Letter from Scientologist to Paula Hawkins; Senators Lawton Chiles, Orrin Hatch; Reps Don Edwards, Jake J. Pickle (May 10, 1985)

FBI File No.: 62-116151-71

Mr. Chiles – I ask you to support this also.

10 May 1985

Paula Hawkins
Washington, D. C.

Dear Paula:

There is a matter I’m gravely concerned about that threatens the constitutional rights of all American citizens.

Newspapers, radio, etc., including the N.Y. Times have been reporting harassment by the IRS & FBI of groups and persons involved in Central American activities.

There are reports that federal undercover agents are engaging in actions similar to actions run by the FBI in the 60’s & 70’s, that is, the discredited COINTELPRO operations.

Now, there is a videotape available showing a former Scientology church employee, now turned government agent, who outlines a multi-agency plan to disrupt the Church and replace the Church management with persons under control of the government agents involved.

I understand counter-intelligence operations are legal as long as approved by the National Headquarters, but no one thought the IRS Criminal Investigations Div. would run covert operations against American citizens and groups as seems to be the case in the Scientology matter and the Central American group’s harassment.

What we want, I and my friends, is for you to support a call for investigation and hearings into agency domestic intelligence operations.

Also, I ask that you get in touch with the IRS and FBI and demand they explain the cases mentioned above and given an accounting (in full) of all the current domestic intelligence activities.

I trust you will make America a safe place for its’ honest citizens!

Very truly yours,

[Name redacted]

cc: Rep. Don Edwards (San Jose, Ca)
Rep. Jake J. Pickle (Austin, Tx.)Sen. Orrin Hatch (Utah)
Lawton Chiles


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