GA Letter to Los Angeles District Attorney Ira Reiner (October 17, 1985)

October 17, 1985

District Attorney Ira Reiner
Criminal Courts Building
210 West Temple Street, Room 1800
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Dear Mr. Reiner:1

Enclosed please find a copy of a Motion for Protective and Discovery Orders filed on behalf of L. Ron Hubbard in the case of Michael Flynn v. Hubbard in the U.S. District Court in Massachusetts.

I am sending this filing to you because of the statement on P.18 that:

“The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office is presently investigating the criminal conduct evidenced in the video tapes, as well as the subsequent cover-up.”

The “criminal conduct” referred to must be some “crime” Scientology/Hubbard have requested you charge me with. The only crime I know of in the matter was the illegal videotaping itself. Nevertheless, I wish to know what are the facts concerning your office’s investigation, or if indeed there is an investigation.

The “cover-up” referred to is presumably the allegation made in the same paragraph that IRS CID agents “threatened Los Angeles Police Chief, Darrel (sic) gates, with dire consequences for the Los Angeles Police Department having authorized the videotaping of Armstrong’s meeting with a Church contact.” I would also appreciate any statement you can give regarding this matter.

I have been rather ruthlessly attacked by Scientology and “private investigators” they have hired for more than three years. They have presented a perverse account of the videotape incidents to the press, Courts and various law enforcement

District Attorney Ira Reiner
October 17, 1985
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agencies. They are apparently attempting to cover their own criminal actions with wild and unsupported charges against me, and, frankly, I am in not a small amount of fear that their attacks will escalate to physical violence. I know from personal experience that the organization is capable of such extremism because I was in 1982 assaulted, run into bodily with a car and “played with” on a highway, by Scientology’s hired PIs.

I would greatly appreciate your giving this matter your attention as soon as possible, and I await your reply.

Very truly yours,
Gerald Armstrong



  1. This document in PDF format.