A letter to Mike Rinder: Your victim speaks up (Part 6) (February 26, 2018)

I have no doubt that cowardice, moral cowardice, abounds in the world. Without my knowing what it was, I think it was my “ruin,” which was important in my recruitment into Scientology. I didn’t speak up when I morally should have. If we are all moral cowards, then there would be no one who modeled for people moral courage. Yet it is known that such people do exist. It is also obvious that the morally cowardly can fake or pretend moral courage. You did this as a “post beingness” throughout your OSA career. Hubbard faked fearlessness on a gargantuan scale and even faked military service, wounds and medals to prove it. Cowardice was his human sin, above which he never rose.

Cowardice is one of what I’ve called elsewhere the Scientologists’ valuable final products (“VFPs”) which are produced and maintained in their characters or psyches. For many years, one of your most important hats was enforcing cowardice among Scientologists. In large part you succeeded by threatening and silencing or destroying any Scientologists, or wogs like me, who might get courageous. In Scientoloworld, getting courageous is really speaking up and telling the truth about their Scientology-related experiences and knowledge.
It is not hard to see that people’s moral cowardice puts the whole world in peril, and moral courage stands against it. I was just sent a Winston Churchill quote: “courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities…because it is the quality which guarantees all others.” Conversely, cowardice guarantees, I think, the antiqualities, the rest of the anti-valuable VFPs. It would be foolish to uncritically let known cowards be accepted as models of courage.

The resolution of your cowardice cannot but involve the truth of what exactly you did and made others do to persecute individuals – wogs, whether in the SP class or not — and you have never spoken up about it. Even Rathbun, who now publicly and insouciantly serves the Miscavige sect’s antisocial purposes, which, for years after leaving the SO, he had covertly served while pretending to expose and oppose these purposes, is acknowledging that you have never said what you did and had done to whom to silence or destroy them, or drive them crazy.
In his recent videos, Rathbun repeated this accusation of the obvious, almost as a commendation to you for holding the line so perfectly and not spilling your conspiracy’s criminal beans. Rathbun, Miscavige and the rest of the cult coconspirators do not want you, or anyone else for that matter, to tell the truth about your persecution of people, the truth-telling class. Many Scientologists and their collaborators, duplicitous or duped, want you to stay dumb, when morally you should be debriefing.

Rathbun in his “Troublemakers Part 7” video:


So Rinder begins establishing his credibility by saying, “If the believe… If the Church believes someone was an enemy and needed to be silenced, it was my job. And I did it.”

Okay. I challenge anyone to go find and cull where Rinder has disclosed in the 9 years that he’s been out, or the 7 years that he’s been out, the specific confession of his having silenced anybody.

There’s not a single one. I was involved with the guy during, during his entire time over the Church’s External Affairs Bureau, and was the guy that got him a job once he got out. Was the guy that got him job after job after job that allowed him to continue to go after Scientology without having to work.

He’s never, he’s never, he’s never given a single specific or particular to back that up. And yet that’s how he establishes his credibility for Episode 1.1

Your statement in Episode 1 of the Aftermath series that Rathbun is referring to was:

Part of my job, according to Scientology policy was to discredit and destroy critics who spoke out against the Church. If the Church believed that someone was an enemy and needed to be silenced or destroyed, it was my job, and I did it.2

Rathbun’s reason for ostensibly pillorying you for not giving any specific or particular about the persons your sect’s conspiracy wanted silenced or destroyed is very different from my reason for publicizing your unwillingness to provide these facts. Certainly neither Rathbun nor his Scientology coconspirators actually want you to tell the truth about the people you silenced or destroyed or tried to silence or destroy, or what exactly – “time, place, form and event,”– you did to try to silence or destroy us. You have so far, without apparent objection, complied with your coconspirators’ orders or command intention that you not divulge those facts. On the other hand, I do want you to tell the truth, for everyone’s sake and survival, including yours. I do not want your cowardice to continue.

Rathbun was your senior for many years, and is likewise responsible for silencing or destroying people your criminal conspiracy wanted silenced or destroyed, and specifically and particularly me. As I’ve been doing with you, I made real and sincere efforts over several years, ever since Rathbun started publicly presenting himself as a regenerate reformer and valiant truth-teller, to get him to tell the truth about what he did to persecute me and his other SP class victims. Like you, Rathbun has never given specifics or particulars about his victims and what he did and made others do to victimize us while he and you were inarguably in the SO. Like you, he has continued to victimize us after he claimed to have left the SO and his sect’s control. As you are doing, Rathbun conned or maneuvered people into defending and encouraging his cowardly refusal to tell the truth. He even got people to ignore or vilify his victims and others who legitimately challenged his dishonesty and antisocial actions. In Rathbun’s recent videos, where he appears to be attacking you, he is using Hubbard’s “confusion tech,” and actually generating cover for you, and for himself, and for Miscavige and undoubtedly for other coconspirators. Embedment without the truth is stupid, as well as unsafe.

The Scientologists use their seemingly sagacious precept that their victims are “responsible for their own condition” to excuse and enhance their victims’ victimization. This precept is no more true, as the Scientologists apply it, than terrorist bombing victims are responsible for their own bombing, or responsible for their condition of terrorist bombing victims. In your case, however, you are responsible for your own condition of cowardice. Bombing victims have no power to change their condition. You can change your condition just as Zinberg changed his cowardice condition – simply muster the easily musterable courage to tell the unadorned, unrationalized truth about what you did.

The persecution of SPs is motivated and rationalized by religious doctrine. The Scientologists base this doctrine on the SP class’s religious actions or sacraments. These are improper, criminal or punishable only by Scientology religious scripture and by the religious hierarchy’s religious edicts, the religious criminal conspiracy’s commandments. The person you say is responsible for making you silence or destroy people, or otherwise black PR and fair game us, David Miscavige, is, without argument, the Scientology religious sect’s ecclesiastical head. You not only criminally conspired to deprive us of our rights, but your actions to silence or destroy SPs like me, and to make others produce so as to silence or destroy us, also constitute hate crimes.

You continue to manifest the hate toward me that was instilled in you and demanded of you when you were officially posted in the sect’s SP persecution department. You have also not communicated anything that signals to me that you are now more restrained than previously from acting on that hate. The cover and “good PR” you have garnered in the “critic community” have not generated in you a discernible desire to reach out to me to correct your black PR or the injustices you perpetrated. I am not a member of the “critic community,” and was hated and attacked by several of its members before you and Rathbun assumed opinion leader roles, but I am more of a target since your assumptions.

In relation to us — your SP victims – you share several factors or conditions with Hubbard. Both of you sought or seek to convince us, and other wog publics, and your Scientologist juniors, of your honesty, your sincerity, your trustworthiness, your integrity, your courage, your ethics, and your excellent, loving, humanitarian intentions toward your fellow man. Both Hubbard and you used and use evil tech – fear and lying — to do your convincing. You both used deceptive and hypnotic devices to obtain undue influence over your targets. You both used the same antisocial PR and intelligence tech, waged lawfare and committed crimes to gain acceptance. You have not signaled that you are now using some other PR tech. People, both wogs and Scientologists, who told the truth about Hubbard and his coconspirators’ dishonesty, insincerity, treachery, fraud, cowardice, criminality or evil intentions, became your fair game targets.


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  2. Scientology and the Aftermath Season 1 Episode 1.

A letter to Mike Rinder: Your victim speaks up (Part 4) (February 24, 2018)

At least by 1984, from what has been reported, you had made it into the Hubbard sect’s criminal conspiracy. Probably, because of the realities at that time, when you were appointed a director in the newly incorporated Church of Scientology International (“CSI”) in 1982, you were a coconspirator. As you know, your conspiracy is structured and operates as a techno-occult Mafia family. Many of your sect’s victims and critics called your operation a “crime cult” or “criminal cult,” and I don’t believe you ever challenged that label. I am sure I called your operation that myself, and explained why that designation is accurate, defensible and justified. Now, of course, with the solidification and persistence of other Scientologist sects, your operation is more properly called a “crime sect” or “criminal sect.”

For years, you were not only un direttore della società, you were your sect’s primo caporegime. According to reports, you were Commanding Officer OSA US in 1984 and CO OSA International by 1985, and you held that post for twenty or so years. As capo, OSA personnel internationally were your crew. You ran una rete di consiglieri for the boss.

Rathbun was twenty years the underboss, the sotto capo. Hubbard was the boss, the capo famiglia. In fact, once we Flag crew came ashore from the “Apollo” in 1975, we commonly referred to him as “the boss.” He knew we called him that, and he liked it. When Hubbard died in 1986, Don Miscavige succeeded him, and remains capo famiglia. Hubbard went off to Bersaglio Due and is a sort of capo galattico di tutti capi galattici. I had left the famiglia, la comunione at the end of 1981. By not telling the truth about your victimization of the SP class, you are still honoring or applying Scientology’s Omertà, its code of silence.

