A letter to Mike Rinder: Your victim speaks up (Part 3) (February 22, 2018)

Zinberg was a Guardian’s Office (“GO”) and Office of Special Affairs (“OSA”) volunteer, who was briefly involved in covert ops targeting Cooper. What is reported he did to her was stake out her apartment building, although he never saw her, and deliver to her father Ted Cooper’s jewelry business pages that Zinberg’s GO seniors had covertly, unlawfully copied from her teenage diary. The GO’s obvious goal for the diary op Zinberg participated in was to generate or exacerbate conflict between Mr. Cooper and his adopted daughter Paulette, who was then a stellar Scientology target.

You fair gamed me while you were inside and commanding the sect’s Office of Special Affairs worldwide, Mike, for over two decades. That was your org board position and your function in the criminal conspiracy against rights that Hubbard and then Miscavige headed. You ran hundreds of volunteers like Zinberg. You ran a raft of PIs, a bevy of attorneys and a covey of covert operatives. Five of your conspiracy’s six lawsuits against me were filed, and all of them were prosecuted, when you commanded OSA and ran the legal apparatus. You had me unlawfully bankrupted. You had me threatened and driven from my home in the US. You ran covert and overt operations against me in the US, Canada and Europe. You unlawfully used millions of dollars in tax exempt funds of a religious corporation to commit crimes against me. You culled my pc folders. You black PRed me. Psychologically, your conspiracy, and you specifically, hectored me to within a heartbeat of suicide. Although admittedly you fair gamed me more than any other individual you have identified, you fair gamed and made your juniors fair game average, common wogs like me all over the world.

You were an insider in the Scientologists’ criminal conspiracy against persons and rights. The conspiracy in 1974, which the GO hierarchy then ran for Hubbard, used Zinberg, indeed used him for criminal acts or ops; but Zinberg was never an insider. Even Chris Shelton, who was in the SO for seventeen years, and proclaims himself a “high level insider,” was not an insider, not even a low level insider. (Actually, Shelton could have been an insider – with you in your criminal conspiracy — but not if what he has stated about his Scientology career is somewhere near true.) You, Mike, however, were an insider where being an insider mattered: in the Scientologists’ criminal conspiracy against persons and rights, your doctrinally motivated and doctrinally vindicated persecution of the SP class. Unlike you, I was not an insider in the conspiracy. When I was in the SO, I was close to the conspiracy many times, and could conceivably have been brought in, or leveraged my way in, but I was saved from that evil activity.

A few GO personnel were briefly involved in executing the conspiracy’s command intention and program targets to silence or destroy me just after I left Scientology. SO execs under Hubbard, however, had already absorbed the GO execs’ functions and staff, and ran all the Scientologists and wog collaborators then tasked with targeting me. The SO personnel in the conspiracy operated on the same “Suppressive Person” doctrine as the GO and applied the same policies of hating, black PRing, waging war on, silencing and destroying people who told the truth. Rathbun writes about that period in his Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior, which you edited:

Flynn also received a windfall, care of the fruits of Miscavige’s enemy-making proclivities. Gerry Armstrong, the archivist whom Miscavige and Starkey nearly hung for trying to protect Hubbard and the church against the very claims Flynn had been making, had made contact with Flynn. We knew this because for several months Miscavige had been directly supervising surveillance of Armstrong, through a former GO intel staff member named Geoff Shervell. Shervell utilized teams of private eyes to shadow Armstrong everywhere. Shervell reported directly to Miscavige through all those months, just as I had on litigation matters from our Special Unit. On more than one occasion, Shervell groused to me about the incessant, obsessive pressure Miscavige put on him, demanding to know Armstrong’s every move. He said, “Marty, he knows we’re on him, which kind of defeats the purpose of the surveillance.” Thinking for a moment, Geoff added, “Unless the purpose is to drive him crazy.” Armstrong became increasingly paranoid under pressure and finally got spooked enough to go to Flynn for help.  (p. 193)1

You absorbed that same purpose — to drive me crazy — when you joined the conspiracy, and you have worked on that purpose ever since. You also worked and work on a parallel or secondary purpose, to get people to believe I’m crazy. If you couldn’t drive me crazy, which so far, you have to acknowledge, you have failed at, you could get people to buy your lie that I’m crazy. If you couldn’t silence or destroy me, you could at least get people to not listen to me. With evaluated, drilled, skillful, wide and relentless black propaganda you could get people to think I’m crazy, and even join you in your black PR campaign. If you successfully reduced my image to crazy, no one would grant any credence to my words. And if the whole world said I was crazy and no one granted me any credence, and you achieved total revulsion and complete isolation, this would certainly get you closer to actually driving me crazy.

You have been black PRing me as crazy in sworn statements, in court filings, in media, to the IRS, to governments, to people everywhere for thirty-six years. That’s what, as a post-Sea Org, truth-telling reformer, you were doing to filmmaker Marcus Thoess in 2011:

Gerry Armstrong is seeing things at this point. Gerry Armstrong was … was involved in, you know, a long battle with the church. But Gerry Armstrong is kind of a … kind of a … a bit of a fruitcake frankly.2

Repeating the last sentence I quoted above from Memoirs, and then Rathbun , and you as editor, continue:

Armstrong became increasingly paranoid under pressure and finally got spooked enough to go to Flynn for help. Armstrong also brought with him several boxes of biography archives he had lifted from the church; documents that demonstrated to him that Hubbard’s personal biography, promoted by the church, was full of holes.1

Quelle crock! Your statement about my mental state aside, along with your incompetent psychological diagnosis, you conspirators did declare me SP, you did target me for silencing and destroying, I did reach out to Flynn, and he agreed to meet me. In fact he flew me from Los Angeles to Tampa, Florida to meet him in Clearwater. I did not, however, bring with me several boxes of documents. I had very few documents, memorably a copy of the contract between the cult and wog writer Omar Garrison to write Hubbard’s biography.

From the moment I learned of it, I have shown your accusation that I lifted any biography archives from your cult to be false. I have proven it in a court of law, and obtained a judgment in 1984 that states I had all the permissions necessary, and a contract, to deliver all the biography archives as I did to Garrison. The judgment also states that when you conspirators conspired to fair game me, I was justified to go to Garrison and obtain from him biography archive documents to send to Flynn to defend myself. My defense, the judgment, and all subsequent events, have shown that I did the safest and wisest thing, You attacked the judgment in the appeals court, and I successfully got it affirmed in 1991.

