GA letter to Mark Rathbun: Help on Black PR (August 18, 2009)

Dear Mark:

I’m writing to you about black PR as a key Scientology scriptural policy and practice because of my earlier requests to you to help correct and end the black PR on me that for many years you had helped generate and disseminate.

The following is an excerpt from HCOPL 11 May 1971 “Black PR,” which I used to support my paper “Scientology, the Dangerous Environment Racket.” (Note # 52)

About the most involved employment of PR is its covert use in destroying the repute of individuals and groups.

More correctly this is technically called BLACK PROPAGANDA.

Basically it is an intelligence technique.


Black propaganda is, in its technical accuracy, a covert operation where unknown authors publicly effect a derogatory reaction and then remain unknown.


The ability of the public to stand around and look stupidly at a dripping-handed murderer without doing a thing about it is a symptom of our civilization. They ought to act. They don’t. You can form an opinion amongst them but governing bodies won’t consult it.

Exposure is not an effective road to action. It can be to opinion. It is slow.

Then what is effective?


By definition intelligence is covert. Under cover. If it is kept so all the way, it is effective.

When intelligence surfaces, it becomes very ineffective.


Exposure is the basic threat of intelligence.

PR is the willful broadcast of information.

The two don’t mix well.


Possibly used since the morning pale of history, black propaganda was developed by the British and German services in World War I into a fine art.

The word “propaganda” means putting out slanted information to populations.

One propagandizes the enemy population or one’s own or neutrals.

In popular interpretation it is a parade of lies or half-truths or exaggerations.

PR and advertising technology and mass news media are employed as well as word of mouth and posters.

The trouble with it is that it can often be disproven, discrediting the utterers of it.

It may serve the moment but after a war it leaves a very bad taste.

If one is engaging on a campaign of this nature, its success depends on sticking to the truth and being able to document it.


So black propaganda is not a certain-result technology. It is costly. It makes fantastic trouble.

Essentially it is NOT a PR campaign. It is a cross between PR and intelligence.

The technique is

A hidden source injects lies and derogatory data into public view.

Since it is a hidden source, it requires an intelligence approach to successfully end it.

In the meanwhile the “dead agent caper” is the best tool to counter it.

Legal action can restrain such a campaign but is chancy unless one knows the source or at least has counterdocuments. It is risky solely because “law” is unpredictable. However, legal action has a definite role in restraining, not in ending, such a campaign.

A good policy when faced with a black propaganda campaign is to defend as best you can (dead agent and legal restraints) while you find out (intelligence) WHO is doing it. Then, confrontation can occur. Finding and suing false whos can make things much more involved.

Black propaganda countercampaigns are inevitable. One engages upon them whether he would or not. These are engaged on while one narrows down the area to an exact WHO. For instance, one knows the whatsits are attacking one. Thus he can counterattack the whatsits. But what are the whatsits exactly, and to whom are they connected, and exactly WHO (an individual always) is keeping it going? These last three have to be answered eventually. And that requires an intelligence-type search.


So there is where intelligence and PR cross.

When PR goes into black propaganda (hidden source using lies and defamation to destroy) it has crossed intelligence with publicity. They don’t mix well.

The action is risky to engage upon as it may run into an ex-intelligence officer or trained intelligence personnel. It may also run into a dead agent caper or legal restraint. Anyone engaging in black propaganda is either using a wrong way to right a wrong or confessing he can’t make it in open competition.

The “dead agent caper” has been going on probably as long as there have been lies that could be disproved, somewhere around the start of recorded history. Hubbard then didn’t discover dead agenting, any more than Sun Tzu discovered it. It’s wog tech, which Hubbard certainly makes scriptural and mandatory, and consequently Scientology tech, or to be correct, Scientology admin tech.

Black PR is more than a lie, being a tech and a program or campaign in which lies can be used. The statement that Scientology and Scientologists truly believed I was psychotic (uniquely among all other victim claimants) is a lie in the black PR package to the IRS, which was one operation in the 27+ year, and ever expanding, black PR campaign against me.

This particular black PR is particularly unconscionable and cruel because Scientology and Scientologists were at that very time seeking to deny me the right, and consequently the opportunity, to correct any lie or black PR about me anywhere, including with the IRS. This black PR was kept secret from me, even when over several years of litigation Scientology should have, by law and court order, produced it to me in discovery. Scientology and Scientologists and their attorneys effected the derogatory reaction they sought: the IRS accepted their black PR, didn’t even bother to check the facts, got rid of the Service’s personnel who knew the cult and cultists were lying about me and other victims, and granted the cult tax exemption.