Zinberg, who is proudly appropriately Jewish, said in his interview, “My behavior as a Scientologist was the functional equivalent of a Nazi.” In that analogy, which, like the mob analogy, is also accurate, during Zinberg’s time doing covert GO ops, Hubbard was the Führer. His Scientology sect’s organization form, like the Nazi org form, was a police state dictatorship. Hubbard’s wife Mary Sue was the Stellvertreter des Führers, the Deputy Führer. Jane Kember, the Guardian Worldwide, would have been the ReichsführerSS, the head of the Schutzstaffel. In 1980 and 1981, I was Führer Hubbard’s Personal Biography Researcher and Archivist, der persönliche Biographie Forscher und Archivar.

After Hubbard’s death, Miscavige became the Führer. He seized Hubbard’s dictatorship reins, and even boasts publicly of controlling Scientology and Scientologists by “policing” them. Rathbun, already a high-ranking Scientolonazi, became demi-stooge Deputy Führer, der halbstichwortgeberende Stellvertreter des Führer. You became Scientology’s Reichsführer-SS, responsible on paper, as Heinrich Himmler had been, for security, surveillance and terror. Himmler oversaw the silencing and destruction of Jews and other persons and groups the Nazi hierarchy wanted silenced or destroyed. You oversaw the silencing or destruction of SPs, who are the functional equivalent of the Jews and other human victims of the Nazis. Like many high ranking Nazi officers or officials, you have used “die Nürnberger Verteidigung” for your criminal and antisocial actions, “Befehl ist Befehl,” the defense that you were following policy and obeying your Führers’ orders.

You and your coconspirators embraced what Jesse Prince called a “required protocol to hate.” You had to hate me, and a few other SPs like me. George Orwell in Nineteen Eighty-Four had the “Two Minutes Hate.” Prince was a budding insider in the conspiracy between 1983 and 1986. Hubbard and Miscavige, in 1984, demanded that their “Protocol to Hate” be twenty-four-seven. You have hated me, in willing compliance your conspiracy’s protocol, policy, and command intention, day in and day out, for thirty-six years.

Admittedly, there could be other rationales you have latched onto for continuing to hate me and your other victims, since you claim to have freed yourself from your conspiracy’s dominion, which had required you, while officially on the sect’s payroll, to embrace hate as protocol. Regardless of what you might believe compels or justifies your hatred, however, what I believe underlies and anchors it, and has always underlain and anchored it, is cowardice. As terrible and embarrassing as this condition can seem, it can also be viewed as a blessing because it is so easy and pleasant to heal.

Prince wrote in 2014:

There were years of board room meeting at ASI [Author Services, Inc.] to figure out how to get rid of Gerry Armstrong, L Ron junior, David Mayo and a few other people who had devoted their lives in servitude to L Ron and his grand ideas. All of these devoted people turned out to be Suppressive Persons all along according to the instructions from L Ron via his publishing organization ASI. It was new management’s job to hunt them down and get them put in jail.


It was required protocol to hate and contribute to the destruction of men and women that I had never met or laid eyes on. We would be sitting in the board room at L Ron’s Author Services organization reading advices from L Ron calling for the heads of staff he felt offended him somehow. Listening to Miscavige and other staff figuring out ever clever ways to get rid of the people who were aggravating poor L Ron.


There were banker boxes full of “advices” [orders] from L Ron spewing hate filled vitriol about Gerry. The information that Gerry provided to Russell Miller and Jon Atack about L Ron’s actual history did in fact expose his underbelly and pulled back the curtains on his imaginary life he expected others to believe.1

That you have “done a lot,” as Sharone Stainforth says, meaning you have done a lot of good in this period when you’ve been presenting as doing good, can be irrelevant to an underlying condition of cowardice. The claim, in fact, can be a pretext, and pretexts are commonly expressions or effects of cowardice. Zinberg could not but have done all sorts of human good during those thirty-five years after conspiring against Paulette Cooper. Yet he remained in his own eyes a coward. He must have been a coward in others’ estimation as well; no one who heard his story, that I have seen, has said, “No, Len you weren’t a coward.” People have agreed with him that for thirty-five years he was a coward, and also obviously agreed that by telling what he had done he ended his long duration cowardice.

Clearly the same condition could exist for you, and, if so, something should be done about it. You have put yourself on public display, and have put your character in issue for analysis, and you have done so for financial gain. You have produced a television series with Leah Remini that propagandizes yourself as courageous and truth-telling. This is what you and Remini ask of the people you approached or selected for your episodes: “be courageous, and tell everyone about your experiences and knowledge.” But you have not done so yourself. You have not been courageous, you have never talked about what is serious, real and ongoing — your experiences and knowledge of your conspiracy’s persecution of SPs like me. By not telling the truth about this to in some way reverse the harmful effects of the wrong you did to us, you not only remain unrepentant but continue the persecution.


A letter to Mike Rinder: Your victim speaks up (Part 3) (February 22, 2018)

Zinberg was a Guardian’s Office (“GO”) and Office of Special Affairs (“OSA”) volunteer, who was briefly involved in covert ops targeting Cooper. What is reported he did to her was stake out her apartment building, although he never saw her, and deliver to her father Ted Cooper’s jewelry business pages that Zinberg’s GO seniors had covertly, unlawfully copied from her teenage diary. The GO’s obvious goal for the diary op Zinberg participated in was to generate or exacerbate conflict between Mr. Cooper and his adopted daughter Paulette, who was then a stellar Scientology target.

You fair gamed me while you were inside and commanding the sect’s Office of Special Affairs worldwide, Mike, for over two decades. That was your org board position and your function in the criminal conspiracy against rights that Hubbard and then Miscavige headed. You ran hundreds of volunteers like Zinberg. You ran a raft of PIs, a bevy of attorneys and a covey of covert operatives. Five of your conspiracy’s six lawsuits against me were filed, and all of them were prosecuted, when you commanded OSA and ran the legal apparatus. You had me unlawfully bankrupted. You had me threatened and driven from my home in the US. You ran covert and overt operations against me in the US, Canada and Europe. You unlawfully used millions of dollars in tax exempt funds of a religious corporation to commit crimes against me. You culled my pc folders. You black PRed me. Psychologically, your conspiracy, and you specifically, hectored me to within a heartbeat of suicide. Although admittedly you fair gamed me more than any other individual you have identified, you fair gamed and made your juniors fair game average, common wogs like me all over the world.

You were an insider in the Scientologists’ criminal conspiracy against persons and rights. The conspiracy in 1974, which the GO hierarchy then ran for Hubbard, used Zinberg, indeed used him for criminal acts or ops; but Zinberg was never an insider. Even Chris Shelton, who was in the SO for seventeen years, and proclaims himself a “high level insider,” was not an insider, not even a low level insider. (Actually, Shelton could have been an insider – with you in your criminal conspiracy — but not if what he has stated about his Scientology career is somewhere near true.) You, Mike, however, were an insider where being an insider mattered: in the Scientologists’ criminal conspiracy against persons and rights, your doctrinally motivated and doctrinally vindicated persecution of the SP class. Unlike you, I was not an insider in the conspiracy. When I was in the SO, I was close to the conspiracy many times, and could conceivably have been brought in, or leveraged my way in, but I was saved from that evil activity.

A few GO personnel were briefly involved in executing the conspiracy’s command intention and program targets to silence or destroy me just after I left Scientology. SO execs under Hubbard, however, had already absorbed the GO execs’ functions and staff, and ran all the Scientologists and wog collaborators then tasked with targeting me. The SO personnel in the conspiracy operated on the same “Suppressive Person” doctrine as the GO and applied the same policies of hating, black PRing, waging war on, silencing and destroying people who told the truth. Rathbun writes about that period in his Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior, which you edited:

Flynn also received a windfall, care of the fruits of Miscavige’s enemy-making proclivities. Gerry Armstrong, the archivist whom Miscavige and Starkey nearly hung for trying to protect Hubbard and the church against the very claims Flynn had been making, had made contact with Flynn. We knew this because for several months Miscavige had been directly supervising surveillance of Armstrong, through a former GO intel staff member named Geoff Shervell. Shervell utilized teams of private eyes to shadow Armstrong everywhere. Shervell reported directly to Miscavige through all those months, just as I had on litigation matters from our Special Unit. On more than one occasion, Shervell groused to me about the incessant, obsessive pressure Miscavige put on him, demanding to know Armstrong’s every move. He said, “Marty, he knows we’re on him, which kind of defeats the purpose of the surveillance.” Thinking for a moment, Geoff added, “Unless the purpose is to drive him crazy.” Armstrong became increasingly paranoid under pressure and finally got spooked enough to go to Flynn for help.  (p. 193)1

You absorbed that same purpose — to drive me crazy — when you joined the conspiracy, and you have worked on that purpose ever since. You also worked and work on a parallel or secondary purpose, to get people to believe I’m crazy. If you couldn’t drive me crazy, which so far, you have to acknowledge, you have failed at, you could get people to buy your lie that I’m crazy. If you couldn’t silence or destroy me, you could at least get people to not listen to me. With evaluated, drilled, skillful, wide and relentless black propaganda you could get people to think I’m crazy, and even join you in your black PR campaign. If you successfully reduced my image to crazy, no one would grant any credence to my words. And if the whole world said I was crazy and no one granted me any credence, and you achieved total revulsion and complete isolation, this would certainly get you closer to actually driving me crazy.