You had certain knowledge, from the beginning, that your accusation that I stole, or thieved or lifted the documents I delivered to Garrison is false. You were over legal, including your cult’s case in which my handling of the Hubbard biography archive was at issue. Nevertheless, the Scientology conspirators, including you and Rathbun specifically, have continued to make this false claim, right into present time. It is defamation per se, and the willfulness over a very long time makes it very malicious.

And Hubbard’s documents did not demonstrate only to me, as you make it sound, that his biography, which you promoted, was full of holes. They demonstrate to everyone, to wogs and Scientologists, that his cult-promoted biography is full of holes. The documents demonstrated it to you. Every person in your conspiracy knew that the biography they were promoting was full of holes.

During the first years you were in the conspiracy, the conspirators also excused your silencing or destroying of people like me by trumpeting and madly pursuing the immediate and fake goal of “All Clear.” This would be when the legal threats to Hubbard had all been “handled,” and it would be “all clear” for him to come out of hiding. He had been in hiding actually wherever he sojourned or stopped as long as I’d known him. His SO coconspirators at the time – the All Clear Unit hierarchy, Special Project hierarchy, Author Services (“ASI”) hierarchy, Religious Technology Center (“RTC”) hierarchy, lawyers, agents — soon renamed or relettered a set of GO positions and functions “OSA.” You began participating in my persecution almost certainly in 1982, when the GO-OSA sleight of name was happening.



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Jesse Prince: The Future is Here and I’m Feeling Good. (November 7, 2014)


I began to recall being on the other side of the fence when Gerry Armstrong had to defend himself against Scientology style black ops for years.  Scientology sued Jerry for absconding with 22 banker boxes of personal documents and artifacts of L Ron Hubbard. I’m not trying to retell the story of Jerry Armstrong here but ultimately, Scientology paid Jerry a settlement of $800.000 in exchange for his promise not to copy or discloses the content of the banker boxes he’d taken. What the hell was in those boxes? It’s a fascinating, well documented cock up of what happened when author Omar Garrison and his research assistant  Gerry Armstrong verified L Ron’s actual education and military record history among other  subjects. In a nutshell, too much of the information they were able to factually verify of L Ron’s past was contemptuously contrary to the yarn L Ron spun for his devout adherents and any other ear that could hear. Gerry Armstrong went on to violate his agreement with Scientology hundreds of times and is still perused by Scientology’s attach dog legal machine. I know something about this because I was present and informed about Jerry’s legal troubles with Scientology as they was happening.  I recall being present when the conditions of the settlement agreement between Gerry Armstrong and Scientology (Which in effect included whatever was best for Author Services Inc, ASI) was negotiated.

From 1983 until the settlement in 1986, I would receive on a daily basis, usually sometime between 6-8 pm, intelligence reports  generated by staff of Special Project Operations (ASI), OSA and RTC concerning secret and illegal operations by Scientology against Jerry, his lawyer Michael Flynn, and other plaintiffs represented by Michael Flynn’s firm.  The operations against Jerry’s lawyer included having knowledge of someone putting water in the gas tank of an airplane piloted by Michael Flynn with his son on board. There was instant access into the lives of people who were deemed enemy’s Scientology through well paid and placed private investigators.  These professionals sold their services to their Scientology paymasters because they had the latest modern bugging technology that was confirmed US CIA grade technology. Scientology was able to buy the services of ex-police, ex-FBI and other agency. Phone records were a fruitful source of information. Through illegally obtaining phone records Scientology always seemed to be a step ahead of their perceived enemies.  ASI lead attorney was Earle Cooley. A big part of his job as legal council was to made sure we rode a fine line to separate church principles from the illegal activities sanctioned by the same principles.

There were years of board room meeting at ASI to figure out how to get rid of Jerry Armstrong, L Ron junior, David Mayo and a few other people who had devoted their lives in servitude to L Ron and his grand ideas. All of these devoted people turned out to be Suppressive Persons all along according to the instructions from L Ron via his publishing organization ASI. It was new management’s job to hunt them down and get them put in jail. Some may recall during the early to mid 1980’s L Ron got a bug up his ass and thought he had the power to have people criminally prosecuted for disobeying or being out of step with what he wanted. This is way past just having a stick up your ass, he really wanted this done and some people did get set up and went to jail.  It was required protocol to hate and contribute to the destruction of men and women that I had never met or laid eyes on. We would be sitting in the board room at L Ron’s Author Services organization reading advice’s from L Ron calling for the heads of staff he felt offended him somehow. Listening to Miscavige and other staff figuring out ever clever ways to get rid of the people who were aggravating poor L Ron. As we sat there making up plans to attach the very same people who were at L Ron’s side doing everything in their power to do his will. L Ron never wavered when it came to annihilating the oldest and closest devote adherents he had. There is no retirement in the business of Scientology. Ron taught his prodigy to quickly and quietly get rid of the most loyal staff members without remorse.

There were banker boxes full of “advises” from L Ron spewing hate filled vitriol about Jerry. The information that Jerry provided to Russell Miller and Jon Attack about L Ron’s actual history did in fact exposed his underbelly and pulled back the curtains on his imaginary life he expected others to believe.

During the negotiations to settle with Jerry Armstrong the settlement was intentionally construed to make it too easy for anyone to claim Jerry had violated his agreement with Scientology. Those who were present knew this settlement, that still plagues Jerry today was not done in good faith. The actual intent of the settlement was to cause Jerry to be incarcerated for violation of his settlement agreement2 and that is exactly what has happened. The other factor is this; Jerry didn’t want to take any of Scientology’s money and he didn’t want to settle. He was in effect forced to settle by his own lawyer Michael Flynn. Michael Flynn and his whole family had been hounded by Scientology hired thugs and they were tired of it. Flynn was also the attorney of record for other ex-Scientologist in a civil class action lawsuit….you get the idea. We had them right where we wanted. Each person received a settlement but Jerry was the only hold out. We even knew about the deteriorating relationship between Jerry Armstrong and lawyer Michael Flynn because we were the ones causing the confusion. In the end Jerry was forced to settle or be attached by his own attorney who wanted out and had been working on contingency anyway. There are standard legal agreements a plaintiff makes with a lawyer who takes on a case on contingency. The rule and agreement that comes into play is the plaintiff will agree to settle the case if there a reasonable offer on the table. Jerry was obligated to accept the settlement. Someone can say that better than me but you get the idea, Jerry was forced to settle, then he was set up to violate the settlement whereby Scientology would recover its money times three and if possible get him arrested and put in jail.

