, California, to do correction on Int management staff – CMO Int, ASI, Int management, etc., because they did not have a clue how to manage international Scientology and were doing a bad job.

Mike told me the search was over, because I was the person that met the qualifications of the LRH order. Although I should have been impressed by this, I told him I had no intention of going with him anywhere, LRH order or not.

Later on that day, Mike came back and told me that I had no idea of all the bad things that would happen to me if I refused the order from LRH, that I would be declared, expelled from Scientlogy, and harassed for the rest of my life. He told me Int management needed to reform and I would be instrumental in getting that done. Well, I ended up going “over the rainbow” to the secret location at Hemet. Instantly I was presented with almost as many stripes as a zebra to show my authority and was given other trappings of power as well – my own private berthing space rather than being put in a dorm, personal servants to clean my room, people to service my every need.

Then along comes David Miscavige to brief me on the current scene at Int. During the briefing he interrupted himself to make what seemed to me at the time to be a non-sequitur point. He said to me, “You realize, don’t you, that there is no such thing as God?”

I replied that I had read the OT3 pack and was therefore aware of LRH’s view on this subject. I have often remembered that conversation since I’ve left Scientology.

As you move even higher up the “Bridge to Total Freedom,” to the level of New Era Dianetics for OTs, or NOTs, you are told to ask a whole new level of BTs and clusters the following questions: “What are you?” and “Who are you?” endlessly. At this level of NOTs you learn that everything is made up of BTs – your emotions, your thoughts, your body, your mind, the entire world is nothing but masses of these disembodied beings.

Moving along, we get to OT8 and what does LRH say now? He says that he is Satan, the “bringer of light,” and he makes mention of a final conflict as given in the Book of Revelations. Again I ask, why call Scientology a religion when its founder believes he is the antithesis of God – the Devil himself?

Well, here is a little story to shed some light on What… Who?

I’ll eventually tell you my whole story, but first, this one:

It was the summer of 1992 and I was desperately trying to leave the Int base any way I could. I was living with others who were also trying to leave. We were all kept in an old house known as the Old Gilman House, or OGH, which also served as the “isolation house” for physically ill Sea Org members.

It was there that I saw a grisly sight that still gives me nightmares.

A Sea Org member of ten years plus, Diane Morrison, who was approximately 30 years old, had been diagnosed with cancer. Scientology is paranoid about X-rays and gamma rays, and they refused to let Diane get chemotherapy. The two Scientology doctors, one was LRH’s personal physician–N.B. LRH is dead too…, prescribed a course of vitamin therapy and auditing to cure Diane’s cancer.

Needless to say, Diane continued to worsen day by day. Finally, one of the doctors told her to let go so she could just die. Some doctor, huh? Diane stopped eating and drinking after that, and she turned into a walking skeleton. She was in constant pain and would moan and scream day and night. Her husband, Shawn Morrison, was the Port Captain, which is the post responsible for dealing with public relations matters for the base in Hemet. Shawn refused to visit his wife, but after a time he was ordered to go and visit her. When he saw what had happened to her he screamed and ran out of the room.

It was known that Diane was very close to death, and it would have been a public relations flap if she had died on the base. So Shawn was ordered to take her off the base to his mother’s house so she could die there. Being a good Sea Org member, Shawn drove her, screaming and moaning, to his mother’s house where she was laid under an air conditioner.

Diane died within two days. She did not die of cancer. She died of starvation.

Shawn was upset because he had to miss post time to drive Diane to his mother’s house.

Diane’s death was a horrifying experience to all who knew about it.

Knowing that LRH insisted he was Satan, knowing that you are used until you drop dead in the Sea Org, do you really want to be a part of this way of thinking or this way of life? What about the nut cases running Scientology and the Sea Org? For all of you misguided people still in Scientology or the Sea Org, please get a clue and take this cue and run for your life away from anything to do with Scientology or the Sea Org, lest you become the next Diane Morrison or Lisa MacPherson.

Scn is a dead archaic idea. L Ron Hubbard is dead, a victim of his own machinations! Take a hint, it’s over. By the mere fact Scn will not embrace modern medical technology to the detriment of it’s members is appalling. Why would anyone just eat raw meat after the advent of fire? Hell, we now have stoves, microwaves, etc. Get the point? LRH is dead and a few mindless puppets are carrying on the tradition of something that may have been novel in the 50’s but the novelty of Dianetics and Scn have long since passed.

Scientology is evil to the core.

Respectfully submitted,

Jesse Prince