Letter from Harvey Silverglate to Thomas Hoffman (August 3, 1984)

August 3, 1984

Dear Tom:1

As I’ve indicated to you recently, I have asked my client, the Church of Scientology, for permission to show you copies of the documents related to the Hubbard check matter.

I have been informed by my client that I am not authorized to disclose these materials to you, and I have been further instructed to communicate to you that any request for access to the documents or any other such matters would have to be made to Attorney John G. Peterson, Peterson & Brynan, 8530 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 407, Beverly Hills, CA 90211.

I am sorry about the formality of my writing a letter, as I had indicated that I would follow-up on this matter with a phone call. However, my client has asked that I communicate this to you by letter, and so I am doing so.


Harvey A. Silverglate

cc: John G. Peterson, Esq.



  1. This document in PDF format.