After years of acting like I hated people I’d never met or seen with my eyes like Jerry Armstrong took some getting use to. Getting Jerry had been en grained in my mind. Even after being out of the cult for some years. I remember the first time I talked with Jerry years after I had left the cult. On a physical level I felt uncomfortable being around him or even engaging in personal or meaningful conversation. On a certain level I was afraid of Jerry and this made no sense. None of that changed the facts of how all of this made me feel emotionally. In L Ron’s alternative reality, it was considered a flaw to openly show or express emotion or empathy. We were all just ever replaceable characters in L Ron’s movie. Suffice to say I didn’t foster or encourage a speaking relationship with Jerry because I didn’t want to. The problem is this is how Scientology technology is designed to protect itself in the minds of its own.

Long before I testified in a court of law as an expert witness, Jerry had already been there doing that, the same as I would do later. The real truth is when I met Jerry I had not entirely overcome the misconceptions and false information I’d learned about him through the years. I was dismissive of Jerry and didn’t fully appreciate, let alone realize the personal sacrifice and contribution he made when he exposed L Ron for being the lying ass clown he was.

It was only after reading the Russell Miller book with fresh eyes that I finally better understanding and more fully appreciated the work Jerry did.  Since I’ve read the books again with fresh eyes so much has changed. I know I was Jerry when I woke up from the spell and stopped lying for and protecting Scientology. That meant it was my turn to be persecuted by juvenile intelligence tactics, endlessly financed on behalf of dead L Ron. These days both Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder are Jerry too! No one owes or is obligated to me for anything and ultimately it may not matter what I think but I will say this. I don’t monitor Scientology activities anymore like I use to. That being said, It sure does make me smile when someone sends me something about Mike Rinder speaking out. He’s even been known to refer to Scientology as a cult. This is the guy who was the public face of Scientology for years!  My heart goes out to him and his new family. These days Mike doesn’t mince words when tells people about Scientology, what a turnaround bless him. Marty Rathbun is probably the most knowledgeable person in existence when it comes to how Scientology plays ball in a law suit. From what I can tell he and his wife are progressing excellently with their lawsuit against Scientology, you have my blessing for that.


Jesse Prince: No conscience, no church (September 29, 1998)

Title: No conscience, no church1
Author: jesse77@gte.net (Jesse Prince)
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 19:15:12 GMT

During September, 1982, through the Spring of 1987, I attended  biweekly
meetings at Author Services, Inc. (ASI), which at the time was located in
the 6700 block of Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA.

From late 1982 until the spring of 1983 I held an executive position in the
Religious Technology Center (RTC) titled Inspector General Cramming
Officer.  During the spring of 1983 I was promoted to Inspector General
External and Treasurer on the board of directors of  the Religious
Technology Center.  There were two other board members; Vicki Aznaran,
Inspector General and President, and Warren Mc Shane, executive over legal
matters concerning RTC, was a member.  David Micavage, Norman Starkey and
Lyman Spurlock were the trustees of RTC.  It was during this time that I
learned the true nature of Scientology management and how it ran its

The meetings I attended at ASI were always called and run by David
Miscavige. It was here  that I learned that David Miscavige was a managing
agent of the various Scientology corporations, including but not limited to
ASI, RTC and Church of Scientology International (CSI).  Each senior
executive of RTC, CSI and ASI met once or twice a week to give a report
concerning each of the above corporations.  This in fact was the inner
circle of Scientology’s elite and as a result of my position I was involved
in and received communications concerning Scientology’s most secret

During my time as an executive and senior executive in RTC, David Miscavige
was the decision maker concerning all legal suits filed by any of
Scientology’s corporations. Miscavige had complete authority concerning all
litigation within Scientology, and he made the final decisions as to how
each case would be litigated as well as which lawyers would be used in each
and every case. Miscavige had two Scientology staff, Marty Rathbun and
Lyman Spurlock, who assisted in Scientology litigation matters, but
Miscavige always made the final decisions. CSI majorly operated on orders
from LRH, which were called advices to avoid legal problems for himself and
Scientology, since he supposedly had not managed any of the corporations of
Scientology since 1966, when he had officially resigned as Executive

ASI served as LRH’s literary agency, but it was really a clearing house for
his orders into the various Scientology corporations and organizations,
which included but was not limited to RTC, CSI, CSC, Flag Land Base, CST
and the Office of Special Affairs (formerly the Guardian’s Office).
Miscavige was the person responsible for ensuring the execution of LRH
orders in these various corporations, until LRH’s death in 1986. ASI and
some of its staff  members exercised complete financial authority over
other church entities. Fran Harris, a staff member of ASI, was responsible
for the gross income of the organization.

ASI received its operating expenses from commissions it received for
collection of royalties owed to LRH based on moneys collected from LRH book
outlets. Some time ago, LRH wrote a policy letter entitled “Minimum Book
Stocks” which in effect placed a minimum on the amount of books each
Scientology org had to have. Bridge Publications is the organization
responsible for enforcing the minimum book stocks policy.

More often than not, on orders from Miscavige to get the stats up, Fran
Harris would bypass Bridge Publications and go direct to org finance
personnel and demand that the orgs buy books from BPI so that ASI would get
its weekly commissions.  Fran enforced her demands by using lower
conditions, ethics hearings, comm evs and just plain intimidation to make
the nonprofit scientology orgs pay money to BPI, often before the org had
even had a chance to feed and clothe its staff. BPI never saw much of this
money itself, as it was considered that BPI owed a debt to ASI going back
to before ASI was ever incorporated.  This action, which went on every
week, was a known criminal act by all concerned, as not only did it violate
Scientology’s own policy of corporate integrity, it also violated the laws
of the land.

ASI is a for-profit corporation and paid its staff minimum wage plus a
bonus based on royalties collected. Every week ASI had to get more and more
money in order to keep its stats up to receive bonuses. ASI staff were in
fact Sea Org members that were paid very well when you consider the average
Sea Org member was paid $24.00 per week. It was considered a privilege to
be on staff at ASI and the staff were encouraged  not to diskuss with other
Sea Org members what they were paid weekly in order not to create a rift
among Sea Org members.

In 1984 David Miscavige received word there was an IRS criminal
investigation pending with the threat of a raid in Los Angeles. Fran Harris
was flown out of the country and sent to Copenhagen, Denmark, to avoid
possible interrogation by IRS officials. This was just the beginning of the
“clean up” most senior executives executed within various Scientology
corporations. One morning I awoke to find my senior, Vicki Aznaran, her
husband Rick Aznaran, who was head of all security for Scientology, and
Foster Tompkins, executive over INCOMM, removing evidence from hard disk
drives that proved LRH was in fact the managing agent of Scientology as
well as other sensitive information. Vicki and the others had been up most
of the night purging computer files and creating back-up disks to be stored
at confidential storage sights.

