Letter from Raul Martinez to Louis Unger (April 16, 1985)

Louis Unger
City Attorney’s Office
1700 City Hall East
200 North Main
Los Angeles, California

Re: Michael Flynn

Dear Mr. Unger:1

The purpose of this letter is to advise you of an illegal wiretap of my client, Boston attorney, Michael Flynn. The wiretap was apparently obtained in November, 1984 by a private investigator by the name of Eugene M. :ngram under the apparent authority of Officer Phillip Rodriguez of the Los Angeles Police Department. A copy of the authorization letter from Officer Rodriguez is enclosed herewith.

It is my understanding that the Internal Affairs Division of the LAPD is investigating the matter, but we have been unable to confirm that fact. The officer who would know about the investigation, if any, would be Sergeant Wiltrout.

Because of a concern that a self-policing agency of the LAPS may not have an interest in vigorously investigating this matter, we hereby request that you insure that a proper investigation is conducted.

Louis Unger
City Attorney’s Office
Re: Michael Flynn
Page Two
April 16, 1985

I should also point out by way of background that Eugene Ingram is an investigator for the Church of Scientology, against whom Mr. Flynn has been litigating for several years. Mr. Flynn in the past has been the target of illegal
operations by the Church of Scientology, including the theft of documents from his garbage for a period of three years.

Finally, as I am sure you are aware, California Penal Code Section 633 does not authorize non-consential wiretaps. The communications in question were between Mr. Flynn and his client, Jerry Armstrong and thus, the invasion of privacy is extremely serious and Mr. Flynn is both concerned and worried about the situation. Any assistance that you can render in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Very truly yours,
Raul L. Martinez for


cc: Michael Flynn, Esq.


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