Letter from Scientologist to Senator Pete Wilson; US Reps Vic Fazio, Robert Matsui, Don Edwards (ca. May 10, 1985)

FBI File No.: 62-116151-71

U.S. Senator Pete Wilson
U.S. Rep Vic Fazio
U.S. Rep Robert Matsui
U.S. Rep Don Edwards

Dear Sir:

I am writing to you stating that I am sincerely shocked and very much alarmed after viewing the film & reading the story exposed by Freedom News Journal entitled “Videotapes of Federal Informant Reveal Bizarre Government Plot, to Destroy Church” 2 whereby it is very clear that the lawless Cointelpro campaign supposedly exposed & stopped by Congress in the 1980s proves to be alive & well. I am urging you as a representative of the American people to maintain our constitutional rights by holding a thorough & searching investigation which will once and for all, get rid of such atrocities which threaten our freedom much more so than the Communist bloc as these atrocities are internal to our own system & way of life & much more easily tear apart lives.

Please help!

Thank you.

[name redacted]



  1. This document in PDF format.
  2. See Freedom April/May 1985 “Videotapes of Federal Informant Reveal Bizarre Government Plot to Destroy Church