At this time I was ordered to verify that other corporations had purged
their files of LRH “advices.” The corporations concerned were RTC, CSI and
CSC. I did in fact verify that no evidence of LRH advices existed. This was
accomplished by gathering up all hard copy advices and getting them mulched
at a paper treatment plant located near Riverside, CA. Back-up copies of
these advices were placed in secret unknown storage facilities by head of
security, Rick Aznaran. The only people who knew these locations were Rick,
the security chief, whose name was Jackson, DM and Norman Starkey.

From 1982 through 1986, LRH would use a dictaphone to dictate his orders to
the various Scientology corporations. The tapes from the dictation would be
delivered by LRH’s top aides Pat or Annie Broeker to the Scientology
location at Gilman Hot Springs. At this location a special unit, headed by
a staff member named Susie Bennick, would transcribe the tapes and issue
hard copy dispatches to various executives and staff of ASI, RTC, CSI, CST
and CSC.  Often, these dispatches had certain time deadlines for compliance
as mandated by LRH. I’ve seen as many as 150 orders dictated by LRH in one
run. Often the staff who had orders issued to them were not allowed to
sleep until they complied to the LRH order issued to them. David Miscavige
oversaw the transcribing operation and enforced compliance to LRH orders by
staff in all Scientology corporations.

Scientology Legal Procedures

During my tenure as an executive and senior executive in RTC, I was taught
how to aggressively  go about destroying an enemy or critic of Scientology.
Enemies and critics of Scientology are considered to be suppressive persons
or groups. In Scientology the suppressive element is basically dealt with
in the same way: investigation, black operations, black propaganda and
frivolous litigation. Scientology believes anyone labeled a suppressive is
“fair game” and  can be cheated, tricked, lied to and even physically
harmed in order to “save” Scientology as mandated in policy by L Ron
Hubbard. The following are specific instances I have either been a party to
or observed being done to persons labeled “suppressive.”

David Mayo

David Mayo was once one of the top senior executives in Scientology. He
worked directly with LRH on technical policies, he was LRH’s auditor, and
even authored the “Ned for OTs” series when it was first issued. By the
time I arrived in September 1982 at the secret management base located in
Hemet, CA, David Mayo had fallen from grace. Upon my promotion to this
secret location, the first duty I had was to security check (interrogate)
Mayo endlessly.  LRH had the idea that Mayo had been bought off  by
Scientology mission holders and was either a dupe or a plant. At this time
Scientology was once again getting rid of its criminals. The executives of
all management organizations had been removed and brought to Hemet to
receive severe Scientology justice and ethics. Mayo was part of a group of
11 management executives being given a comm eve that went on for 3 months.
Nearly all 11were eventually labeled suppressive persons and left

Once David Mayo was off staff he decided to start his own church, the
Advanced Ability Center (AAC), that was an alternative to Scientology and
used many of the same techniques used by LRH. At this point David became
the target for “fair game.” DM became infuriated and ordered  Mayo’s new
group to be destroyed using all means possible. Bob Mithoff, brother of
Senior C/S Int Ray Mithoff, was placed by RTC in David Mayo’s new church as
a plant to obtain financial and critical legal information to forward a
planned attack on his group. Week after week Bob Mithoff provided financial
information to RTC concerning Mayo’s new group. The fact of the matter is
Mayo had drawn a good amount of people who were ex-Scientologists to his
new church and was making $20,000 to $30,000 gross income every week. This
was better than most Scientology Class 4 organizations. Mithoff stole a
copy of the AAC’s mailing list and provided it to RTC. Within four months
of its inception, AAC had a standard newsletter it mailed to its adherents.
With the stolen mailing list RTC operative Gary Klinger designed a similar
newsletter that contained disparaging information concerning AAC to the
same mailing list. This list was used by RTC to contact members of the AAC
for the purpose of harassment and intimidation.

Mithoff also stole a copy of the NOTs materials that David Mayo had
rewritten, and he provided it to RTC. At one point before her “suicide” Flo
Barnett,  David Miscavige’s mother-in-law, became a member of the AAC. More
black operatives were sent into the AAC by RTC. Black operations included
renting the office above Mayo’s AAC to electronically bug him. At one point
private investigator Gene Ingram was hired to pose as an investigative
reporter and Mayo was duped into believing he was participating in a TV
program to promote his new group. Through Mithoff, it was learned that
David Mayo planned to travel abroad to Europe. Through investigator Gene
Igram, it was arranged to have Mayo stopped at customs as a suspected drug
dealer, which did happen, and he was detained for hours based on false
information by European customs officials. Gene Ingram received his
instructions on these matters from Gary Klinger, an executive in RTC.
Ingram’s fee was paid by CSI through the office of John Peterson, who was
retained as in-house counsel by CSC. As a note, John Peterson was not fully
aware of why his office paid private investigator expenses to Bob Mithoff.

Prior to Mayo writing his own version of the NOTs materials it was learned
through Mithoff that several other ex-Scientologists had copied and were
planning to use Scientology HCO P/Ls and HCOBs. A former mission holder,
Sarge Gerbode, had an ongoing project  to copy via computer all HCOPLs and
HCOBs and sell  them to Mayo or trade them for  Scientology OT materials.
Through Mithoff we learned that Mayo and Gerbode had come to an agreement
and Mayo’s new group was in fact more computerized than most Scientology

As part of the weekly ASI meetings, Vicki and I were confronted by David
Miscavige concerning what we planned to do to put an end to Mayo and the
AAC. The first option we suggested was to bring a copyright suit against
the AAC. David Miscavige called in LRH Personal Secretary Pat Brice to get
a briefing on the status of current church copyright filings. He was sorely
disappointed when he found out that no one in the entirety of Scientology
was responsible for copyright filings since the Guardian’s Office had been
reorganized by him. He decided at that time to give Pat a project to file
for copyright protection ofall Scientology bulletins and policies. This is
the reason most Scientology copyright filings have a date starting in 1983
forward. The best option for the church to sue Mayo was through trade
secrets and trademarks. Then-RTC lawyer Joe Yanny recommended a RICO
complaint be drawn up, as evidence existed that David Mayo had formed
agreements with other  Scientology dissidents to exchange Scientology
materials to strengthen the alternative movement which David Mayo was the
leader of.

