St. Petersburg Times: Scientology verdict returned (December 30, 1986)

Scientology verdict returned1

A real estate developer was convicted of extortion Monday in Boston for selling false information to the Church of Scentology about a forged $1 5.million check drawn on the account of church founder L. Ron Hubbard. The federal jury deliberated for two days before convicting George Kattar, 67, of Methuen of extortion for collecting one-third of a $100,000 reward offered for information about the forgery. The check was drawn, but never passed, on Hubbard’s account in 1982. Kattar and co-defendant Harvey Brower, 49, of Swampscott, allegedly blamed a longtime church adversary, Boston lawyer Michael Flynn for attempting to pass the bad check. The jury cleared Kattar of fraud and Brower of all charges.

A government witness, Larry J. Reservitz, testified that Flynn was not involved. Reservitz testified he masterminded the attempt to pass the forged check.