GA letter to Marty Rathbun re the petards in his Memoirs (January 12, 2014)

From: Gerry Armstrong
Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2014 6:18 PM
To: Mark Rathbun (…
Subject: Captain Moulton black PR in your Memoirs

Dear Marty:

I am sure you read what I publish religiously. Nevertheless, I do sometimes feel a bit of a duty to specifically inform a living person if I’ve written about him or her at any length. In this article, which is self-explanatory, I mention you and also deal with a section from your Memoirs book.

I also posted it on WhyWeProtest, and there are a few comments.

Easily one of your biggest supporters “Michael Hobson” attacked me in the WWP thread. As history would have it, just a couple of weeks ago I had written about Hobson who, over the last couple of years, has been attacking me on various public forums His attacks have pretty well all been in your defense, or more specifically in defense of your refusal to help your real victims from your Scientology period get justice. So I should let you know about that article as well.

You will recall that in a May 31, 2013 email, you stated: “If you have an objection to a factual statement in the book, please provide specifics and any documentation available to support your position.” Our emails relating to Memoirs and our debate, up to my opening statement, are at: In this latest article, I am only dealing with a small charge, but potentially explosive, which I formulated:  who or what really was hoist by their own petard? LF

You made the factual claim that Captain Moulton was hoist by his own petard. I have shown by specifics and documentation that this is false, and that it was you and your fellow plotters that were hoist by your own petard. You identify the petarded plotters at page 249: “ [you], Miscavige, Starkey, and the rest of the [Scientology] legal team.”

My earlier provision of specifics and documentation, however, addressed a very large and continuously important false fact statement in Memoirs: that the SP class are roughly equivalent to sociopaths or psychopaths. I posted my specifics and documentation in an easily navigable and understandable form. And I informed you by email on July 3. Your reaction, your lack of reasoned response, and your failure to correct this false assertion about SPs, show irresponsibility and seriously misplaced contempt for your SP victims.

You will recall that in 2012 I made a video, “What’s Wrong with Marty Rathbun on the Suppressive Person Doctrine,” in which I also provided specifics and documentation identifying false and maligning statements you made about the SP class in your previous book What Is Wrong With Scientology? Healing Through Understanding. You obviously disregarded my specifics and documentation because you repeated essentially the same hate language about SPs in Memoirs.

On your blog recently I came across your ad for venturers to take your correspondence course, “A Course in Graduating from Scientology,” and saw that your two books that I have shown as maligning the SP class – Wrong and Memoirs — are course prerequisites. It is clear to me that you are not helping people to graduate from Scientology. What you have been teaching thus far, your published words, including your words about me personally, show that you cannot be giving guided tours out of the Scientology philosophical labyrinth, except in the sense that L. Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige give guided tours out of the Scientology philosophical labyrinth.

You have not graduated from Scientology because you have not acknowledged the evil of the SP doctrine, and not rejected it and stood up to its appliers and their collaborators, but have continued to excuse that inexcusable doctrine to justify your refusal to give justice to the victims of your application of the doctrine. What you have to teach are the mental tricks you have so far seemingly successfully used to avoid confronting the antisocial nature of the SP doctrine and the antisocial things you did to SPs.

The Suppressive Person doctrine, as you have been teaching and applying it, in addition to inciting and justifying the religious persecution of SPs like me, also works to keep people in Scientology by preventing them from even granting credence to people who tell the truth about Hubbard, Scientology and Scientologists. You don’t grant SPs like me credence, right?

The doctrine in Scientology is stupid and represents stupidity. It also is a manifestation or effect of stupidity. Stupidity is a constant option for what to do with knowledge. The SP doctrine is Hubbard and Scientologists’ solution to the SP problem. The SP problem is good people telling the truth about Hubbard and Scientologists’ stupidity – their stupid acts like stealing from people, injuring people, tricking them, lying to them and destroying them. The SP doctrine as a solution, as I’ve said before, is as stupid as the Nazis’ Jewish doctrine as a solution to the problem Hitler and the Nazis had with Jews.

You are advertising for venturers who are having difficulty correlating their Scientology gains with the wog world and its philosophies and religions. The gains a person gets from Scientology, however, are the gains that come from adoption of the SP doctrine and living life by it. Think about it; even by Hubbard scripture, the “gains” are directly related to being an SP, or not, or being connected to an SP, or not. When it is grasped that the SP doctrine that directed a Scientologist’s life throughout his or her life as a Scientologist is completely wrong and reprehensible, unless one really is a psychopath, the gains from Scientology, are not gains at all but ill-gotten losses, which kept the SP doctrine working its evil.

Your failure to communicate to me before you wrote about me so extensively and so defamatorily in Memoirs is clear evidence of malice. You also had two editors, Russell Williams and Mike Rinder, and neither of them contacted me to verify your statements about me. Rinder at least, of course, conspired and participated with you in a criminal conspiracy against me over several years, and he appears to be motivated by the same malice since apparently leaving the Miscavige faction.

I certainly was available to communicate with you during the period when you were writing your book or having it edited. In fact, I made a very good record of the fact that I had for some years been asking you to communicate to me. I have made many sincere efforts to get you to communicate to me for, inter alia, the sincere purpose of getting you to not continue to defame me, which is cruel, damaging and threatening. In your malice and your defamatory words, you are willfully acting in concert with David Miscavige, which is further damaging and threatening.

I have a venture for you, a risky or daring journey or undertaking, if you will, and for the sole, very social purpose of Justice. Do the very simple things it seems I’m always asking from you:

1. Communicate to me;

2. Debrief to me and my legal representatives;

3. Execute declarations that contain facts elicited in the debrief;

4. Make yourself available to testify in any legal proceedings to correct the injustices or situations you helped make.

Yours confidently,

Gerry Armstrong