Letter from John G. Peterson to LA DA (October 24, 1985)

(213) 659-9965


October 24, 1985

Robert Jorgensen
Assistant Head Special Investigations
LA District Attorney’s Office
210 W. Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Re: Violations of California Criminal Statutes by Gerald Armstrong, Michael Flynn, Al Lipkin, Al Ristuccia, and Daryl Gates1

Dear Mr. Jorgensen,

I have not received a response from you to my letter of a month ago. Additionally, I have not received a call from you from last week, when I was attempting to ascertain the true facts behind the Police Department’s intention to call you as their witness in the Board of Rights on police officer Phillip Rodriguez.

Unfortunately, I am forming an impression that you have not taken our complaint seriously, as it was originally lodged with the District Attorney three months ago.

We have sent you more than adequate documentation of crimes conceived and perpetrated by Mr. Armstrong, and resultant cover-up actions done by IRS agents and the Chief of Police of Los Angeles. We are awaiting investigation of this matter by the District Attorney’s office as the crimes involved are serious and ongoing.

I am sending you with this letter an affidavit from a Boston Church of Scientology staff member who was interrupted and harassed by Gerald Armstrong on Sunday, October 13, 1985.2 Armstrong impersonated an FBI officer during this encounter. A complaint3  has been lodged with the Boston FBI office and is being followed up by that office right now.

You will recall from our complaint that Armstrong has sought the shelter of more than one government agency in the midst of his conspiracy to destroy a religion. He is a) continuing to do that; b) continuing his pattern of harassment against the Church of Scientology.

I really think that your office has had adequate time to review the original complaint and the subsequent materials I sent. The Church of Scientology has an admirable record in prevention of crime, combating drug abuse, and championing the cause of freedom. It fully deserves the support of all law enforcement agencies.

Let us now move forward without delay into the investigation of the charges the Church of Scientology has lodged with your office. And please be so kind as to respond to the complaint we lodged with your office a month ago and inform us of the actions you are taking in this matter.

Very truly yours,

[Signed] John Peterson

John Peterson
Attorney at Law

cc: Ira Reiner
District Attorney

cc: Stephen Sowders
Special Investigations
Office of the District Attorney


  1. This document in PDF format.
  2. See Affidavit of Mitra Hall ( October 17, 1985).
  3. See FBI Complaint filed against GA by Scientologist Mitra Hall.