Letter from DOJ to GA (December 17, 1985)

Letter from DOJ to GA re appeal (December 17, 1985)

Letter from DOJ to GA re appeal (December 17, 1985)

Mr. Gerald D. Armstrong
Flynn & Joyce
400 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02210

Re: Boston Field Office

Dear Mr. Armstrong:

This is to advise you that your administrative appeal from the action by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on your request for information from the files of the Department of Justice was received by this Office on December 16, 1985.

The Office of Legal Policy, which has the responsibility of adjudicating such appeals, has a substantial backlog of pending appeals received prior to yours. In an attempt to afford each appellant equal and impartial treatment, we have adopted a general practice of assigning appeals in the approximate order of receipt. Your appeal has been assigned number 85—1830. Please mention this number in any future correspondence to this Office regarding this matter.

We will notify you of the decision on your appeal as soon as we can. The necessity of this delay is regretted and your continuing courtesy is appreciated.


Mary Ann Childs, Paralegal Specialist

Office of Information and Privacy