Letter from Scientologist to Senator Chiles (May 10, 1985)

FBI File No.: 62-116151-71

10 May 1985

Senator Chiles
US Senate
Washington, D.C.

Dear Senator Chiles,

There is a very serious matter occurring right now in America that I feel you should put some attention on. Currently there are domestic intelligence operations being carried on by the IRS and FBI which threaten the Constitutional rights of American citizens. The New York Times and other newspapers have had stories revealing harassment of citizens who have been involved in Central American activities. Also an agent of various government groups attempted to disrupt the Church of Scientology and overthrow its leaders. This was shown on videotapes released by the Church. Supposedly these kinds of activities were stopped in the early 1970’s, however we see them now occurring again and threatening to destroy the freedoms that America is founded on.

I feel that you should investigate these activities and demand an explanation and correction by the IRS and FBI and work to prevent these covert activities from continuing and harming the Constitution.

Thank you,

[name redacted]


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