FBI File #336: Letter from John D. Stanard to FBI (September 12, 1984)


From the files of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of
Justice, Washington, D.C.  Please archive.  Previous files are archived at


[this letter is undated, but the FBI stamped it SEP 12 1984]

2125 S ST., N.W.


re: Church of Scientology

Dear Sir,

Enclosed is information for your files relative to Church of Scientology,
Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard.

The subject of the enclosed has been know [sic] to have made numerous
contacts with federal agencies and to have disseminated false and
misleading information about the Church.  Even if you or your agency has
had no contact with this individual his continuing pattern of
dissemination of such questionable information would indicate a
possibility that you could be sent such information in the future.

In any event, I ask that you include this material in your files.

Thank you.



Rev. John D. Stanard III

“A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where
the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where Man is
free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of Scientology.”  Copyright
(c) 1965, 1984, by L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of Scientology


[Enclosed with this letter is a series of articles from “Freedom, The
Independent Journal Published by the Church of Scientology”, Issue 61,
starting on page 1. There is no legible date on any of these articles but
the issue is copyrighted 1984.  All articles are from the same issue.
They are as follows:

1) “Boston Attorneys Linked to Underworld in Plot to Loot Hubbard Estate”,
page 1, no author listed; a many page article describing attorney Michael
Flynn’s alleged attempt to “loot the personal estate of New York Times
list best-selling author L. Ron Hubbard and blame it on the Church of
Scientology” by using the “estranged, disinherited son of … L. Ron
Hubbard” and forged checks.

2) “FAMCO: Anatomy of a Conspiracy”, by Stacy Young, page 1; describes the
formation and purpose of Flynn Associates Management Corporation, whose
alleged purpose was to destroy the Church with numerous expensive

3) “Documenting the Conspiracy”, page 2, no author listed; appears to be
comment from the editor and describes contents of this issue and the next;

4) “Freedom Special Supplement: Co-conspirators Finger Flynn in $2 Million
Forgery Scheme”, page 5, no author listed,  large portions of this article
are blacked out but this was done by Freedom and not the FBI. This is a
complete’ version of an affidavit obtained in Italy by Gene Ingram from
Ala Fadili Al Tamimi and his brother Akil Abdul Amir Al Fadili Al Tamimi
in which the Tamimis allege they were hired by the Flynns to forge and
pass a bad check on Hubbard’s bank account.  According to the introduction
to the article: “certain names in the affidavits have been blocked out.
For the purpose of authenticity, expletives that would not normally appear
in FREEDOM have been retained”, so it is not possible to identify anyone
who could corroborate the Tamimis account.

5) “Blossoms Owner Hides Controversial Past.  Alleged Civil Rights Culprit
Gains Federal Funding”, by John Lawrence, page 13; article about Kevin
Flynn and his Washington, D.C. restaurant Blossoms which was initially
funded with a Small Business Administration loan; the articles implies
that Kevin Flynn made false statements on his SBA application

Names mentioned in these articles include attorney Michael J. Flynn, his
brother Kevin Flynn, Cheryl Flynn (wife of Kevin),  Lavenda Van Shaick
(former member), Gene Ingram (a Los Angeles private investigator), Heber
Jentzsch, Wayne Hollingsworth, Ala Fadili Al Tamimi (a forger allegedly
hired by Flynn and whose 29 page affidavit is included in #4 above,
although heavily censored), John Clark (Massachusetts psychiatrist), and
Ronald E. DeWolf (son of L. Ron Hubbard).  The articles claim to expose
and provide evidence for various criminal acts by Michael Flynn, Kevin
Flynn, Ala Tamimi, and Ronald DeWolf in an attempt to “loot Hubbard’s
estate”, steal from the federal government, extort money from Scientology,
and “cure people of their religious convictions” through deprogramming.
Because doing so would violate copyright, these articles will not be
reproduced here.]



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