Jesse Prince: One-time Second in Command of Scientology Speaks (August 24, 2000)

24 Aug 20001

“Jesse Prince” <>

Originally, my “Tales from the Cult” response was part of a thread started by some brainwashed Scientologist. I have made it a separate post so that it can be seen by more people. The original message is at the end of my tale. The first line of the original post began with:

So what’s next for Jesse?

Here is what’s next. It’s time for TALES FROM THE CULT. Listen carefully.

There was once a fellow named John Nelson who at one time was the top executive in the ever changing quagmire of false corporations within Scientology. His post title was Commanding Officer, Commodore Messenger Organization International, the year in question was 1983. It was during this time period that Hubbard was informed by the high priced lawyers (of course paid for by your donations) Lenske Lenske and Heller that he would no longer be able to send his “urgent” orders into any Scientology corporation like he was use to doing because it endangered Scientology’s chance at getting it’s 501 C3 tax exempt status.

Hubbard went into a complete rage and decided he no longer cared what happened in Scientology because he felt Scientology was being taken away from him. Hubbard considered everyone, especially Miss Cabbage of being against him and the majority of the executives over the fake Scientology corporations were removed. John Nelson was just one of the casualties of Hubbard’s rant and he was removed from his position of power.

There is so much I could say about what happened at that time, and I surely will another time. Suffice to say, John ended up leaving the Sea Org and joined David Mayo who started many groups called AAC or Advanced Ability Centers. The AAC offered the full range of Scientology services at a greatly reduced price without the insanity of heavy ethics. Many Scientologist flocked to the AAC and reported they were having more wins and gains with David Mayo than they ever had in Scientology.

To say the least, this was very disturbing to Hubbard, who by now was on the down swing of his manic depression. Hubbard ordered Miss Cabbage to get Mayo and Nelson thrown in jail by whatever means because they were a horrible embarrassment to Scientology. Ultimately, it became my job to get them put in jail.

Many intelligence operations were run on Mayo, Nelson and his groups. There was no lack of people to run the operations because contrary to the party line of “The Guardians Office was criminal and gotten rid of…”, many of the people that were in the old GO were now part of a new forming organization called Office of Special Affairs.

Again, this story is about John Nelson. Rick Aznaran, Chief of Security for Miss Cabbage’s new International Management ran an operation on John Nelson that nearly cost John his life. John was traveling in Hong Kong on business. Unbeknownst to John, Rick Aznaran and a newly hired private investigator were watching Johns every move.

Rick and his PI had very high end bugging devices as well as the standard breaking and entering tools. The breaking and entering tools are fully described in Scientology sacred scriptures seized by US FBI agents when they raided Big Blue in 1977.

John had a hotel room in Hong Kong and at one point left to meet with business contacts. When John left his hotel room, Rick and his PI friend broke into Johns room and placed bugging devices in lamp stands and the telephone. Rick figured out how to handle the problem with John once and for all. In Hong Kong, if a person is caught with a large amount of heroin, the person caught gets the death sentence.

The PI with Rick called me from Hong Kong and told me that Rick had planted a large amount of heroin in John’s room. Rick was arranging for the Hong Kong police to raid John’s room because John was a drug dealer. The PI wanted to make sure I understood what was going on here and the PI wanted NOTHING to do with getting an innocent person framed and killed. The PI said he was on his way back to the states and Rick would have to do his dirty work alone.

I remember at the time being horrified that this could even be happening. I myself had been involved with Rick illegally bugging other people but never had we ever done anything to get anyone killed. I told Rick it was the wrong thing to do and to get his ass back home as fast as he could. Miss Cabbage was told what was happening and agreed Rick should come back home because too many people knew what the op was as I had already told many people about it.

Too many people knew about it. Too many people wanted nothing to do with it.

That is the level of morals and ethics you find in the criminal cult of Scientology.

So many people have left the Sea Org and Scientology because they found out what Scientology is really about. Oh you don’t know what it’s all about yet? Let me spell it out for you, it’s really very simple.Money, Power and Control through lies and deception.

I guess there was no one with honor left to protect me when my ticket came up to get set up. What do you think that means for you should you ever decided to start thinking for yourself?

Unlike you I have real friends now who know and see your cult for what it is and I promise you I will be okay.

The moral to the story is, where you are there are no morals. —
Jesse Prince
The Lisa McPherson Trust