You have been black PRing me as crazy in sworn statements, in court filings, in media, to the IRS, to governments, to people everywhere for thirty-six years. That’s what, as a post-Sea Org, truth-telling reformer, you were doing to filmmaker Marcus Thoess in 2011:

Gerry Armstrong is seeing things at this point. Gerry Armstrong was … was involved in, you know, a long battle with the church. But Gerry Armstrong is kind of a … kind of a … a bit of a fruitcake frankly.2

Repeating the last sentence I quoted above from Memoirs, and then Rathbun , and you as editor, continue:

Armstrong became increasingly paranoid under pressure and finally got spooked enough to go to Flynn for help. Armstrong also brought with him several boxes of biography archives he had lifted from the church; documents that demonstrated to him that Hubbard’s personal biography, promoted by the church, was full of holes.1

Quelle crock! Your statement about my mental state aside, along with your incompetent psychological diagnosis, you conspirators did declare me SP, you did target me for silencing and destroying, I did reach out to Flynn, and he agreed to meet me. In fact he flew me from Los Angeles to Tampa, Florida to meet him in Clearwater. I did not, however, bring with me several boxes of documents. I had very few documents, memorably a copy of the contract between the cult and wog writer Omar Garrison to write Hubbard’s biography.

From the moment I learned of it, I have shown your accusation that I lifted any biography archives from your cult to be false. I have proven it in a court of law, and obtained a judgment in 1984 that states I had all the permissions necessary, and a contract, to deliver all the biography archives as I did to Garrison. The judgment also states that when you conspirators conspired to fair game me, I was justified to go to Garrison and obtain from him biography archive documents to send to Flynn to defend myself. My defense, the judgment, and all subsequent events, have shown that I did the safest and wisest thing, You attacked the judgment in the appeals court, and I successfully got it affirmed in 1991.

You had certain knowledge, from the beginning, that your accusation that I stole, or thieved or lifted the documents I delivered to Garrison is false. You were over legal, including your cult’s case in which my handling of the Hubbard biography archive was at issue. Nevertheless, the Scientology conspirators, including you and Rathbun specifically, have continued to make this false claim, right into present time. It is defamation per se, and the willfulness over a very long time makes it very malicious.

And Hubbard’s documents did not demonstrate only to me, as you make it sound, that his biography, which you promoted, was full of holes. They demonstrate to everyone, to wogs and Scientologists, that his cult-promoted biography is full of holes. The documents demonstrated it to you. Every person in your conspiracy knew that the biography they were promoting was full of holes.

During the first years you were in the conspiracy, the conspirators also excused your silencing or destroying of people like me by trumpeting and madly pursuing the immediate and fake goal of “All Clear.” This would be when the legal threats to Hubbard had all been “handled,” and it would be “all clear” for him to come out of hiding. He had been in hiding actually wherever he sojourned or stopped as long as I’d known him. His SO coconspirators at the time – the All Clear Unit hierarchy, Special Project hierarchy, Author Services (“ASI”) hierarchy, Religious Technology Center (“RTC”) hierarchy, lawyers, agents — soon renamed or relettered a set of GO positions and functions “OSA.” You began participating in my persecution almost certainly in 1982, when the GO-OSA sleight of name was happening.



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A letter to Mike Rinder: Your victim speaks up (Part 2) (February 20, 2018)


Black PR only begins when the black propagandist finishes communicating it. In time, it does not end. You never believed the black PR you spread and made others spread. You have “confessed” that doing the evil you did was your conspiracy’s policy. Executing the conspiracy’s policy, which was, where it mattered, secret and hidden from Scientologists outside the conspiracy, had always been policy. That has always been the case, and has been known publicly to be the case at least since I left Scientology and spoke up and exposed what I experienced or knew of the cult’s hidden, criminal and actual policies.

Undoubtedly there were ex-staff before me who told what they understood about your conspiracy’s actual policies. Michael Meisner comes to mind. Many of your actual operating policies violated what your conspiracy ordered publicly published as Scientology policy, as the scriptural organizational “law on which orders are authorized and originated.” Your orders from your sect’s heads to silence or destroy people and your orders to your juniors or hired agents to silence or destroy people were all authorized and originated in compliance with your actual, secret and criminal policies. You kept your actual operating policies secret just because they are criminal. The persons operating on these criminal policies comprise your criminal conspiracy.

Your actual policy has always included pretending or acting as if you believed your lies and black PR. A few months ago, in response to an Allen Stanfield article, I wrote about the endlessness of black propaganda and the permanence of the black propagandist identity.

[Mark Rathbun and Mike Rinder] have not corrected their lies and black propaganda. Because of black PR’s nature, they remain black propagandists for the Miscavige conspiracy. I have noted this in a number of published communications. Black PR does not end when the black propagandist stops talking or hits “send.” It goes on theoretically forever. What black propagandists like Rathbun and Rinder must do is denounce and correct or remedy their black PR. Then they become repentant black propagandists. Right now, they remain unrepentant black propagandists. They spread years and reams of black PR in service of Hubbard, Miscavige and Scientology, in service of their criminal conspiracy.

Being a black propagandist is comparable to being a murderer. When a murderer stops murdering, he or she remains a murderer. There is no such thing as an ex-murderer. There can be an ex-hitman if he leaves the hitman trade. But he’s still a murderer. He can be a repentant murderer or an unrepentant murderer.

Repentance is fairly straightforward. Wikipedia says:

“This typically includes an admission of guilt, a promise or resolve not to repeat the offense; an attempt to make restitution for the wrong, or in some way to reverse the harmful effects of the wrong where possible.”1

Rathbun and Rinder have taken none of the actions indicating or involved in repentance concerning the black propaganda they originated, disseminated and made others disseminate to destroy the reputations, credibility, livingness, “ARC,” or “theta” of their black PR targets, like me. Rathbun and Rinder remain unrepentant black propagandists. And their black PR serves the same malevolent interests they started serving decades ago. It would be beneficial for everyone if they were to become repentant black propagandists.

By not correcting their black PR — while pretending they have made amends and corrected the wrongs they perpetrated — they now attempt to generate an illusion that their lies were not lies and their black PR was not black PR, and their most fair gamed victim deserved it. What I deserved, they communicate, is an illegal, conscienceless, filthy rich, criminal conspiracy depriving me of my rights, and even my person.

If I didn’t deserve their victimization, it would reason — now that they present themselves as truth-tellers, as whistle-blowers, as understanding, compassionate, courageous and capable — they would have said my victimization was undeserved, and they would have acted to undo the undeserved victimization.

Beyond argument, they both know, but will not admit, that what they did and made others do to silence or destroy me was undeserved. It was undeserved by common human social and legal standards, by the Scientologists’ own published public scriptures, and by God.

After leaving the Sea Org, Rathbun and Rinder did not just step away from the black PR they had propagated for their conspiracy, and leave their black PR to continue to work its evil. They have actively originated and disseminated more black propaganda targeting me since claiming, post-Sea Org, to be telling the truth. They have actively continued criminal frame-ups they know are criminal frame-ups. They have continued to apply the same PR tech they learned from Hubbard and applied all their years in the SO. There has been no moral U-Turn.

I’ve written and spoken several times about a 1994 face-to-face confrontation you and I had, in which you threatened that until I shut up — meaning until I stopped telling the truth – you and your coconspirators were going to keep on black PRing me — meaning you were going to keep on lying about me, vilifying me, and destroying my credibility, relationships, opportunities and life. I even mentioned this incident in a letter to you soon after you started claiming and pretending you were no longer serving your conspiracy’s purposes:

I wanted to communicate civilly, because it is important to me that something be done about the Scientology v. Armstrong, et al. war. Lies maintain the war. You remember, I’m sure, when I spoke to you about your black PR, saying to me that you — meaning you, Miscavige, Scientology, the attorneys, the PIs, et al. — were going to keep right on black PRing me until I shut up. 2

Your statement has stuck with me all these years because it was so brazenly threatening. In fact, it was blackmail, a threat to my person to defame me and destroy my reputation and life, unless I complied with your demand, here that I stop telling the truth. Obviously I have not stopped telling the truth, and, true to your threat, you kept right on black PRing me. Because you remain an unrepentant black propagandist for your Scientology conspiracy, and because your black PR is intended to shudder me into silence or destroy me, you also remain a blackmailer, indeed an unrepentant blackmailer. What greater motivation for repentance?

In your “Merchants of Fear” special episode from the Scientology and the Aftermath reality show, Len Zinberg pinpointed why for thirty-five years, even after leaving Scientology, he did not speak up about his fair gaming of Paulette Cooper: cowardice! He’s right, of course. It’s a why, an item I urge you to take to heart. If it is why you do not now tell the truth about the criminal and cruel things you did while admittedly in your conspiracy, it could also be why you stayed in Scientology doing all those criminal and cruel things for over twenty years and why in all that time you never told your seniors and your other coconspirators to stick it in their ears.

Wikipedia has a useful definition for cowardice:

a trait wherein fear and excessive self-concern override doing or saying what is right, good, and of help to others or oneself in a time of need—it is the opposite of courage. As a label, “cowardice” indicates a failure of character in the face of a challenge. One who succumbs to cowardice is known as a coward, or informally a chicken.3

Zinberg said:

I had left Scientology. I was under the radar. I had put Scientology out of my life. But there’s no way for me to, to escape that that was what happened.