Scientologists, virtually universally, would deny that Hubbard made black PR scriptural, and would insist that they and their religion only DA the black PR that is spread about them. Yet Hubbard clearly used Scientology scripture to black PR his imagined enemies – critics, journalists, psychiatrists, SPs, etc. – and even to black PR the whole human race. That Hubbard black PRed these groups and individuals in scripture and in his orders relating to them, is beyond dispute, as is his reason: to keep his underlings keeping his Scientology working. His black PR locked in his malignant narcissism. He didn’t withhold his malignity from Scientologists, of course, black PRing them all the way from raw meat to ethics bait to robots to PTSes to clay pigeons to squirrels to Type 3’s to DBs to SPs.

Hubbard actually green lights, and arguably compels black PR campaigns as Scientology tech when he says they’re inevitable and will be engaged upon whether Scientologists would or not. In HCO PL 16 February 1969 “Battle Tactics” he orders that Scientologists are to “degrade the image of the enemy to beast level,” which is the most beastly statement and goal imaginable for any organization’s black PR tech.

The “enemy” Hubbard wants black PRed are actually good, conscienceful human beings who dare to stand up to his and his troops lying, bullying and fair gaming.

When I was faced with Scientology’s and Scientologists’ black propaganda over many years, including, vitally, to the IRS, my policy has been to defend as best I could, by dead agenting Scientology’s and Scientologists’ lies, while I found out WHO was doing it. To DA their lie that I’m psychotic, I’ve, of course, had to speak and write a great deal in order to leave absolutely no doubt as to who’s lying. I’ve also, naturally, had to violate the Marin Superior Court injunction in which virtually every Scientologist is a beneficiary. That hasn’t been an ethical problem for me, despite Scientology’s and Scientologists’ threats and efforts to enforce the injunction, because its prohibitions that I violate are unlawful.

Since I first discovered it, I’ve had a pretty good idea of WHO originated the black PR to the IRS. It was clear that Miscavige was ultimately behind it, because he’s ultimately behind all Scientology black PR, all its fair game and all its crimes. But your admission to the SP Times that YOU and Miscavige prepared Scientology’s answers to the IRS’s questions, which answers contained the black PR on me, was a bolt of intel from the blue. As Hubbard wrote in “Black PR,” now confrontation can occur.

An article “Inside Scientology Compilations” on also says that as Inspector General for Ethics you were responsible for authorizing “OSA submissions,” which would have included the reissuance of “Battle Tactics.” That reissuance, of course, necessarily entailed the reapproval of beastifying and obliterating the good people who comprise Scientology’s victims.

You would also have been Issue Authority for the 1991 OSA Investigations Officer Checksheet, which includes “Battle Tactics” as a starrate item, plus this demo:

DEMO: 5 examples of the following stable datum:

“We must ourselves fight on the basis of total attrition of the enemy. So never get reasonable about him. Just go all the way in and obliterate him.”

I haven’t seen the OSA Black PR Officer Checksheet, but I imagine they cross a lot despite not mixing well.

Having been a black PR manager and agent for many years for Miscavige and Scientology, you are very aware that in addition to what damage it does by itself, black PR is also used to justify all the other forms of fair game. Hubbard ordered that SPs’ images be degraded to beast level, so that fair gaming them, in fact obliterating them, became laudatory. That’s his infamous double curve tech, which is mandated in Scientology scripture. He never says, “Don’t double curve…” If you and the other “Loyalist” think-tankers deposed Miscavige and installed another leader and regime, would you retain Hubbard’s double curve policy and practice? Or would you confront the subject’s and organization’s evils that Hubbard used double curving to avoid confronting?

It is apparent to me that for you the black PR on me that you have originated, received or forwarded justifies your refusal to correct the lies or to help me end the injustices and other fair game that Scientology and Scientologists have perpetrated and continue to perpetrate against me. I don’t think you’d say to your posse or associates that you don’t help me because you’re afraid. Pretty well everyone’s afraid. I’m afraid that you, or Miscavige, or some Scientologist or Scientology op, agent, cutout or Marcabian candidate, will act to have me killed. I still send this letter, however, because, in this matter, I’m not a coward, nor am I paranoid. I don’t think you’d tell anyone who dared engage you on the Gerry Armstrong matter that you don’t do anything because you’re a coward. It would have to be because I’m such a bad person, I’m so evil, I’m such an SP, I’m so prolix, I’m such a Hubbard hater, I’m so truly psychotic, etc.

