Letter from Scientologist to Senator Lawton Chiles (May 14, 1985)

FBI File No.: 62-116151-7-28

Senator Lawton Chiles1
U.S. Senate
Washington, D.C.

Dear Senator Chiles

There is something I would like you to look into.

The Church of Scientology has recently exposed (by way of videotapes of an actual instance) the existance of domestic “COINTELPRO” operations involving the IRS and the FBI with a link to the Dept. of Justice.

As incredible as this may sound, a former church member-now a government agent-was conspiring with IRS CID agents along with an individual from the FBI to overthrow the church management and to somehow bring the church under the control of the government.

If this sounds insane, you’re right. That’s just what it is.

Who else and what other group is being subjected to this kind of thing?

Please support a call for hearings regarding such activities being conducted by these agencies of the U.S. Government.

Thank you.


[name redacted by FBI]


  1. This FBI document in PDF format.