Assistant Guardian Intelligence GLA Daily Report to PAC Mgmt Chief (March 15, 1982)

PAC Mgmt Chief US
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cc: PES US
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cc: Org P & E Info USMarch 15, 1982


[Handwritten] Re: Gerry Armstrong

DR (March 15, 1982)

DR (March 15, 1982)

Dear Roberta,

As I have been reporting, there hasn’t been anyone home at all at OVG’s house (apt.) so it appears they are temporarily out of town. We are going to pick the stakeout back up on Wed. or so, it will be better to use our resources when it is likely to pay off than to continue now when no one at all is at OVGs. By Wed or so maybe they will be back, so we will resume the stakeout in a couple of days.

Love, Debbie


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