Assistant Guardian Intelligence GLA Daily Report to PAC Mgmt Chief (March 16, 1982)

PAC Mgmt Chief US
cc: AG GLA

Br 10B Dir for


cc: PES US
cc: DGI US
cc: Org P & E Info US


[Handwritten] March 16, 1982

DR March 16, 1982

DR (March 16, 1982)

Re Gerry Armstrong

Dear Roberta,

          The data is the same, that we are going to resume the stakeout in the next day or so. We hope someone will be back at OVG’s by then. As you know, not even OVG has been there in the past week. The apt is unoccupied.

Love, Debbie

P.S. I just got word we got a lead on where GA may be. A GAS
2called Brad saying he had an address for GA It is just a lead – we don’t know
that this will be the current address or not but it could be.


  1. AGI GLA: Brad Balentine
  2. GAS: Guardian Activities Scientologist