And so I e-mailed Paulette and I told her what I had done. I said something along the lines of, “I’m a 67 year old man and I have two children and I want your forgiveness, but I realize that I’m totally undeserving of it. Because I’ve been a coward for the last 35 years. I haven’t spoken the truth. I haven’t, I haven’t told you what I did.”4


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Mike Rinder: Keeping the IRS tax exemption working (Part 3) (February 17, 2018)

Here is a page I posted January 25, 2015 that helps with how Public Policy applied to the Miscavige sect’s IRS tax exemption:

There are, naturally, many years of evidence of the Scientologists’ public policy-violating activities since their exemption-reaping submissions. Their actions against me in violation of public policy started during the Hubbard regime and have not stopped throughout the Miscavige regime. In significant part, the Scientologists’ actions targeting me as an SP or enemy comprise a conspiracy against rights (18 USC 241), which clearly is against public policy. The Scientologists’ public policy violations in targeting me in their submissions to the IRS are stunning. In negotiating with the Scientologists to file this material targeting me, by requiring or permitting this material to be filed, and by interference of any kind against me on behalf of the Scientologists ever since, the US has been participating in their criminal conspiracy, and vice versa.1

And from a June 8, 2015 letter to Mark Rathbun:

As you well know, I have beseeched you fairly determinedly for several years to step up and tell what you know from your time in the Sea Org about fair gaming me, and people close to me, particularly Michael Flynn. Where your actions and information are extremely important is in the matter of what was done that violated public policy to obtain Scientology’s IRS tax exemption. This undeserved exemption has allowed the Scientologists to further violate public policy, and good people’s rights, with virtual impunity.


Alex Gibney has taken up the call to get the IRS to revoke the Scientologists’ undeserved tax exemption, and I am grateful for what he is doing. He did not, however, really address the public policy violations, in which you participated to get the tax exemption, and I wrote to him, as you also know, to urge you to address and tell the truth about this issue. I have now posted that letter. 23

What Rinder and his coconspirators did to frame Flynn and me proves they were actively violating public policy. What they filed with the IRS to get their undeserved tax exemption was itself in violation of public policy.

Rinder says: “Second thing the IRS did NOT know is how scientology is accumulating empty buildings. He claims that “the accumulation of empty buildings, if they are NOT used” violates the IRS’s rules for the tax exempt entities and “the IRS is blind to this scam.” This is another fake Rinder issue, and even if conceivably an issue, the buildings are not even empty, not even close to empty.

Rinder asks, as if he’s on to something important: “How about the lies that were told the IRS in the course of the proceedings?” He then provides an unimportant administrative lie, that the Miscavige sect violates its own the refund policy that Rinder provided in the submissions to the IRS he oversaw.

Rinder could easily provide a sworn statement to the relevant US Government departments that identifies, refutes and corrects the lies, the preparation of all of which he oversaw, including his lies about the Miscavigeites’ refund scam. There is no record that he has ever done so.

Where Rinder’s sworn statement would actually bring the US Government to address the unlawful grant of tax exemption to the Miscavige sect’s entities, and address other crimes and dangerous situations, is in identifying exactly what he did to silence or destroy wogs, drive wogs crazy, harm wags, obliterate wogs, and what he had others do to wogs to silence or destroy us, etc. He can state under oath how much he had paid to PIs, lawyers or other collaborators to silence or destroy, etc. decent truth-telling wogs, like my lawyer Michael Flynn and me. That enormous sum would be nice to know, but what is crucial is what Rinder did, what exactly the Scientologists’ enormous sums bought, regardless of how enormous those sums are. Rinder and his coconspirators criminally framed both Flynn and me.

Rinder has different excuses for why he has never told the truth about his and his coconspirators’ crimes and antisocial actions against truth-telling wogs, why he has refused to help his wog victims since claiming to be doing so, why he has pretended to be telling the truth, to be regenerate, to be doing what’s right. No matter what his excuses are, however, Rinder’s clear goal has been to keep the IRS tax exemption working; while keeping everyone thinking he’s doing otherwise.

And Mike: It’s been time to talk to me for years, and now there’s even more to talk about – rooms; elephants; your life hunting us for your demoniac conspiracy; why you strike back against the nudges, the prods to do the right thing; and how good it will be when you give it all up.


Mike Rinder: Keeping the IRS tax exemption working (Part 2) (February 16, 2018)

Rinder quotes Yingling’s February 1 letter and continues:

Now, let’s consider a few of her statements and some of the glaring omissions.

The unaddressed elephant in the room and the big thing missing from the IRS review: no mention of the enormous amount of money spent by scientology to spy on and try to destroy whistleblowers and critics. 1

Wikipedia says:

“Elephant in the room” is an English-language metaphorical idiom for an obvious problem or risk that no one wants to discuss, or a condition of groupthink that no one wants to challenge.2

The elephant in the room is always unaddressed. Once it’s actually addressed, it no longer is the elephant in the room. Addressing can be lied about or faked, in which case the elephant remains the elephant in the room.

What Rinder is floating is the dumbo in the room, an overblown fake elephant in the room.

I am a real, unmetaphorical whistleblower and critic, and victim, and wog. The real metaphorical elephant in the room is Rinder and his coconspirators’ conspiracy to spy on and try to destroy me — or silence me, or imprison me, or ruin me, or obliterate me. The same elephant – also called “Scientology v. Armstrong, the thirty-six year war,” or “the Armstrong Op” – occupies many rooms.

I can’t help that. I have never tried to be the elephant in any room. I have sought, as sensibly as possible, to not be the elephant in anyone’s room. I’m trying right now to end my endless elephant in the room beingness. It’s threatening and can be torture to be the elephant in anyone’s room, let alone the rooms of so many people who hate me so much.

No one in those rooms wants to discuss what the Scientologist conspirators – Hubbard, Miscavige, Rathbun, Rinder, Yingling, et al., the operators3— have done and are doing to me to silence or destroy me. Yet that elephant of a criminal campaign against my rights and my person is key to overturning the IRS tax exemption. I am going to be a problem and a risk to the conspirators until I’m dead, a condition that the conspirators doubtlessly desire. Even then, my record will be a problem and a risk, and an elephant in their rooms.

Funny, in 2012, Rathbun wrote an article to celebrate, he said, “the thirtieth anniversary of [his] introduction to the strange case of Gerry Armstrong,” and I used the “elephant in the room” idiom in a reply.

Seriously, Marty, is the Scientology v. Armstrong case conceivably strange? Is the elephant in the room ever really strange?

Or are there multiple elephants in the room, and my case is the strange one? 4

The enormous amount of money spent by the conspirators to violate public policy by spying on and trying to destroy whistleblowers and critics, etc. would be nice to know, but not at all necessary to know, probably irrelevant for rescission of the IRS tax exemption, virtually impossible to obtain, and not an elephant in any room.

That enormous amount of money can be adequately estimated from identifying and detailing the actions taken against persons. If the conspiracy spent, let’s say, fifteen million to silence or destroy me over thirty-six years, and there are, let’s say, five hundred whistleblowers or critics; then, let’s say, seven and a half billion. As Rinder observes, this “money is disguised and difficult to trace.” It is not the elephant in the room.

What Rinder did to me and to other human beings in violation of public policy, however, is easy to trace. Rinder possesses detailed high-level knowledge of it. So far, he has lied and refused to tell the truth about what exactly he did and made others do to us. It is obvious to me that, whatever he has said or claimed to be doing since saying he had left his conspiracy, he is keeping the unlawful IRS tax exemption working. He is keeping the unlawful injunction he obtained against me working, and he is keeping his black PR of me and others working.

I am glad Rinder is finally talking about public policy. I zeroed in on public policy years ago as the route in which to get the unlawfully obtained and unlawfully used IRS tax exemption pulled.5

From my introduction to the Armstrong op:

The “type of allegations that were being made” against the Scientologists, for which they sought and obtained the “First Amendment immunity” that came with IRS tax exemption, were the type of allegations made by the class of people who sued the Scientology entities, and whose cases the Scientologists identify in their submissions to the IRS. These types of allegations were what the [Fred T.] Goldberg IRS team had to have asked about in relation to the issue of the Scientologists’ violations of public policy in the service of their Scientology seniors.

Obviously the IRS accepted the negotiated statements that justify its grant of tax exemption. Obviously too, the IRS would not have granted the tax exemption without the negotiated statements. There are many pages I’ve now found of black PR on [my attorney Michael] Flynn and me that the IRS solicited, and knew to be false. The IRS did not contact me at any time to verify, refute, clarify or contextualize the Scientologists’ claims about me. Hubbard’s death took care of the inurement problem the Scientologists had with the IRS. But a criminal conspiracy does not take care of their public policy problem. It confirms that the tax exemption is unmerited and unlawful. 6


GA’s open letter to Mike Rinder: What’s lacking now? (January 7, 2017)

Dear Mike:

A couple of days ago I saw a video of you from the Scientology the Aftermath project where you said, obviously quite recently, that you had finally lost your lack of compassion. As you can imagine, this is important to me because it has been your lack of compassion that has allowed you to treat me so contemptuously, so cruelly, so threateningly for so long. It has to have been a lack of compassion that at all times attended your similar treatment of your other wog victims, whom I represent. I have written and published about this many times, and also read, listened, written quite a bit and spoken about compassion.

