Declaration of Lynn R. Farny (March 19, 1992)

Declaration of Lynn R. Farny 1


Armstrong’s motivation is stated most clearly in a statement he made to an investigator who, under the auspices of the Los Angeles Police Department, was covertly video-taping the conversation. Armstrong stated to his assumed ally, Joey:

JOEY: You’re not hiding.

GA: Fuck no! And…

JOEY: You’re not afraid are you?

GA: No! And that’s why I’m in a fucking stronger position than they are!

JOEY: How’s that?

GA: Why, I’ll bring them to their knees!

(Video Transcript, Nov. 7, 1984, pg. 8-9)

One of the ways in which Armstrong intended to accomplish this purpose was by encouraging the investigators, whom he thought were disaffected staff members, to file bogus lawsuits. When questioned about the lack of facts to support such suits, Armstrong responded (to his supposed ally, Mike):

MIKE: The point, the point I’m trying to get across is that … that’s the civil complaint in there and that would have to be proven.

GA: Show me the line you’re talking about.

MIKE: It’s over here.

GA: Where are the . . .

We didn’t have to prove a g-ddamn thing, we didn’t have to prove sh-t, we just have to allege it.

(Video Transcript, Nov. 30, 1984 pp. 4-5)

Armstrong had stated his philosophy clearly when he had earlier been challenged on the lack of data for such suits:

GA: They can allege it. They can allege it. They don’t even have, they can allege it.

MIKE: So they don’t have to like, they don’t have to have you know the document sitting in front of them —

GA: Fucking say the organization destroys the document.

(Video Transcript, Nov. 17, 1984, pp 28-29) (Ex. H) 2


  1. This document in PDF format. Filed in Armstrong 2.
  2. Exhibit H in PDF format. See also: Illegal videos and transcripts.