While all of this was going on Mayo and the AAC were successful in getting
a Temporary Restraining Order against RTC and CSI because of the constant
harassment and plants sent in. The specific incident which resulted in the
TRO was in fact when Gary Klinger posed as a Jewish rabbi and went to a
barbecue the AAC had one weekend and created havoc at the party. There is
no difference between the black operations executed by the “Old GO” and the
then new RTC.  Because of  the very nature of Scientology it will never
change.  L Ron Hubbard himself issued the marching orders for Scientology
to become a criminal organization and people are trained to lie from the
moment they walk in the door and take a Scientology course.

Almost immediately a person is taught how to use “ethics” to control
another. Example: Hubbard Policy Letter  29 April, 1965 titled  “Ethics
Review” instructs a person how to effectively harass and attack another, a
few quotes from the above mentioned P/L:

“Levels of Ethics Actions”

“Ethics actions in degree of severity are as follows:

“1. Noticing something non-optimum without mentioning it but only
inspecting it silently.

“2. Noticing something non-optimum and commenting on it to the person.

“3. Requesting information by ethics personnel.

“4. Requesting information and inferring there is a diskiplinary potential
in the situation.

“5. Talking to somebody about another derogatorily.

“6. Talking to the person derogatorily.”

The list get worse and worse. L Ron Hubbard was mentally ill for at least 4
years before he died that I know of through direct experience and
association. When Gerry Armstrong, Omar Garrison, Vaughn Young and Stacy
Young  all at one time or another tried to write a  biography of  L Ron
Hubbard based on his own records the records clearly showed he was mentally
disturbed much earlier as well.  As can be seen from the above-quoted
HCOPL, a NAZI like dedication to the “group” is required which in fact turn
people against one another in a spy-like fashion.  In Scientology, people
are dehumanized and in fact become members of a human ant family — you are
only as good as you produce for the group. The concept of self is
surrendered to the false idea  that “Scientology” is much more important
than individual life.

In the case of the RICO suit filed by RTC and CSI against the AAC, another
type of Scientology “ethics” was applied. L Ron Hubbard believed certain
words and catch phrases used together in a writing could have a
psychological  effect on the reader. The words and phrases are part of  a
confidential course called “R6 End Words” or “R6EW.” Hubbard ordered  his
“magic words” to be sewn into each and every legal motion and complaint
submitted to any court. Hubbard said by doing this a judge would
subconsciously become antagonistic to anyone trying to fight Scientology
with the current justice system.

It is not necessary to be a brain surgeon to see this as pretty crazy, but
because its so stupid the point can be lost. Hubbard thought he was
superior to his culture and sought to make a mockery of the way everyday
people live. In late 1952 Hubbard thought he had discovered something so
powerful with Dianetics that he had to protect us all from his own
invention. He wrote a journal called “Black Dianetics.” Here is how it
starts: “Death,  insanity, aberration, or merely a slavish obedience can be
efficiently effected by the use of Black Dianetics. Further, adequate laws
do not exist at this time to bar the use of these techniques. The law
provides that only the individual so wronged can make complaint or swear
out a warrant for offenders using these techniques.”

Well,  now you know why there is an organization of people that have ruined
lives and are a slave to the idea they are “saving the world.” Of course,
the organization I am talking about is Scientology’s  “Sea Org.” Sorry for
digressing so about this — back to Mayo.

The RICO suit was filed against the AAC and black operations against it by
RTC were at an all time high. There was a preliminary  injunction hearing
in the RICO case. The day before the hearing I was drilled by Earle Cooley
and other church lawyers as to what I would say because I was an expert
witness in this case. The fact of the matter is that I was drilled all day,
all that night and up until the time I arrived in the court room as to what
I would say as a witness. It’s funny  how Sandy Rosen, Scientology’s
replacement for Earle Cooley, asked me in my deposition in the FACTNet case
in Denver several weeks ago if I had been coached at all by my lawyer
before the deposition. He knows he works for criminals and that they are
the ones who commit the
crimes of which they accuse others.

RTC won its injunction against AAC, and Mayo was effectively shut down at
that point.

It is shameful to have been a part of  Scientology. I am grateful to be
free of it physically and mentally. I promise to work just as hard exposing
Scientology for what it is.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jesse Prince


Robert Vaughn Young: RVY Update by RVY (September 2, 1998)

Title: repost: RVY Update by RVY (Robert Vaughn Young)
Author: writer@eskimo.com (Robert Vaughn Young)
Date: 2 Sep 1998 20:53:21 GMT

INTRODUCTION: The length of this post is relevant to its subject. It does
include some Scientologese. If you find a word you don’t understand, call
your local Dianetics or Scientology organization and ask them to define
it. They like people to do this. Be sure to tell them you are reading

Hi, guys. Long time no write, which is what this post is really about.

I’ve been posting to ARS for a few years now and then I disappeared,
although I was occasionally in touch with several of you via email. I
want to tell you what’s been going on. Plus it will give the criminal cult
something to whine, bitch, carp, natter, scream, cry, rant about which
might get someone’s stats up there so they can get a day off to do their
laundry. (Boy, do I remember that routine!)

For those who don’t know me, I was in the cult for nearly 21 years. (I
know that Martin Hunt has archived some of my posts at
<http://www.islandnet.com/~martinh/rvy/rvy.htm>.) Because I spoke out,
they had to have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last five
years trying to silence me and probably even think they finally did it.
Right. Read on.

If you can manage about 7,000 words, this post will tell you more than the
cult wants you to know.


You’ve heard about Jesse Prince. Well, I was with him having a great time
in Southern California back in July, when he was at Dan Leipold’s law
offices. Of course, we were being followed by the Church of Paranoia’s
criminal Dept. 20 and typical of their ineptness, we slipped in behind
them and followed them for awhile. It was hilarious they way they
panicked, zipping and dashing about through traffic while we kept on their
tails, sometimes bumper-to-bumper, reading license plates and laughing our
heads off in this darling red Mustang convertible, with the top down.
(Hey, do it in style!) If this was a paid PI, Rinder should ask for a
refund as they were a pathetic joke. Anyway, we did it for a while and
then tired and left them, wondering if they would tell the truth in their
report how they screwed it up. Again.

