OSA Press Release (October 22, 1984)

Author Gary L. Bostwick
Date October 22nd, 19841
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 22/PRN – A $5 million malicious prosecution complaint was filed
today on behalf of Mary Sue Hubbard, wife of Scientology founder and author L. Ron
Hubbard, in Los Angeles Superior Court, the Church of Scientology reported today.
The complaint accuses a Boxford, Mass., lawyer, Michael Flynn, and his client, Ronald
DeWolf, of being “the perpetrators of a massive fraud,” in connection with an
unsuccessful probate bid in 1982, according to Los Angeles attorney Gary L. Bostwick.
Bostwick, who represents Mary Sue Hubbard, charged that Flynn and DeWolf, the
estranged son of Mr. Hubbard, “attempted a massive hoax” in bringing the probate action
and that they were “guilty of oppression, fraud and malice” in their actions.
These actions, Bostwick said, included intentionally misrepresenting facts in the original
probate filing and during subsequent actions in the probate case; illegally concealing
other material facts with the intent to cause injury; abusing the legal process by using the
probate action as a means to get information that would help Flynn’s client in other
litigation; acting with ulterior purpose to obtain advantages in other lawsuits against
Mary Sue Hubbard, L. Ron Hubbard or various churches of Scientology.
“The filing of false information in litigation is a crime and cannot be tolerated by the
American judicial system, and those who do so have to be called to account for it,”
Bostwick said.
Contact – Gary L. Bostwick or Richard Towne at 213-395-5372 for the Church of Scientology.