GA Letter to Los Angeles Police Dept. Sgt. Hernandez (May 9, 1985)

[Handwritten] 5-9-851

Los Angeles Police Dept.
Internal Affairs Div.
150 North Los Angeles St.
Los Angeles, Ca. 90012
Attn: Sgt. E. Hernandez

Dear Sgt. Hernandez,

Here are the two documents I mentioned in our conversation of yesterday.

On p. 2 of the 17 Feb 82 “Gerry Armstrong Project,” Step 15, the “trusted GAS


who is a writer” is Dan Sherman.2 “GAS” means Guardian Activities Scientologist, in this case a covert operative, not formally posted in the Guardian’s Office.

On p. 4 of Terri Gamboa’s “debrief” of 12 March 1984, is the reference to my pc folders:

“An important point for him was


getting his pc folders back as he feels that that’s the solution to his future sanity. He brought this up several times.”3

The pc folders as I mentioned, were used by the “”Loyalists”” initially to set up this whole operation with Eugene Ingram.4

Any questions, please feel free to call.

[signed G. Armstrong]


  1. This document in PDF format.
  2. See “Gerry Armstrong Project” (February 17, 1982) in PDF format.
  3. See Terri Gamboa Debrief (March 12, 1984) in PDF format. Also see Christofferson Excerpt of Proceedings at 4537.
  4. See also: The Loyalist Program.