Later I went back to Minneapolis, where Jesse lived. We spent a few days
there while he wrapped up things and then we toodled on over to Chicago to
visit relatives and hung out in the Windy City for a few days, checking
out everything from the music clubs to Lake Michigan. I had my dog Mac
with me and we romped on the sands and down in the water, having a great
time. (Meanwhile someone told me the OSA sock puppets on ARS were saying
how I’ve disappeared. Yup. With Jesse in a red Mustang convertible. LOL!)

From there we went south to visit more relatives, caring less if the
paranoid criminal cult was tracking us. Let em spend Travolta’s money to
get nuttin’. After a few days here and there, we turned west and ambled
across Kansas  (spare me from EVER driving across Kansas again) and into


So while the OSA sock puppets were claiming I was missing, they were lying
to you. (I’m shocked!) They knew I was with Jesse. (In fact, we enjoyed it
that they knew. It’s called “critical mass.”) They just hated it that two
very good friends were having such a good time!

I should have mentioned that earlier. Jesse and I go back many years, into
the cult. He and I are old buddies and it was great spending many weeks
with him. He is as outrageous as ever. Runt leader David Miscavige was
always afraid of him and as evidenced by the tantrums of his sock puppets,
he’s still afraid. (By the way, if you ever want to see a good portrayal
of the runt-punk, watch Al Pachino’s character in the movie “Scarface,”
who can’t complete a sentence without three forms of the word “fuck.” But
perhaps the best example of life with DM is truly Kevin Spacey’s abusive
character in the movie “Swimming With Sharks,” which takes place in
Hollywood. Small world. But then so is DM.)


As to what I else I have been doing and will be doing, I am doing some
intense writing and in such an effort – for those of you who haven’t had
the experience – it requires considerable time and solitude. And in my
case, more than usual, as you will find out.

It was no accident that I chose the handle “writer” when I set up my
Eskimo.com account years ago. I’ve been writing all of my life. It is
not only a love of the Muse but it can be a curse, as many a writer will
tell you. Mine was both.

I did a lot of writing in the cult, but there is little there of any
pride. Since then, I won some awards but nothing else captivated me until
now. So sit back and let me tell you how it happened. I think some of you
will find some of this interesting.


Let’s start in late 1981, when I happened to acquire the archives that
contained Hubbard’s private papers. (These were the ones that Gerry
Armstrong started.) The truly essential material came down to perhaps 15
linear feet of paper. Over the months, with nothing else to do, I had a
chance to read private letters, papers and manuscripts (including the
three, yes, three, versions of the infamous Excalibur, which has to be the
most overblown piece of hype he EVER produced and, no, it has NOTHING to
do with OT3), which also gave me the full uncensored view of this man. I
read everything from love letters to (and from and about) his mistresses,
his girlfriends (such as Fern, who gave him the clap, forcing him to
secretly take sulfa), his private pornographic ramblings (he liked to draw
penises and vaginas around the margins in red ink, which gave the page a
grisly look), his black magic material, his letters to family, wives (in
the early 1950s, while having mistress Barbara on the side and at the same
time preaching about the dangers of illicit relationships), editors and
even to himself, as journals.

There was one problem with what I read. It didn’t match what we
(collectively then, meaning the organization) were saying about Hubbard
and what Hubbard, based on what he had say to say. When I tried to gently
point this out, the Shinola hit the fan. It didn’t matter that it was in
Hubbard’s own hand. It didn’t match the story he put out so – straight out
of “1984” – it didn’t exist. (These documents were later confiscated and
sealed away to make sure no staff see them but enough of us did –
including a few still on staff (hi, guys!) – so it can be verified
someday, if it comes to that. But that is another story.)


In the years that followed, Hubbard and I had a fascinating relationship
because I was intrigued with him as a writer and I found I could easily
mimick his style, which came in handy later.

But in 1982, drawing from the archival material, I proposed the idea of
the “Ron” magazines. Hubbard loved the idea and we cranked out the first
issue which is a serious collector’s item. (Because Stacy and I produced
it, it no longer officially exists. It is an Orwellian non-mag.)


At one point I was tagged to be his biographer but the biography went the
way of all the other attempts, ranging from Omar Garrison to Fletcher
Prouty. (Meanwhile I was identified as such, from the San Luis Obispo
paper to the Washington Post in Scientology-produced stories that it is
difficult for the cult to rewrite.)

I also ghosted for Hubbard, meaning I wrote material for which he was
credited, which was not uncommon. I wrote everything from these short
little greetings that were sent to events (staff and public always thought
that Hubbard was writing to them, which always showed us how gullible they
were) to policy letters (I wrote the current disconnection policy with
some help at the end of it by Ray Mitoff, who ghosted a lot of the
technical material and issued it under Hubbard’s name) to ghosting
sections of his “Mission Earth” series, while I was editing it. (And boy,
is THAT another story! Whew!)


When Hubbard died, everything changed. (duh) I went to the death site (his
ranch at Creston, near San Luis Obispo CA) that night along with David
Miscavige and some attorneys. Since none of us – including Miscavige – had
ever been there, we were met at a restaurant by Pat Broeker who took us to
the ranch. We arrived at perhaps 4 a.m. (Hubbard was found dead at about 8
p.m. I was told at 10. We left LA at perhaps 1 a.m. I wasn’t always
watching the clock, given the circumstances.)

What’s amusing in the cult’s attempt to DA me is their saying that I went
to the ranch along with some gardeners and cooks. Right. Gardeners and
cooks were the first to be rushed up that night, before the authorities
were called or the body taken away. ROFL! Don’t you just love these guys!

Creston was where the story was put together that he had moved on to the
next level of research, or however it was worded, when it was announced at
the Palladium and to the world. The event was so carefully constructed
that no one noticed that something essential was missing, but Ill get to
that in a moment. But during the event, I stayed at the ranch to deal with
any media who might show up or call. None did and less than 48 hours
later, the Challenger space shuttle blew up, bumping news of his death and
any serious questions from the media. I was monitoring the TV news via a
satellite dish and watched it happen and reported it. While the rest of
the world was in shock, DM was happy because we had been bumped from the
news. But that is how one comes to view the world at that echelon.


I later moved to another ranch Hubbard owned, at Newberry Springs, east
of Barstow CA and stayed there for a couple of months. Hubbard never
visited it (it was merely a fallback location for him) and I never did see
that anyone learned about this one, even the media. I guess they were all
hung up on the Creston property, near San Luis Obispo, where he died.

