Assistant Guardian Intelligence GLA Daily Report to PAC Mgmt Chief (February 22, 1982)

PAC Mgmt Chief US1
cc: AG GLA2





cc: DG I US
cc: Org P & E Info US22 Feb 82

Dear Roberta,


DR 22 February 1982

DR (February 22, 1982)

Today we telexed SU4 via DG I US5 to get Gerry’s birthday and social security number from his payroll records. That will enable us to check other areas is the wog world to see if he can be located.

We also verified that his wife’s parents were last known to be living in Phoenix. That means that with his parents in Vancouver and hers in Phoenix, that will make it harder to verify our theory that they would be staying with one of their parents’ houses.

Also today, Debbie liased with DG I US to see how we can cheek with OVG to see if he knows anything about Gerry’s whereabouts.

It has become obvious to us that there is a lot of omitted data on Garry – that even though SU and Flag have sent us all their files on him, there still seems to be a lot missing. So tomorrow we will go through all his files to look for indicators as to where more files might be, and also-to see who might be able to give us any information about him or any misdeeds he may have committed while on staff.

That’s all. This is OK.


  1. PAC Mgmt Chief: Pacific Management Chief.
  2. GLA: Guardians Office Los Angeles
  3. AG I: Assistant Guardian Intelligence
  4. SU: Special Unit
  5. DG I US: Deputy Guardian Intelligence US
  6. Brad: Brad Balentine