Assistant Guardian Intelligence GLA Daily Report to PAC Mgmt Chief (March 5, 1982)


PAC Mgmt Chief US
cc: AG GLA

Br 10B Dir for



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March 5, 1982


[Handwritten] Re: Gerry Armstrong

DR March 5, 1982

DR March 5, 1982

Dear Roberta,

We got GA’s birthdate from a FLAG Crew List that was made
for INS. It listed the staffs names and birthdates so we got
his birthdate from there. This speeded up the DMV cycle as we
had previously been.waiting for his back PC files from SU which
have not arrived yet. But with GA’s birthdate I was able to send
in to the DMV today to see what PT address they have for GA. So
that is progress. We are still planning to send someone to Phoenix
and Vancover, when the money comes through.

Love, Debbie