Factnet interview with Jesse Prince (August 26, 1998)


L: OK. Let’s go on with the next one.1

J: [Reading] “Anyone who was fair game or had their reputation destroyed by Scientology.” The people that I know who were definitely fair game was even mentioned.

L: They actually said it within the organization, that somebody was fair game?

J: Yeah.

L: Who said?

J: Marty Rathburn, David Miscavige.

L: Who did they say was fair game?

J: Lawrence Wollersheim, Gerry Armstrong.

L: You actually heard that. What time did they say this? What year?

J: This was during the period of time where there was litigation going between these two litigates.

L: For years Scientology has been saying they canceled the fair game, they don’t do that anymore, that doesn’t exist, and you actually heard them call Lawrence Wollersheim and Gerry Armstrong fair game?

J: Yep.

L: Anything else on that, any other people that you heard them..?

J: Somebody re-wrote the fair game policy. I remember I was there when that happened, because the argument being is that, “Yes, there is still fair game, but public-relations-wise there are some things that are ‘misinterpreted’ in the original policy, so we’ll take them out, but the meaning is there, what you do to these people who are fair game.”

L: Was this altered with L. Ron Hubbard’s approval, or was he dead by them?

J: I was say he was pretty incoherent by then. That was right around all the probate time, all of this kind of stuff. I do believe that Vaughn Young is the person that wrote it, re-wrote it.




J: Okey Dokey. Let me just see where I am. Uh, Talking about #62 here. [Reading] “Scientology and/or its attorney using confidentialmaterials, disclosures, or confessionsgiven to Scientology by members for blackmail to silence or intimidate the individual?”
L: You already mentioned David Mayo.
J: Right, OK.
L: Anyone else? Did you ever hear them talk? Did you ever hear them say, “Go get his PC folders and get everything out of his folders that the PI’s can use”?
J: Yes.
L: Who said that to who?
J: Marty, I heard Marty Rathburn say it about you, and David Miscavige was sitting there. I heard him say it about Armstrong. Margery Wakefield. I heard him say, Marty saying he had some document that she was already crazy when she came in. Bent Corydon comes up too.
L: So, Scientology on the one hand says that these are confidential confessions and they will never ever use them. That’s what they tell the members who are confessing their most deep and intimate secrets, secrets that could damage their lives if they ever became public or known or completely humiliate and embarrass them.
J: Right.
L: Scientology says, “We’ll never do that.”
J: It willfully does it at every occasion.
L: And whenever these situations that you saw with Miscavige in the room and Rathburn ordering the contents of a person’s PC file, incriminating information being given to a —
J: The OSA people would go through and all the person’s OW write-ups would be pulled out of the person’s pre-clear folder.
L: His evil intentions?
J: Yeah.
L: His rock slams, his sec checks, his OW processing?
J: Right.