Los Angeles Police Department Board of Rights Hearing (LAPD Officer Philip A. Rodriguez): Transcript of Proceedings (October 4, 9, 1985)

Transcript of Proceedings1

[Earle Cooley, under Redirect examination] I think the proof of this pudding is in the eating, on the tapes and on the transcripts. The crimes were as represented. If you look at the letter of authorization signed by officer Rodriguez, it seems to me that every one of those crimes was uncovered, and that its investigation, if you will allow me, ought to be focused on the criminals, who are the ones who have brought about this hearing through a complaint on the part of Michael Flynn who himself is being investigated by a grand jury, the federal grand jury in the city of Boston right now, as well as Mr. Armstrong and others that were involved in the two million dollar check forgery which is talked about on those tapes and is part of the coverup that is attempted by phony documents being planted in the files of the Church. […] (Vol 1, p. 177-178)