The most lasting benefit of my stay at Newberry was that that was where I
stopped smoking. One day DM, Mitoff, Pat Broeker, Mike Eldridge and I were
sitting around and we all agreed to stop smoking, although Broeker was the
only non-smoker. Mitoff had a horrible time of it. He ended up on Skoal
Bandits, spitting disgustingly into a bucket while driving back and forth
to LA, and also addicting me to the little cusses. In the end, I was the
only one who stopped, making me wish we had put some money in a pool.

In the months I spent between the Creston and Newberry ranches, Pat and I
became good friends. He had been Hubbard’s closest and most trusted aide
and confident for those final years. With what I already  knew about
Hubbard, Pat and I had the greatest talks. Sometimes Pat and I were the
only ones at the ranch, so we eould chat while moving horses or going to
town to shop. I began to learn about the life Hubbard had lead while in
hiding for those last years, moving between towns in the Bluebird bus and
finally settling down in Creston. (BTIAS)


Meanwhile, a power struggle was brewing to see who would take control of
Scientology and Newberry was the place where many of the discussions
occurred while DM stayed either in LA or in Hemet. (Jesse will have
something to say about that someday because he was seriously involved in
the ensuing explosion.) It would result in a number of people fleeing
(such as Jesse) or going to the RPF (such as me).

A key element in the power struggle was Hubbard’s last message to the
rank-and-file. Those who were in the cult back in 1986-87 will remember
this incident. It was a message from Hubbard that was issued as a Sea Org
directive. It said goodbye, wishing them well and establishing a new
rank/position called Loyal Officer or LO. (The term is taken from OT3.)
Pat was to be the  LO1 and his wife Annie was to be LO2 and it basically
turned the management of the Sea Org over to them. And since the SO ran
Scientology, that meant they were at the top of the heap. DM was not
mentioned in the directive. It was later was issued to all staff –
with DM’s approval and authority – reduced in size and put in a small
fram with a photo of Hubbard for the desk of every staff member.

In the meantime, Pat began to slowly take control. I would often get phone
calls from him. He would never identify himself on the phone, going back
to his years of tight security, but merely would say, “Hi, it’s me.”

I won’t try to give the details of the ensuing power struggle because I
was in LA and it was happened at Creston, Newberry and Hemet. (I leave it
to Jesse, who was there.) But the outcome was that Miscavige won. And
typical of any political coup, there was a sudden purge as he consolidated
his power. Anyone DM thought might be a friend of Broeker’s who would pose
a threat were sent to Scientology’s equivalent of Lubayanka Prison or
Siberia: the RPF, so I went. For 16 months and three escape attempts.

Now here is where it gets interesting, folks.


While I was on the RPF, a directive came out from Miscavige saying the
supposed final message from Hubbard that named Broeker was a forgery by
Broeker and it was being canceled. That same day, Annie Broeker appeared
on the RPF. This was not the Annie I had come to know. What stumbled into
the RPF was a completely broken person. She was pale and hollow and her
eyes were empty. There was no mistaking it. She had been broken and only
now was she being thrown away into the trash heap called the RPF. Even
then, she was kept under guard, just to be sure.


With the cancellation of the message from Hubbard, there were now two
vital things missing that were 100% Hubbard and 100% standard tech and
yet no one seemed to notice or, if they did, no one dared to remark on it.
But then, as Hubbard correctly pointed out, the hardest thing to notice is
the thing that is omitted.

What was now missing was (1) something from Hubbard to all Scientologists
saying goodbye and what he was doing and (2) something that passed his
hat, which is one of the most basic tenets in the organization. They had
been missing at the event announcing his death but with the cancellation
by Miscavige, they were missing more than ever.


One does not require much knowledge about L. Ron Hubbard to know that it
would be completely unlike him to simply leave – especially if the story
about his going off to do more research were true – and not leave a
message. So if he HAD left as Scientologists were told, where was the
message if the other was a forgery?

But perhaps more importantly, where was the hat turnover? I don’t mean the
volumes of policies and bulletins. I mean something that says, I hereby
appoint Joe Blow to take over as… Would Hubbard leave the planet and not
pass on the command? Hardly.

Or let’s put it in one of the most basic tenets from Hubbard: if it isn’t
written, it isn’t true.

(Note: Hubbard’s will was hardly a Scientology hat turnover and has not
been issued to the rank and file as policy.)

So the question became (to those of us who wondered), if the LO directive
was a forgery, where was the real one? Where were Hubbard’s wishes IN


Of course, DM never provided anything and no one was willing to ask and
risk being sent to the RPF with the rest of us. He said it was a forgery
and that was that. End of discussion.

For the rest of my stay in the cult, Pat Broeker was never mentioned
because, in the cult, you learn what to not talk about. Pat became what in
Orwell’s “1984” is a non-person. He had been written out of history, with
anyone who cared (such as me) being sent to the RPF or interrogated
(security checked) until they got the point, which meant (per the head on
a pike policy) that everyone else got the message.

So without a shred of WRITTEN evidence from Hubbard and by canceling what
even DM had first agreed was from Hubbard, Miscavige was now in control
while Broeker had disappeared.

Can you say, “coup”?

But hold on! It gets better.


After Stacy and I fled the cult in 1989, I put it all behind me. I simply
wanted my life back and the last thing I needed was to think about the
cult. They had taken enough of my life without my adding more. But after a
couple of years of drying out, Stacy and I were invited to help with some
legal cases and this gave us a chance to handle the material that once
handled us. We could now read Hubbard and TALK about the material, which
is completely forbidden in the cult. It was like back-flushing a radiator
and watching what comes out.

I came across a copy of Miscavige’s cancellation of Hubbards final message
and I began to kick it around with Stacy. As we talked, I started to
comment on the various little oddities, starting with the cancellation
itself. I began to remember a few others that I had packed away at the
time. We were having a conversation that Sea Org staff could no more do
than a loyal Communists might question the a change of power in the
Kremlin, and for the same reasons.


In the weeks and months that followed, I couldn’t shake the events
surrounding Hubbard’s death and DM’s takeover. Little oddities took on
forms like pieces of a jig saw puzzle. I felt like an amnesiac trying to
recover his memory yet what was there to recover? I was there at the
ranch. I was there when Hubbard’s body was taken out. I was there when the
execs were called up the ranch and told to get an event together, but not
being told why. I was there when the attorneys reported his death and then
scurried to get the body through the coroner. Etc, etc, etc. So what was
the problem? Yeah, the next higher level of research story was the sort of
pap we used to feed the rank-and-file all the time but it wasn’t as if we
LIED to them. (Sort of the way Clinton said he didn’t LEGALLY lie.) We
didn’t LEGALLY lie, did we?

