Impact: Heber Jentzsch on Portland (1985)

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Rev. Heber Jentzsch, President of the Church of Scientology International and Lifetime Member of the International Association of Scientologists.

This was also the year the Religious Freedom Crusade was born in the town of Portland, Oregon in the United States. You came, Scientologists from around the world. You were there every day with your voices raised.

And back home Scientologists continued to work to expand the Church and its activities. There was a unification, a coming together, a growing together. And religious leaders came from around the world because tyhey were concerned that religious freedom continued to exist. Because if religious freedom is lost for one group then it is lost for all groups.

And therefore in Portland, Oregon a new postulate was made, a group postulate, a theta postulate that has grown and grown. In Portland the impossible happened and that group postulate blew apart a whole picture of suppression and we can see that we have freedom because L. Ron Hubbard gave us a technology that made us different, that gave us a chance.

And men of good will of other religions joined the issue as well and that brought more power and more energy as well. And so in Portland, Oregon a Crusade for Religious Freedom has begun and it has already stepped out across the world and all of us are a part of this crusade and we will go forward until we have won it for everyone.

IASA (1985) A Year of Great Victories Impact 4, 25. 1


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