Letter from Heber Jentzsch to Kathy Kelly (August 1, 1984)

August 1, 1984


Dear Mayor Kelly,1

As representatives of a Church responsible for the infusion of over $10 million a year into the local economy which has the best drug rehabilitation program in the world, the best technology for the complete revitalization of an individual’s study capabilities, we are very worried about this City of which we are a part.

We are deeply concerned with the recent revelations concerning Michael Flynn’s alleged involvement with individuals involved in Boston’s organized crime areas.

What is staggering about these revelations is the fact that at the same time as Michael Flynn was employed by the City of Clearwater and being paid a total of $150,000 or more by the City, according to affidavits in the hands of Federal authorities, he was apparently involved in a $2 million check fraud scheme in Boston.

Sworn statements now on file with Federal authorities indicate that $40,000 was used by his co-conspirators in Boston to forward the $2 million check fraud scheme.

To what use did he put the money received from the City?

Was it used to advance his alleged conspiracy with the Boston underworld to pass forged checks on the Bank of New England?

Flynn is the author and the chief architect behind adoption of the anti-religious ordinances which have cost the City hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

Mr. Flynn’s cousin, Paul Flynn, who solicited moneys for Michael Flynn’s anti religion campaign, was recently interviewed in jail in Florida for drug smuggling.

Paul Flynn’s Florida attorney, Rex Ryland, has been recently indicted as the ring leader of a major national drug smuggling operation.

Recent evidence submitted in a court in California, shows Michael Flynn and his brother Kevin Flynn signing checks for thousands of dollars to known kidnappers who kidnapped religious people for profit.

Our concern is that Clearwater taxpayers monies have been used to fund alleged organized crime activities and to support the writing, creation and implementation of laws that are anti-religious at best and criminal at least. Therefore we recommend that the City demand return of the $150,000 or more of the taxpayer dollars contributed to Mr. Flynn’s criminal conspiracies.

That his anti-religion laws based on his personal and criminal avarice be completely abolished and any subsequent laws stricken from consideration.

That the $150,000 returned from Mr. Flynn (with interest) go to assist the citizens of Clearwater in diminishing their traffic problems on the causeway and Clearwater Beach.

We feel that the above actions will do much to remove the taint of Mr. Flynn’s criminally inspired laws and anti-religious campaign against all religions in Clearwater and the country.


Rev. Heber Jentzsch

Church of Scientology INternational

Richard Haworth
Public Affairs Director
Church of Scientology
International Religious Retreat


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