OSA Press Release (September 20, 1984)

Source  “PR Newswire”
Author  Sanford Block
Date  September 20th, 19841

BOSTON, Sept. 19/PRN – A 12-member jury has struck down an exorbitant demand for
$3.25 million in damages in a case filed by a Boston psychologist for an alleged knee
injury, a spokesman for the Church of Scientology announced today.

John Peterson, attorney and spokesman for the church, said the excessive damages claim
– originally filed in 1980 – “was clearly made in a spirit of utter vindictiveness. People
who express hatred against a religion and then sue based on that hatred can expect this
kind of verdict.”

Peterson  said  that  “it  is  also  perfectly  apparent  that  this  case  was  actually  part  of  a
scheme by Boxford, Mass., lawyer Michael Flynn – based on his own documents – to get
$100,000 or more in ‘easy money.’”

Peterson  said  a  17-page  1981  document,  entitled  “Class  Action  Case  Development
Program,” prepared by Flynn and obtained by the church, mentioned that Flynn expected
to receive in the case “a value far in excess of the specific damages relating to the knee,
which generally carry verdicts across the country in the range of $75,000-$150,000.”

Instead, Peterson said, the defendant in the case, Roger Sylvester, was found liable for
minimum damages im medical costs totaling $1,000.

Lawrence  Stifler,  the  psychologist,  sought  the  multimillion  dollar  damages  award
following a scuffle between himself and Sylvester in which Stifler alleged that his knee
was seriously and permanently injured, Peterson said.

Documents released in court during the trial revealed that Stifler withheld information
regarding  his  knee  problems  from  the  court  and  even  from  his  own  expert  medical
witness, according to Peterson.

“The  jury  saw  through  Stifler’s  claims,”  Peterson  said.  Stifler  refused  to  take  a
conclusive, objective test that would have demonstrated whether he was injured, casting
grave doubts on the credibility of his case, Peterson added.

“A jury has rejected the only case Flynn has brought to trial against the church,” Peterson
commented. Underscoring  Flynn’s  involvement,  Peterson  then  referred  to  charges  made  recently
involving Flynn’s role in an alleged $2 million forged check conspiracy.

In  that  connection,  Peterson  said,  “Flynn  has  failed  to  produce  a  shred  of  evidence
showing he did not forge the $2 million check.

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