Losing the lack of compassion at least implies acquiring, or being given, compassion. You said:

I believe that the thing that Scientology takes away from you is compassion. Real compassion for others. And I have tried to cure myself of a lack of compassion.

And I don’t believe that I look at people these days with the same lack of compassion that I did when I was really inside the mindset of Scientology.

I am proceeding with the understanding that you were not being semantically tricky when you said you don’t look at people with the same lack of compassion now that you looked at them with previously. I am aware of Scientologist writers and speakers’ semantic dishonesty and semantic dodges, and wog writers and speakers’ semantic chicanery too, of course. I assume, however, you are not communicating that you still have a lack of compassion but it’s not the same lack of compassion you had earlier. No, I am accepting that you are communicating that you previously lacked compassion and now you no longer have that lack. You are saying you now have compassion, you now are compassionate.

If what you say is true, I will be exceedingly glad, and all your victims from all these decades when you now acknowledge you lacked compassion will be exceedingly glad. I have found your clear lack of compassion cruel, and it will be a joy to experience cruelty’s end.

I have been aware that you have been faking compassion ever since you started communicating publicly. Same with Mark Rathbun. I am sure you would agree you did not try at all to present as an uncompassionate person. You were not compassionate, as your treatment of me alone has shown; but you knew that appearing or sounding compassionate was valuable for your purposes. You have known for more than thirty years what it looked like to fake it, and what words to say to cue your supporters to laud your compassion, your courage or your humanity.  You’re trained to fake sincerity and even sobbing. Countless times you did tone scale drills and reporter TRs, and you prepped and drilled media interviews or presentations.

I have known that the acquisition of real compassion is indeed very valuable, probably priceless. It could be the only real spiritual progress man can make, or the only spiritual step he can take. All the spiritual abilities Scientologists buy, sell, and say they’ve gained, only lead to the need for what they withhold, compassion.

Your statement that you have been trying to cure yourself of your lack of compassion indicates you recognize its value and that something can be done about its lack, and you’ve done it.

Almost unbelievably, but certainly paradoxically, this perhaps sole spiritual step seems to require the spirit be broken to take it. It appears to be so vital even hearts are broken and rendered contrite in the uncompassionate before they gain compassion, even people who have not uncompassionately victimized good people for years.

For clarity of discussion, here are definitions from Merriam-Webster definition and Wikipedia:

: deep feeling for and understanding of misery or suffering and the concomitant desire to promote its alleviation : spiritual consciousness of the personal tragedy of another or others and selfless tenderness directed toward it *to have compassion on a person* *with compassion (so different from pity) she shows the sordid impact of this convict settlement on the lives of the natives— Sarah Campion*
synonyms see SYMPATHY

Compassion is the response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help.

Compassion motivates people to go out of their way to help physical, spiritual, or emotional hurts or pains of another. Compassion is often regarded as having an emotional aspect to it, though when based on cerebral notions such as fairness, justice and interdependence, it may be considered rational in nature and its application understood as an activity based on sound judgment. There is also an aspect of compassion which regards a quantitative dimension, such that individual’s compassion is often given a property of “depth,” “vigour,” or “passion.” The etymology of “compassion” is Latin, meaning “co-suffering.” More involved than simple empathy, compassion commonly gives rise to an active desire to alleviate another’s suffering.

You are in a particularly biblical situation as a claimed newly compassionate person, because you personally caused the misery, suffering, physical, spiritual, or emotional hurts or pains, unfairnesses and injustices to others. These are not people that someone else, unbeknownst to you, in some other part of the world, caused misery, suffering, hurts, injustices, etc. You and your religious criminal conspiracy, with your psychopathic Suppressive Person doctrine and your criminal fair game policy, and your key role in that conspiracy caused me and people just like me years of misery, injustices, etc. You did it as a job, duty and crusade, and you created it joyfully, winning on post. You took the job of persecuting people and getting others to persecute people, and you kept it despite, you say, fifty to a hundred beatings.

You are also uniquely qualified to best help the persons you have been persecuting. You possess everything necessary – the simple, unadorned, complete truth of your uncompassionate, criminal actions — to alleviate the misery, injustices, etc. you caused and got others to cause.

Notice that compassion brings a person to a point of desiring to help, of desiring to alleviate misery, suffering, hurts, injustices, etc. If you act on such a desire, where you can act, it is kindness. If you don’t act to alleviate the misery, suffering, hurts, injustices that you can alleviate, it is cruelty.

Ever the psychopath, Hubbard, as you know, wrote in scripture that labeling people “Suppressive Persons” “is a kind action.” It actually meant, as you know, that they could be deprived of property or injured by any means, tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed. In psychopathic logic, or, as Hubbard called it, double-curve tech, that is being kind. He did talk about compassion in scripture, and Scientologists and their collaborators promote him as this super compassionate being. So it could be that you are still using that logic, and still calling cruelty kindness, and calling your contempt compassion. I look forward to hearing from you that this is not the case, and you really are compassionate as you say, and as the concept is commonly understood in pre-post-truth dictionaries.

Because compassion is critical as a human ability, because its lack or presence relates imperatively to the Scientology experience, and because of your amazing public claim that you have now gained it, I have been assembling some materials relating to compassion, which I will post separately, perhaps in a series.

I look forward to anything you have to say about compassion in or out of Scientology or its mindset, and especially how your new-found compassion will manifest toward your long term wog victims. I am not pretending blindness to your serving the Miscavigeite Scientologists’ purposes toward your wog victims; in fact, I have written or spoken publicly many times about this. I am very aware that your declaration of compassion could be an item you’ve checked off on a program, and that you have no intention or desire to stop serving the Miscavigeite purposes toward us. But I am also aware that if you really have acquired compassion after your life of uncompassion, which I know is possible, you would also stop serving those purposes. And that I will know when I see it.

Yours sanguinely,

Gerry Armstrong
[address removed]

Cc: Mark Rathbun

No do it Mike Rinder. Tell the truth. (December 10, 2016)

10th December 2016, 05:20 AM #41


Re: Mike Rinder posted something important today

Originally Posted by programmer_guy

Mike made a general apology.
Gerry wants Mike (and others) to admit to specific details that can stand up in a court of law.

Which Mike cannot do without potentially exposing himself to civil and criminal liability — and thus threatening his family.

As I noted above, Mike cannot rely on any statute of limitations defense because of legal doctrines that suspend the running of the statute of limitations such as fraudulent concealment, equitable tolling, equitable estoppel, minority, incapacity, or simply being physically outside a particular jurisdiction.

My advice to Mike would be not to do it. If, hypothetically, I had a wife and child I would not endanger their futures and our family to do it.

If Gerry didn’t like that, I would completely understand. I would not, however, engage in an action that could threaten my family just because he is not satisfied with a “general” apology and wants “specific details that can stand up in a court of law.”

Honestly, I think that if Mike didn’t have a wife and child, then there *might* be some chance that Gerry would get what he wants. Given that Mike does have a wife and a small child, I think the probability of Gerry getting what he wants is precisely zero.

I understand that there are many people who, like Communicator IC, do not want Rinder to do what I have asked him to do, and even, like this poster, advise him not to do.

What I have consistently asked Rinder for is to tell the truth. What I have consistently, in many public communications, said I wanted from Rinder is the truth.  I simply want him to tell the truth.

In psychopathic logic, I am supposed to stop wanting him to tell the truth because he won’t, or hasn’t, or refuses. That isn’t the way such wanting works. One doesn’t want peace in the world, and then stop wanting it because there isn’t peace. In the choice between war and peace, I choose peace. In the choice between Rinder telling the truth or not telling the truth, I want the truth.

Wanting him to tell the truth, as I do, can exist as a life choice and nothing is done about it. Like a million other choices perhaps we all have made over our lives. My wanting him to tell the truth only arose when he claimed to be doing so, and because I had real and legitimate reasons to want him to tell the truth. The Scientologists and their collaborators, clearly, do not want him to tell the truth.

I did act on what I wanted, of course, and he knew right after he started presenting as telling the truth that that was exactly how he could help me and so many other people. It was exactly what I was wanting from him. I did have a brief email exchange with him, which, because of recent events, I’ve assembled here: http://gerryarmstrong.ca/archives/1919 I have not bothered him at all with correspondence.

I have communicated things that have helped keep alive the issue of Rinder not telling the truth, which at this time is serious.This obviously has upset the people who want him to not tell the truth yet be seen as telling the truth. But it’s fake upset, and the efforts to keep Rinder from telling the truth, and bestow celebrity status on him for telling the truth are perverse and logically puerile.

Although I want Rinder to tell the truth, and have made this known to him, I have also accepted that he probably won’t. I have long ago accepted his decisions to hate me, make me his enemy, black PR me, and side with the people who want me dead. I’ve accepted that all the Scientologists and their collaborators in the world hate me, consider me an enemy, and would welcome my death.

