GA Letter to David Gustafson, Esq., Justice Department (January 21, 1991)

January 21, 1991

ltr-to-David-Gustafson-1991David Gustafson, Esq.
Justice Department (Tax)
Claims Court Section
Post Office Box 26
Ben Franklin Post Office
Washington, D.C. 20044

Re: Church of Spiritual Technology v. U.S.
U.S. Claims Court, Case No. 561-56 T

Dear Mr. Gustafson:

I have received a copy of your “Defendants Proposed Findings of Uncontroverted Facts” filed November 22, 19891 and CoST’s “Plaintiff‘s Exhibits To Complaint” filed October 6, 1988 in this case.2 I am the Gerald Armstrong referred to in both these documents.

Item 313 of “Plaintiff‘s Exhibits” is described as K-9 – Affidavit of La Venda Dukoff concerning G. Armstrong’s desire to use documents stolen from the Church for pecuniary gain.” I do not believe I have ever seen Ms. Dukoff’s affidavit and would like the opportunity to correct the record. If it is at all possible please have a copy of the affidavit sent to me at the address below.

If there is another procedure I should follow to obtain a copy of the Dukoff affidavit please advise me.

I am including with this letter a copy of my declaration of December 25, 1990 (without the exhibits thereto) as it deals with, inter alia, item 366 of “Plaintiff‘s Exhibits”, an affidavit I signed in December 1986. And I am including a copy of my declaration of March 15, 1990 (also without its exhibits)3 to make the 12-25-90 declaration4 understandable.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter. If I can be of assistance to you please let me know.

Very truly yours,
Gerald Armstrong
[San Anselmo, CA]