Letter from Assistant FBI Director William M. Baker to Scientologist (August 1, 1985)

FBI File No.: 62-117658 1

August 1, 1985

[Name and address redacted]

Dear [redacted]

Your May 30th letter to President Reagan concerning the Church of Scientology was referred to the FBI for reply, and the interest which prompted you to write is appreciated.

The Christofferson v. Church of Scientology case was resolved in a civil court and did not involve an investigation by the FBI; therefore, it is not appropriate for us to comment regarding it.

In response to your other observations, I want to emphasize that the FBI is not involved in any attempt to destroy the Church. In those cases where a violation of Federal law falling within the FBI’s jurisdiction has occurred, we always strive to investigate such situations with complete fairness to all parties involved. The facts are then presented to the appropriate United States Attorney’s office, which determines the prosecutive merits of the case.

The videotape you referenced was provided by the Church as an exhibit to various pleadings filed in litigation with the Department of Justice, and it fails to substantiate claims of a counterintelligence program directed against that group.

Sincerely ,

William M. Baker
Assistant Director
Office of Congressional and Public Affairs

1- [redacted] Enclosures (4)
Director of Agency Liaison
Presidential Correspondence
Room 91
The White House
2-Executive Secretariat – Enclosures (6)
Room 44410 DOJ


NOTE: [redacted] wrote to President Reagan to protest a lawsuit filed against the Church of Scientology in which the complainant was awarded $39 million in damages, and she would like him to investigate this matter “as it violates the 1st Amendment of the constitution.” Handling of attached similar to those sent in reply to other inquiries on this subject. [redacted] is not identifiable in Bufiles based upon available data.


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