Despite accepting that Rinder, unless he has a Damascus Road moment, is not going to tell the truth, there is still a need to get the fact known that he is not telling the truth. The same was true with Hubbard: he didn’t tell the truth but claimed to be telling the truth; he was not going to start telling the truth, but there was still a need to get the fact known that he is not telling the truth. Fraud should be exposed, and Rinder’s pretense of telling the truth should be exposed just as Hubbard’s should be.

The truth has to be told in a way that means or does something toward reconciliation and justice, so his telling the truth to his priest or psychiatrist or his pillow or his personal demon wouldn’t suffice. The truth to be told is his experiences with and knowledge of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology corporations, organizations, and affiliated entities, and their officers, agents, representatives, employees, volunteers, directors, successors, assigns and legal counsel. (This is the language of what Rinder, et al. sought to silence me about by their contract1

Rinder knows exactly who and what needs to have the truth told about them. It is very simple. Nobody wants Rinder to tell the truth about what he said in his auditing sessions, or about his dreams, or about his wins. The truth he must tell, if truth be told, is his experiences and knowledge of fair game, what was done to wogs in furtherance of the criminal conspiracy against persons and rights in which he was a key member for many years.

That criminal conspiracy still exists. Rinder still serves its criminal purposes. He can only stop serving its purposes by telling the truth about it. Otherwise, he will, until his death, serve that diabolical criminal conspiracy. Scientolomerta. And that will be his legacy. Except for his desire to keep serving this conspiracy and keep the conspiracy working, the choice, I would think would be obvious.

It is this conspiracy against persons and rights that needs to be taken down, not Scientology or the Church of Scientology or some named corporation.

Rinder admittedly has his reason or reasons for not telling the truth. He had ample reasons for more than twenty years, he says, as Miscavige’s Fair Game IC. As I said, he knows what the truth is that he has reasons to not tell. This could be described as criminal and depraved actions planned or taken against members of the SP class, black propaganda, which is also depraved, and ongoing injustices and fraud. That is a huge and understandable, but completely unacceptable, reason not to tell the truth about it.

That is also the reason Communicator IC gives for advising Rinder to not tell the truth. What he should tell the truth about is so criminal, so depraved, so unjust and involves so much criminal fraud, in Communicator IC’s reasoning, he shouldn’t tell the truth about it. The details of Rinder’s fair gaming good people for Scientology — for pay, for prestige, which still serves him, and for fun and for joy, because he had to have been uptone about it all those years — are so criminal, so depraved, and so unjust and the fraud he promoted and defended with fair game so noxious, that telling truth about them would threaten his family, so Communicator IC says.

Obviously, what it will take for Rinder to tell the truth — even if the contemplation of the shame of it all is crushing, even if it might open him up to liability for his actions to someone, even if he is honoring a contract to not tell the truth and his coconspirators might murder him, even if he’s still on Miscavige’s payroll, and even if he hates me beyond human endurance — is courage. He should be encouraged to tell the truth and advised to be courageous, rather than encouraged to be cowardly, and provided spurious justifications for his continued cowardice. I think he should opt for courage. He certainly learned cowardice in Scientology in spades. His bluster, I think, is rooted actually in the Scientology cowardice condition, which makes it misplaced bluster. But perhaps all bluster is.

Now is the time for Rinder to get courageous, to do the right thing, and tell the truth that can free people – the truth about his experiences and knowledge of actions by the Scientologists and their collaborators against members of the SP class.

Communicator IC’s assertion that Rinder cannot tell the truth without potentially exposing himself to civil and criminal liability, which is provided as a lead-pipe justifier for advising him not to do so, is clarifying on three issues. 1. It acknowledges, finally, that Rinder has not told the truth. 2. It acknowledges that the truth to be told is relevant and important, and concerns criminal and tortious actions against victims; in this case me personally. 3. It acknowledges that Rinder could not have told the truth to the FBI.

I have seen it claimed that, since apparently leaving the Sea Org and presenting himself as telling the truth about his Scientology-related experiences and knowledge, Rinder, along with Mark Rathbun, has been to the FBI, talked to the FBI, been interviewed by the FBI. I have no actual knowledge of their “going to the FBI,” but there are multiple reports of them doing so. If Rinder had told the truth to the FBI; if the FBI had been the Constitution-obeying federal law enforcement entity it publicly purports to be, operating by its motto Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity, and not cowardly collaborating with the Miscavige-Rathbun-Rinder, et al. conspiracy against persons and rights; and if the FBI has not prosecuted him, which they have not, then there is zero risk that Rinder would face criminal liability if he told that truth to me or my lawyer.

Rinder and Rathbun do not merit the defense or excuse that telling the truth will expose them to criminal liability, when they are claiming they’re telling the truth to the FBI — of all law enforcement entities — without the slightest hint of criminal liability.

When the FBI got the truth of the Scientologists’ fair game actions against Paulette Cooper during the GO period, the FBI contacted Cooper. Since Rathbun and Rinder, after supposedly leaving the Miscavigeite sect, went to the FBI, and supposedly told all, which had to include their years of fair game actions against me, the FBI has not contacted me. I have reason to believe, in fact, that Rathbun and Rinder continued their adherence to the conspiracy line in their communications with the FBI, which included the continued black PRing and criminal framing of me.

I wrote last year about Rathbun and Rinder’s visits to the FBI since claiming to have left the Miscavigeite sect, and explained that it is a virtual certainty they did not tell the truth:

This scenario of Rathbun and Rinder talking to the FBI or going to the Feds has been brought up several times over the past few years. It is used as evidence of them doing the right thing, or how effective they are as critics, as it has been assumed that whatever they told the Feds helped the Scientologists’ victims.

In view of the known facts, however, this assumption is illogical. It is illogical to think that Rathbun and Rinder would lie about me in Memoirs, continue the criminal framing of me and Mike Flynn, black PR me and other persons he victimized, and yet tell the truth about what they did to fair game us to the Feds.

Rathbun went to the Feds all sorts of times while working inside the cult and in charge of fair game under Miscavige. Rathbun went to the Feds, and had others go to the Feds, about Flynn and me. Rathbun lied to the Feds then, and there is no reason to believe he is not lying to them now. Until he tells the truth to his victims about his victimizing them, his talking to the FBI is just like Kendrick Moxon talking to the FBI.

All the “Indies” talking to all the FBI had the effect of ending any investigation into the cult. All Rathbun’s followers would have black PRed me and others similarly positioned SPs to the Feds.

It must be understood, of course, that the Feds conspired with the Scientologists against the Scientologists’ victims.2 When Scientologist conspirators like Rathbun and Rinder talk to the Feds, they are talking to their coconspirators. The cure is the public exposure of the conspirators and breaking of the conspiracy, not the conspirators talking in secret. That keeps the conspiracy working, which appears to be Rathbun and Rinder’s purpose.2

If civil or criminal liability would exist should Rinder tell the truth, then it must exist now, without his telling the truth. Arrangements are very often made that provide immunities of various kinds if witnesses, or even participants in crimes, tell the truth about their experiences and knowledge, or allocute. Consequently, his telling the truth could actually reduce his criminal and civil liability. Therefore criminal and civil liability for telling the truth is not really a good excuse for Rinder not doing so, certainly regarding the Scientology v. Armstrong evils. In my case, the principal crime or offense against me is continuing, rendering statutes of limitation inapplicable, so Rinder’s liability increases every day he keeps serving his conspiracy’s purposes.

From the very earliest efforts I made to get Rathbun and Rinder to communicate to me, I have provided them with the best opportunity to tell the truth, to have it be meaningful, to put it to tremendous and dramatic use. It is disgraceful that people, presenting themselves as opposing the Scientologists’ malign purposes, advise Rathbun and Rinder to not take this golden opportunity, and smear the very person with whom the opportunity exists. Advising Rinder to not tell the truth but keep serving the Scientologists’ malign purposes serves the same people’s same purposes.

Communicator IC forks up a strawman that it’s my satisfaction that weighs or argues against endangering Rinder’s wife and child and family. I had never used, relied on or referred to my satisfaction in any of my requests to Rinder or arguments to anyone that he tell the truth. My satisfaction is unrelated to Rinder telling the truth. Reconciliation, justice, peace, honor, in fact the elimination of an endangerment to his child, wife and family — those are on the other side of Rinder growing a spine and telling the simple truth, not my satisfaction.

Legal and social issues relating directly to the truth of Rinder’s experiences and knowledge also exceed and transcend my satisfaction, including, e.g., human rights; religious freedom; contracted religious silence; a light on black propaganda; the IRS crimes;  those who would act in concert with me. It is completely understandable that the Scientologists and their collaborators do not want Rinder to tell the truth, because it would affect, and could correct these issues. They do not want the Scientologists’ criminally obtained and legally undeserved IRS tax exemption to be lost or challenged.

If child, wife or family endangerment is a factor, then it should be observed that Rinder endangered, and continues to endanger his children, wives and family by being Hubbard or Miscavige’s Fair Game IC for twenty years, committing acts that even Communicator IC says subject him to criminal liability. Now Rinder keeps adding his refusal to help his victims, as does Rathbun, when he could have done so much with nothing more than the simple truth, all of which will be the legacy he leaves his children.

