Assistant Guardian Intelligence GLA Daily Report to PAC Mgmt Chief (February 25, 1982)

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25 Feb 82


DR (1982-02-25)

DR (February 25, 1982)

Re: Gerry Armstrong

Dear Roberta,

I have some recent data as to where GA may be. I sent a compliance report yesterday listing the possibilities. The data I got today fills in some of the gaps. One idea was that GA went to Canada to stay with his mother as he called in Dec. from a phone in Vancover. According to,his good friend at SMI, Marilyn Brewer ext.#120, the Armstrong’s were in Canada for Xmas as she spoke to them during that time. In Jan. they were back in LA. and when they called Marilyn they mentioned that they planned to settle in LA.  They said they were living about an hour from the complex. Marilyn has been on mission recently and hasn’t heard from the Armstongs since the beginning of Jan. She suggested asking Holly Carlson, the C/O of FLB who is Joyce Armstrong’s sister as she might know where they are.

I also am trying to reach Karen Campbell the o/o at SMI ext. 722 as I heard today that she said Joyce told her that she would soon be going to Arizona. Joyce’s parents live in Tempe Arizona only a block from the Mesa Mission. Joyce once gave her parents phone number to the Mesa Mission as she wanted them to try and get her parents back in Scientology (her parents are blown Scientologists).  Tempe is near Phoenix which is where Scott Brown, Joyce’s brother has his squirrel  group and with whom GA was going to write a book. I also spoke to the DG SMI as he knew the Armstrongs. In early Jan., Joyce Armstrong set up a dinner with Marilyn and Ed Brewer and the DG SMI. They all went as they didn’t know the Armstrongs were blown. They heard about it later. The DG hasn’t heard from them since and doesn’t know where they are. So, the next step is to pull the strings that turned up today. Verify if they are in Arizona, find out how recently Joyce told Karen Campbell she was going there, and also to contact Joyce’s  sister, Holly to see if she knows where they are.



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