Letter from Scientologist to Senator Lawton Chiles (May 11, 1985)

FBI File No.: 62-116151-71

11 May 1985

US Senator Lawton Chiles
U.S. Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Chiles,

A situation has come to my attention indicating that the Constitutional rights of Americans are being assaulted and denied by the very agencies which have been put there to ensure that these rights are held inviolate. I am referring to the latest flap in the Church of Scientology’s ongoing investigation into illegal and criminal acts on the part of the FBI, IRS CID, and the US Attourney’s Office. It has come to light in and investigation by the Church the results of which were presented as evidence recently in litigation occurring in Portland, Oregon, that a multi-agency “plot” to:

1. recruit disaffected church staff members to use as government agents,

2. have these agents then originate false incriminating documents duplicating the format of usual church documents and policy directives,

3. have these agents plant these incriminating documents in church files,

4. then have these agents allege publicly various criminal activities on the part of the church and its executives setting the stage for legal action by the government agencies,

5.  the government agencies would then be “informed” where the incriminating documents were (those originated and planted as in # 2 & 3 above), and using search warrants etc issued based on this “inside information”, “find” the incriminating documents thereby giving grounds for indicting the current executives and Board Members of the Church.

6. The next steps were for the agents to declare themselves to be the new management of the church and with various governmental and private legal maneuvers, the assets and management of the church would be placed into the hands of these agents ousting current church management and bringing the entire church under full control of the IRS, FBI and some private individuals helping in this takeover for personal gain.

These activities are thoroughly documented including video tapes of the “recruiter” the names and phone numbers of the actual government agents. This entire scene brings to mind an earlier similar practice of the FBI, called COINTELPRO, (Counter Intelligence Program) banned over 10 years ago as a result of Congressional hearings into these practices. Such practices were used against Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and many other individuals and organizations and are now a matter of public record due to the excellent work of the US Congress at the time. These activities were, as I mentioned, banned. however a loophole was left and this recent revelation leads me to believe that the practice of COINTELPRO (possibly under a different name) still exists and is still violating the Constitution of this great nation while professing to uphold it.

This data is well documented and being covered by newspapers and television news currently, so I will not try to document the entire issue herein. I have kept myself abreast of this situation and find that the basic problem here is that the governmental agencies usually expected to handle such matters are all involved to a greater or lesser extent. The level to which this criminality extends is not known and a resounding “NO COMMENT” is so far forthcoming from the senior officials of these agencies. To illustrate, in Los Angeles, California, where these facts were uncovered, the governmental action currently taking place is mainly in the form of reprimands directed at the local police department for their inadvertent cooperation with the private investigator who uncovered and videotaped this plot’s and character assassination of the private investigator himself. Rather than an investigation into the documented criminal activities of the government employees themselves the victims and their agents and the local authorities are being attacked for exposing them.

I am writing to you to get your assistance in getting a Congressional Investigation underway which will expose these criminal activities and clean up these agencies so that Americans can live with certainty that our basic rights, guaranteed by our Constitution, are valid and will not be ignored, indeed trampled, in an attempt to destroy us or our organizations, by the very government on which we the people depend to safeguard and uphold them.


Thank you for your attention,




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