What a burden on them also to discover that their father used them as his excuse not to help his victims, not to end injustices. Rathbun also has been using his wife and child as human shields for much the same purpose and his supporters too validate that use.

The Scientologists and their collaborators seek to present my relationship with Mike Rinder and Rathbun as one of equal opponents equally empowered, equally right, and equally deserving of public scrutiny and criticism. If this can be accepted, of course, my few requests of both of them to communicate to me and tell the truth can be made to sound unfair. After all, they are not requesting that I  speak up and tell the truth about their and their fellow Scientologists’ fair gaming of SP class members.

Even though I see the equality, and also the unity, of all Homo sapiens, however, the clear relationship this past thirty-five years is of victimizer and victim. It is our essential equality that makes this unholy relationship of victimizer and victim what it is.

As can be seen, I did not know that Rinder was targeting me until 1985 when the Scientologists proclaimed the shocking truth that he was conning me about being my friend, about understanding where I was coming from, and about coming to me for my assistance, because he and his “Loyalists” sought fairness, truth and justice.

Rinder knew that he was targeting me from the first minute he knew I had left, which was thirty-five years ago today. Through every minute of his OSA career he targeted me. I had no idea. I did nothing about him.

I naturally testified as necessary thereafter about what had been revealed in 1985 of what he had done, but that was only because he had done it and it was relevant in various legal proceedings

Rinder had the whole OSA apparatus and used it to sue me, black PR me around the world, frame me, bankrupt me, stalk me, op me, threaten me, betray me, destroy my relationships, get me enjoined and sentenced to jail, and drive me to the edge of death, all in execution of his conspiracy’s criminal purposes and programs. I had no such apparatus, and did none of those things to Rinder.

Rinder and his fellow Scientologists and their collaborators have sought for thirty-five years, and paid millions of dollars, and corrupted courts, to silence me. I never tried to silence him or them. In fact it is quite clear that I urge them to communicate.

Rinder, et al. seek to have me jailed and fined for truthfully expressing my sincere religious experiences and knowledge. I don’t seek to have them jailed, but seek to have them truthfully express their sincere religious experiences and knowledge.

In last week’s Scientology and the Aftermath program, Rinder said:

Part of my job was to discredit and destroy critics who spoke out against the Church. If the Church believed that someone was an enemy and needed to be silenced or destroyed, it was my job and I did it.


I was the guy.

I feel bad about the people who got hurt as a result of my actions. But I feel it’s important to tell the truth of what really goes on behind the scenes. What really is happening in Scientology.

I had no such job to destroy Rinder.

Rinder’s conjunction “but” is confusing here, but his implication is clear that because he says telling the truth of what really goes on behind the scenes in Scientology is important, he must be telling such truth. Obviously he is not telling such truth; or there would be no need to advise him to not tell the truth or supply him with justifications to keep him from telling the truth. What really goes on behind the scenes is the criminal conspiracy against persons and rights in which Rinder has been such a key conspirator.


No truth from Rinder? No reconciliation (December 08, 2016)

Churchill on ESMB wrote:

I have much respect and admiration for Mike Rinder, and am a regular reader of his blog which I appreciate immensely.
I hope that Mike and Gerry Armstrong can find it in their combined hearts, to reach out to one other, if they have not yet done so, and reconcile.
I feel that Gerry deserves the peace of mind, and sense of closure that this would bring, as does Mike. 1

Gerry has written and spoken quite a bit about Mike Rinder, because he was Rinder’s biggest fair game target for so long, and he continues to be a key fair game target. Below are links to some of the materials that inform their relationship, and to the small amount of correspondence between them.

Over all the years Rinder fair gamed Gerry for Scientology, and had been paid by Scientology for that purpose, he wrote and spoke a great deal about Gerry. Almost all of what Rinder has written or said was in secret. Much was black PR. He has never publicly, or to Gerry, disclosed or acknowledged what he did to fair game Gerry or what he has written or said about him.

Since Rinder in recent years has been portraying himself as Scientology tamer or exposer, the absence of his public statements concerning Gerry is actually a revealing factor in their relationship. Rinder is identified as editor of Rathbun’s 2013 book, and Gerry says it forwards the cult’s black PR on him and his attorney Mike Flynn. Rinder was briefly recorded by the German filmmaker Markus Thoess black PRing Gerry. (Video below) He has taken no action that I am aware of to correct the black PR he promulgated, even to the highest levels of government.

Rinder and Gerry really have an extraordinary relationship, which is similar to Gerry’s with Mark Rathbun: the long unrepentant victimizer and his common undying victim. Gerry is not seeking a sense of “closure.” His requests of Mike Rinder are the same as his requests of Mark Rathbun, which are essentially to tell the truth toward correcting ongoing injustices and black propaganda. It very well may be that “closure” is not obtained, but at least justice would have been sought. Right now, Mike Rinder and Mark Rathbun do not seek justice for their victims and do not support the people who do seek such justice. The “closure” they apparently seek is our acceptance of the decades long injustices and other crimes they perpetrated against their victims. “Public apologies” without real willingness to do what’s possible to correct the wrongs reduces the “apologies” to further acts of fair game. “May be tricked, sued, or lied to or destroyed.”

No Truth from Rinder? No reconcilation.

Originally Posted by Gerry Armstrong to Mike Rinder (2010-04-14):

To Mike Rinder

Okay, so it isn’t really because Miscavige hates Heber. It’s because Heber might just tell the truth. You’ve got it. It’s why Miscavige, and Marty, and you, and all Scientologists hate me: because I tell the truth about Scientology.
Now, will you tell the truth about Scientology’s ops, black PR, the hatred, the threats on me for all those years? Are you going to be the honest Scientologist? Or, since that hasn’t been possible, will you be an honest born again wog?2

Originally Posted by Gerry Armstrong (2012-06-03):

Mike Rinder black PRs Gerry Armstrong and Graham Berry to German film makers

I had the copyright owner’s authorization to publish this video, and the copyright infringement claim was made in bad faith. 3

Originally Posted by Gerry Armstrong in a letter to Graham Berry (2014-03-27):

Gerry to Graham Berry on Honey Tech

I am not asking Marty or Mike for a deep psycho-philosophical shift, when, for example, a person changes from lying as a pro-survival activity and way of life and starts to value and desire truth telling and that becomes a way of life. I am also not denying that such a shift could perhaps occur, or be related. I think testifying seventy-some days in Scientology litigations might have altered me psycho-philosophically, and certainly being M & M & every other Scientologist’s target for all these years has.

I believe, however, that the testimony or truth that Marty and Mike can provide me, which would assist in correcting injustices, can be provided in a couple of days. They know how to debrief, know how to tell the truth, and have always had the ability. The idea that Scientologists cannot tell the truth or do not know truth from lies is a ruse that some Scientologists use to escape responsibility and natural consequences for the bad acts they know they’ve committed against their victims, or are still committing.

Marty and Mike are at cause over their refusal to now assist the people they helped to damage or destroy by intimidation, litigation and defamation activities. Their condition or their place in their long or short path of waking, recovery and healing is not why they have not assisted their victims. They had the ability to assist people while inside Scientology and the Sea Org, and the idea that they have lost that ability since leaving is ridiculous. They also have the same reasons for refusing to assist their victims that they had while in the SO. They did not acquire a new set of reasons for doing what they had always done: something or anything other than assisting their victims, giving justice, telling the truth.

I am just requesting the narrow, relevant truth about a clear and active matter: Marty, Mike, Hubbard, Miscavige, et al. v. Armstrong & friends. Marty and Mike are two individuals with a great deal of information, who are now presenting as fighters for justice who have told the truth about their part in victimizing others. Since they have not told the truth, and do not seek justice, even in correcting injustices they perpetrated and can help correct, the logical conclusion is that they are “Loyalists” mispresenting themselves. My communications that you call mercilessly attacking and condemning Marty and Mike have been useful and valuable in establishing these facts.
Not everyone gets to tell the truth that matters to someone. My request has been appropriate and the truth I’m requesting is relevant in ongoing legally cognizable injustices. Sometimes a request for the truth can be by subpoena. In my case it is the earnest, free request of a knowledgeable and known victim in a long legal and extralegal campaign of victimization and injustice.4

Originally Posted by Gerry Armstrong to Mike Rinder (2014-04-4th to 8th):

Reaching Mike Rinder

Your inimical, contemptuous communication contained within it the implicit license to me to do what I want with your email, because we are enemies. In reality, your communication only confirmed the inimical condition you were in with me. It did not cause the condition.

A communication from you could end the condition. In fact communication is what I want from you, just as I want it from Marty. I want you both to communicate about the Scientology v. Armstrong injustices and black PR over 32 years. I will know the communication that ends the condition, and neither of your two emails to me is it.5

Originally Posted by Gerry Armstrong (2015-03-01):

About Rathbun and Rinder talking to the FBI or going to the Feds

This scenario of Rathbun and Rinder talking to the FBI or going to the Feds has been brought up several times over the past few years. It is used as evidence of them doing the right thing, or how effective they are as critics, as it has been assumed that whatever they told the Feds helped the Scientologists’ victims.

