Impact: The Lawyer’s View (Harry Manion) (1985)

Harry Manion

Harry Manion, Lawyer for the Church of Scientology: One of the Attorneys on the Portland case and largely responsible for the legal victory. Lifetime member of the International Association of Scientologists.

┬áThe Lawyer’s View1

I had a cognition that these SPs2 have to be stopped once and for all. And I don’t think legal is the answer. Because the courts are only a stage. They’ll move on to other stages after we exterminate them there. They’ll move on and on. The only answer is the International Association of Scientologists. So I became a Lifetime Member and I proudly wear my pin! — Harry Manion


  1. IASA (1985) The Lawyer’s View Impact 4, 26,51. This document in PDF format.
  2. SPs: Suppressive Persons. Key documents to Scientology’s SP doctrine.