Letter from David Aden to Boston Herald (July 26, 1984)

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David Gillis
300 Harrison Ave.
Boston, Mass.
July 26, 1984

Dear David,1

Enclosed is the press release and the documents which were released. Of particular interest is the affidavit of Ala Tamimi which is part way through the package.2 It gives the best, most detailed description of the conspiracy. The private investigator on the case, Gene Ingram, has verified – or other investigators have verified – all of the details of this affidavit which could be verified. He can explain how this was done very easily and simply.

He also has generally the best command of the information and materials related to this investigation.*

I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.

David Aden

*In particular the details of the organized crime involvement although as mentioned the names of the people involved are not being released at this time (although this information has been turned over to Federal authorities).


  1. This document in PDF format.
  2. See Declaration of Ala Fadili Al Tamimi (May 5, 1984) in PDF format.