In view of the known facts, however, this assumption is illogical. It is illogical to think that Rathbun and Rinder would lie about me in Memoirs, continue the criminal framing of me and Mike Flynn, black PR me and other persons he victimized, and yet tell the truth about what they did to fair game us to the Feds. 6

Originally Posted by Gerry Armstrong to Alex Gibney (2015-03-06 ):

Letter to Alex Gibney on the IRS deal, public policy, and calling out Rathbun and Rinder

Dear Mr. Gibney:


Calling out Cruise and Travolta to stand up and say it’s time for Miscavige to answer his accusers is logical because Cruise and Travolta are celebs, and they have contact and influence with him. Now I am urging you, and Wright and Paul Haggis, to call out Mark Rathbun and Mike Rinder to answer their accuser, me. What I am accusing them of includes, most crucially, crimes and torts they committed against me personally to unlawfully obtain the IRS tax exemption, which is clearly a focus of your film.

Rathbun and Rinder, under L. Ron Hubbard and Miscavige, fair gamed me more than they fair gamed any other person during their time as fair gamers for Scientology. If they fair gamed someone else more than me, they have never said, and I have never heard of that person. The one person they fair gamed somewhat equivalently was my attorney Michael Flynn. 7

Since Rathbun and Rinder have apparently left the Scientology cult, and portray themselves as exposers of the Scientologists’ abuses and crimes, I have many times asked them to come forward and tell the truth about fair gaming me. I have asked them many times to come forward and tell the truth about what they did to me to obtain their cult’s unmerited tax exemption. 8

Yet neither of them has answered me, their accuser, other than with contempt and further fair gaming.9

Originally Posted by Gerry Armstrong (2015-03-11):

Response to Rinder re Disconnection

Rinder’s assertion that “disconnection,” which is one application of the SP doctrine, is merely a relatively simple theory, and, as he says on his blog, “is based on common sense,” is also false and malignant. His claim on his blog that when disconnection “is used for the benefit of the individual, it can be a helpful practice” is a lie to cloak an evil and indefensible practice.3

The other, even more evil, application of the SP doctrine is the “fair game” policy. Rathbun and Rinder have not told the truth about fair game, and have in fact continued to fair game and support the fair gaming of the wogs they most egregiously fair gamed while working directly for the Scientology cult. While disconnection is antisocial, it is arguably lawfully permissible, but fair game constitutes a criminal conspiracy against rights and is judicially punishable.10


3. http://www.mikerindersblog.org/scien…olicy-exposed/

Originally Posted by Gerry Armstrong (2016-11-07):

Speaking up about Fair Game

Rinder personally participated in and directed criminal acts against me. See for example, my introduction to the Armstrong Op http://armstrong-op.gerryarmstrong.ca/about ; see also documents relating to Rinder’s part in it: http://armstrong-op.gerryarmstrong.ca/archives/19 . He knows about his criminal acts, and knows that I have confronted him on his refusal to tell the truth about them. Although the book is about “fair game,” and Rinder is a major contributor to the book, there is no mention of his fair game against his victims. There is no evidence he was asked about such actions, no challenge to his assertion or intimation that he and the new regime did not engage in illegal activities, and no question of his aghastness.11


GA Letter to Mark Rathbun (June 8, 2015)

Dear Mark:

As you well know, I have beseeched you fairly determinedly for several years to step up and tell what you know from your time in the Sea Org about fair gaming me, and people close to me, particularly Michael Flynn. Where your actions and information are extremely important is in the matter of what was done that violated public policy to obtain Scientology’s IRS tax exemption. This undeserved exemption has allowed the Scientologists to further violate public policy, and good people’s rights, with virtual impunity.

As you know, I have shown over and over that your failure to tell the truth about fair game actions against me and others and the false statements in the submissions to the IRS serves David Miscavige’s antisocial purposes, to the detriment of good people everywhere. If you are for real, and not a covert agent for Miscavige, which is not beyond the Scientologists’ desires or capability, then your failure to tell the truth about fair gaming me and others and about the IRS deal is also to your detriment, and your wife’s detriment.

Alex Gibney has taken up the call to get the IRS to revoke the Scientologists’ undeserved tax exemption, and I am grateful for what he is doing. He did not, however, really address the public policy violations, in which you participated to get the tax exemption, and I wrote to him, as you also know, to urge you to address and tell the truth about this issue. I have now posted that letter: http://gerryarmstrong.ca/archives/1488

I have read the attacks on Gibney, on his Going Clear documentary, and on his sources, by the Scientologists and Scientology’s lawyers — Monique Yingling, Eric Lieberman and William Walsh – all of whom participated in the public policy violations that netted the undeserved 1993 tax exemption.

Eerily reminiscent of your years of black PR on me, that in the SO I was but a clerk and drove a car, Yingling writes about you in her February 27, 2015 letter to HBO’s attorney Jay Ward Brown:

Gibney’s crediting his sleazy source, Marty Rathbun, with a major role in the negotiations with the IRS is misplaced: I personally attended every one of the dozens of meetings; Rathbun was little more than a bag carrier, and a poor one at that.

In your interview in 2009 with the Tampa Bay Times, you said that you were tasked with implementing strategies to try to overwhelm the IRS and “very much involved in coordinating and coming up with strategies and then executing a lot of that between the late ’80s and the early ’90s” to obtain tax exemption. You said that you and primarily Miscavige “were literally commuting to Washington D.C. almost every week,” you would “see the IRS, present the answers to [the IRS’s] set of questions, get another set of questions, go back to L.A., get the information together [ ] for two years.” http://armstrong-op.gerryarmstrong.ca/about

In Going Clear, you say about the actions to obtain the tax exemption:

Being Miscavige’s right hand man, I was in charge of all those efforts. We were not only suing them in every possible jurisdiction there was. We were investigating the IRS for crimes generally, or things that would offend the public.

I am accepting that your duties and actions were not just being Yingling or Miscavige’s bag carrier, and that she is lying. I know she lies about other things concerning the 1993 IRS, and I assume that, although she does not use my name, she is lying about me when she writes in the same February 27 letter:

An IRS criminal agent was caught on tape conspiring with apostate Scientologists to use the powers of the IRS to help them plant false documents in the Church to overthrow legitimate Church management.

You are very familiar with such lies and black PR about me, because for years you manufactured and disseminated them and made others disseminate them. You included similar or slightly differently twisted black PR and lies about me in the answers to the IRS’s questions that you carried to Washington on your weekly trips from LA.

For more than twenty years while inside the cult, you hated me and sought to destroy me. You made others hate and seek to destroy me, and spent millions of dollars of Scientologists’ money on attorneys, PIs and programs to destroy me. You did all this evil for no legitimate reason. You invented reasons, and made others accept your reasons. Clearly you carried that hatred and desire to destroy me with you when you supposedly left the cult. You carried that hatred and evil purpose into your Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior, and past the point when you claimed you had jettisoned your allegiance to L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.

You can go right on hating me as irrationally and baselessly as you want, and I can do nothing about it. Obviously you hate my appeals to your reason, humanity or conscience. But your refusal to tell the truth about fair gaming me and others, and your refusal to tell the truth about the crimes you committed and the lies you told to obtain undeserved tax exemption for the Scientology cult prejudices and hurts many people beyond me. A reading of the attacks on Gibney by the Scientologists and their attorneys shows that you are prejudicing and hurting him as well, if he is for real.

Suing the IRS, even 2400 lawsuits, is not unlawful. Investigating the IRS for their crimes is not unlawful. Even vilifying or black PRing IRS agents is not unlawful. But framing Michael Flynn was unlawful, and framing me was unlawful. Lying in your submissions to the IRS was unlawful. The IRS’s requiring these lies, which IRS and DOJ officials knew were lies, in your submissions to justify granting tax exemption to have the lawsuits end and to have the Scientologists’ investigating and vilifying of US officials end, was unlawful. It was also cowardly and disgraceful. Actual crimes against wogs and against society are what you have not talked about, which is also cowardly and disgraceful.

Accepting the possibility that you are not simply executing Miscavige’s orders or command intention, and it is a psychological issue that prevents you from correcting the evils you perpetrated against me and others, which you could correct by communicating with me and telling the truth, consider taking to heart this message about true contrition by George Simon, PhD.

As you know, I have defended myself over the years by telling the truth, including telling it publicly. In fact, my telling the truth is the real reason you and your fellow Scientologists have hated me and sought to destroy me for decades. People telling the truth, of course, is an illegitimate reason for hating and destroying them. People telling the truth motivates criminals to hate and seek to destroy them. Telling the truth is what defines a Suppressive Person to Scientologists.

I will hold off on posting this publicly for the moment to give you another golden opportunity — to do what Simon says, not shed a tear, not mouth words, but make amends, repair the damage inflicted on the lives of others, initiate a plan of action to accomplish these ends, start to do things differently.1 Maybe your prideful ego will be literally crushed and torn asunder by the weight of your guilt and shame. So be it. That’s a blessing from God that not every irresponsible person accepts, or even understands. You owe it to everyone, including yourself.


Gerry Armstrong


  1. Letter sent to Mark Rathbun by e-mail on June 8, 2015; posted to gerryarmstrong.ca on 18 June 2015.