GA Letter to Byron Boeckman, Deputy City Attorney Los Angeles (October 17, 1985)

October 17, 1985

Byron Boeckman
Deputy City Attorney
1800 City Hall East
200 North Main Street
Los Angeles, California 90012

Dear Mr. Boeckman:1

As we discussed this morning, please find enclosed a copy of the Motion for Protective and Discovery Orders just filed by Attorneys for L. Ron Hubbard in Federal Court in Boston in the case of Michael Flynn v. Hubbard. On page 18 are the statements I read to you concerning the Los Angeles Police Department and other agencies.

This letter is a formal request under the California Public Records Act for any and all documents relating to the allegations made by Hubbard’s attorneys at P. 18, Para. 2, of the enclosed Motion, and for any and all documents relating to Gerald David Armstrong or the videotaping of myself in or about November, 1984, and any subsequent investigations by the LAPD or any other agency or office of the City of Los Angeles.

This letter is also a request for a statement from the City or the LAPD regarding the specific charge that IRS CID agents “threatened Los Angeles Police Chief Darrel (sic) Gates, with dire consequences for the Los Angeles Police Department having authorized the video-taping of Armstrong’s meeting with a Church contact.” Commander Booth of the LAPD made the comment that it was “a bunch of crap,” but I would appreciate something more formal than that.

This whole matter is very serious to me. Scientology and its hired “private investigators” and attorneys have put before courts around the United States and given to the media and public agencies a perverse and libelous account of the videotaping,

Byron Boeckman
October 25, 1985
Page Two

which was itself illegal. I have already been assaulted, run into, and an attempt was made to involve me in a highway accident, all by private investigators hired by Hubbard or Scientology. I feel my life now, more than at any time in the history of my litigation with Scientology is seriously at risk.

I am requesting your help to get the facts out in the open, so that this part of the conflict can be resolved as speedily as possible.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your anticipated assistance.

Very truly yours,
Gerald Armstrong



  1. This document in PDF format.