Yet the black PR on me in reality is useless. It wouldn’t matter if I was, as Scientologists from DM down, or up, postulate, the most evil person on the planet, you still cannot lawfully prevent me from talking about Hubbard, Scientology and Scientologists. It demonstrates the subject’s and organization’s sociopathy and its manufacture of sociopathy, plus demonstrates its failure. You Scientologists inside and outside of the cult have had 27+ years to DA me, to disprove what, also throughout that time, I was saying. You failed. You carried out a global black PR campaign against me, and did your dedicated OT best to degrade my image to beast level and get others to degrade my image to beast level. That campaign has not ended, although so far it too, like your DA efforts, has failed.

Now is the time to accept failure so we can all move on. Don’t buy or pretend to buy Scientology’s black PR that I need to get a life. I have one. I just don’t need eight million, or fifty thousand or even one Scientologist applying the SP doctrine to me, when it’s so clear that in the Scientology v. Armstrong war all of that application has only yielded loss, threat of loss, and terribly bad PR. Yes, I know that you got some court orders against me and unconscionable money judgments, you’ve been able to print black PR on tons of paper and send it around the world, and you’ve been able to keep threatening and posturing. But these are just Scientology and Scientologists committing more crimes for which they can also lose, and in the war of truths have already lost.

Everybody knows Scientology and Scientologists do what bullies do. When they lose, they always act the part of poor losers. They’re always hoping that one more piece of black PR believed by one more fooled person about the guy who successfully stood up to them will make their losing disappear. And it’s true; for a second it can seem to work. If black PR is dragged through time to keep it working, of course, it becomes sociopathy.

Poor losers also hope and pray for something evil to befall the person who stood up to them, which, in their minds, in many instances, is all it takes to win against them. That is why, since Scientologists universally sense that more black PR won’t work, 27+ years of black PR having failed (except notably with the IRS, of course), and since they refuse to dump poor loser tech, the threat of assassination has never been higher. There are some awfully gargantuan illusions on the line here. It would be beneficial to Scientologists and to their wog targets that they be taught and learn to be something different from poor losers, especially with all the losing they’re facing in their future..

Accepting that people’s evilness can be quantified, you cannot lawfully in the US silence someone about his religious beliefs about a religion if he was the most evil person on the planet. The evil I do, of course is to criticize the evil that falsely declares me and my class evil. I have long since proven that I am not evil. All the black PR Scientology and Scientologists and all their attorneys, agents and volunteers can mock up and spread around will never change this truth. Their black PR needs to be dealt with conscientiously, not as poor losers.

Hubbard and his underlings, and Miscavige and his underlings, and pretty well anyone who engaged upon these years of black PR actions against me, knew the risk, but weren’t allowed to acknowledge Hubbard’s warning. Even he didn’t heed his own warning. You all ran into an ex-intelligence officer that you knew was ex-intel from your own organization. Your black PR campaign ran into 27+ years of my DA capers, and is still running into them. This letter helps DA black PR on me. I’ve also actually restrained Scientology and Scientologists legally, even though, as I said, you’ve “won” an unlawful judgment, injunction and contempt orders against me. Scientology and Scientologists have been restrained into “Ignore Tech,” also known as “Ostrich Tech” or “Not-Is Tech,” which Hubbard never would have permitted.

He wasn’t lying, by the way, when he stated that anyone engaging in black propaganda is either using a wrong way to right a wrong or confessing he can’t make it in open competition. Hubbard and Scientology and Scientologists have never engaged in their black PR campaigns on me to wrongly right any real wrong. Therefore Scientology and Scientologists all confess that they can’t make it in open competition. If they would take that one Hubbard datum to heart it would be a very good start. Scientologists must teach and learn something different from poor loserism, and if it can’t be applied in Scientology they should become wogs.

It is clear that you don’t do anything about the black PR you manufactured on me because you are still invested in obtaining the result it brings, including the result achieved with the IRS. I think it would be good to honestly review your investment in Hubbard, in Scientology and in the results of your application of Scientology to SPs like me. In fact I think if any Scientologist and anyone else involved in the Scientology conflict would honestly review their investments in the same things, a great good could now occur.