Declaration of Gerry Armstrong: excerpt re Armstrong Operation (October 11, 1986)

8. Another example of documents clearly withheld by plaintiff organization is in regards to the program to get the LA DA to bring criminal charges against me — ultimately to have me jailed. This is all part of the “Armstrong Operation.” At p. 23, no. 11 of the April 1986 declaration I showed, from the mouth of CSC, CSI, RTC and Hubbard attorney Earle C. Cooley, the existence of such documentation.1 The organization has produced none of these documents. A letter from the Office of the LA DA dated April 25, 1986, attached hereto as Exhibit [J]2, however, reveals that Mr. Peterson and organization personnel provided a mass of documentation, even more than I knew before then existed, to the DA. Mr. Peterson knows that I know because he got the DA’s letter. To consider that all this was done from no written orders, programs, evaluations or missions is madness. It should be noted that the recipients of the DA letter were all GO staff. Lyman Spurlock’s testimony at trial in 1984 that he (as ASI staff) and others got rid of the 1100 GO staff criminals is untrue. Ken Hoden was GO staff: in fact he was involved in the program on Hubbard’s orders to bring criminal charges against Julie Christofferson. Heber Jentzsch was a GO PR staffer for many years who was used for the organization’s frontal PR attacks on enemies. He continues to perform the same organization function. David Butterworth is a longtime GO staff member. When I knew him in the organization he was an aide to Mary Sue Hubbard in the Controller’s Office. John Peterson has been connected to


[CT 6259]

the GO from the 1970’s.3


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