Per Hubbard’s policy, they were given an “acceptable truth” because of
“the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.” What that means
in plain speak was that there would be panic and disaffection in the ranks
if it was thought that Hubbard – the OT of all OTs, of course – was not at
cause over life and death. If the tech couldn’t help him, how could it
help others? That was the myth that had to be protected at all costs and
that was what the story did when his death was announced. It fed the myth
that everyone so wanted to believe. (And it kept the money coming in.)


While in the cult, I had done a lot of investigative reporting and some of
the best I did was working on some of the CIA’s mind control documents
created under the code name MK ULTRA. When the CIA released them, much was
blanked out and working with a team of people hand-selected by Stacy, we
went through documents that the media had skipped past because they were
so fragmentary and so heavily deleted. In one file, for example, there
were receipts for the installation of mufflers on a 1953 Mercury, a tiny
battery-powered motor, elevator tickets to the Empire State Building, nose
plugs, a receipt for someone to attend a Microscropy convention, etc.

Bit by bit, we struggled to give them meaning until one piece cracked
another, like breaking a code. We came up with the experiment and got
national news on Operation Big City where bacillus were released (through
the mufflers) to test for bacterial warfare. (The elevator tickets were so
agents could go up and measure the amount of released bacteria.) It is a
story the cult still likes to cite, along with several others I did for
them, under my byline in the Freedom rag. Since then, per Orwell, my name
has been deleted, of course.

Pouring over those heavily deleted CIA documents was how I felt like while
I chewed on the oddities around Hubbard’s death, such as nothing in
writing from him, Broeker missing, the fact that Denk (Hubbard’s physician
at the time of death) had also disappeared, Annie’s appearance and little
things that I had seen and learned at the ranch.


And then it hit me. It was what Hubbard calls a blue flash, the sudden

Hubbard didn’t die.

He was killed.

I fell back in my chair, completely stunned. In all of the years since
1986, I had never once considered that possibility. Even with my being
long out of the cult and directing criticism at various practices and
policies, the thought had never crossed my mind that Hubbard might have
been killed.

I got a sheet of paper and began to take notes, my heart pounding and my
breathing hurried. That nagging feeling had turned into an adrenaline rush
that I couldn’t explain.

Who was there at the Creston ranch when Hubbard died?

* Pat Broeker – MIA.

* Annie Broeker – broken, under their control.

* Two Scientology ranch hands. While trusted to work on the ranch, I
came to see how much they were kept out of the loop.

* Gene Denk – Hubbard’s personal physician. (And mine. Small world.)
Denk had disappeared for a year after the death, which was one of those
oddities, before returning to his practice up the street from the main
Hollywood complex.

End of list, a too-short list so I started to add who went up that night
in the three-car caravan that included DM, some attorneys and a couple of
us “gardeners and cooks.” Nothing there.

I looked at the list. Pat Broeker was the only possibility, if he was out
and alive. For all I knew, he was dead or locked up somewhere and in a
mental state that approximated cold oatmeal. There was no middle ground.
He wouldn’t have been given a safe back-lines job or I would have heard
about it.


So how would I find Pat Broeker, if he was alive. I racked my memory,
trying to dig out some clue he might have given me in the months that we
were together but I came up with nothing. My tendency to not inquire about
a person’s personallife had just sold me short. I didn’t even know what
state he was from. Who might? Who would know where he came from or where
he was born? I needed some clue to start the search and the problem was
the security that Pat used for his job. He had explained to me how any
trace of him had been wiped out, to ensure that no one could find Hubbard
by finding him. Plus if Pat had escaped or fled, he was skilled enough to
hide from any search as that was what he had been doing for years to hide
Hubbard from the authorities.

I finally remembered one location he told me about and sent a message
there saying that I was trying to reach him but no reply came. After a few
months I sent another and waited. The months turned into nearly a year and
I basically gave up until one day when the phone rang.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hi,” came a voice. “It’s me.”

I paused, saying nothing.

“Pat?” I finally said with some incredulity. “Is that you?”

“Yeah,” he said, with what I swear was a twinkle in his voice. “How are

What a question!


Let’s jump ahead a few years when I was in a deposition in Denver, in the
FACTNet case. The usual goon squad was there, including Mike Rinder, who
proudly heads up the criminal Dept. 20 where Scientology’s felons are
produced. Rinder was struggling to stay awake in the corner while the cult
attorney was going through a list of names, wanting to know if I had
spoken with any of them. Rinder’s head was bobbing as the attorney asked
monotonously, “Pat Broeker?”

I glanced at Rinder. I had to enjoy this one.

“Yes,” I said.

I couldn’t have gotten a faster reaction with a bucket of water. Rinder
jumped awake and looked at me in shock, fear and hatred. I smiled.

The questions about my involvement with Broeker were routine, from a list
that they asked for each person I named but Broeker wasn’t routine. They
soon stopped to take a break. Like the good sock puppet that he is, Rinder
dashed out of the room, obviously to call DM. (I so wish I could have
watched DM’s face too.) About 15 minutes later, Rinder returned and shoved
some questions at the attorney and the depo continued. But little was
gained and not one question was asked about what Pat might have told me
about Hubbard’s death, if he had at all. They clearly didn’t want it
on the record, under oath. I found it amusing, this great powerful cult
was so terrified of the subject, not to mention Broeker.

So let me tell you a little bit about Pat: he’s doing fine and his sense of
humor has improved. End of a little bit.


Now lets back up a tad, before Pat and I spent several days together,
going over old times. I went to San Luis Obispo, the county seat for where
Hubbard died. It was there that I got the full coroner’s report from a
very friendly deputy sheriff. I poured over the pages and noticed that
something called Vistaril was found in Hubbard’s blood. Since the cause of
death was a stroke, I assumed it was a stroke medication so I didn’t
bother further. Several days later, I called a physician friend and was
going over the documents and the medical language.

“By the way,? I asked casually, “what’s Vistaril?”

“A psychiatric tranquilizer,” he answered matter-of-factly.

I nearly dropped the phone.

“Excuse me,” I said in near-shock, “but what did you say?”

“Vistaril is a psychiatric tranquilizer, usually injected through the

I flipped to the document where the Coroner had examined Hubbard’s body. I
read it to my friend, about the needle puncture wounds found on the left
buttock, under a band-aid. “Could that be the Vistaril shots,” I asked.

“Probably,” he said. “That’s where they are usually given.”

I looked at the Coroner’s report and the blood sample report.

Holy shit, I said to myself, in my best French. Holy fucking shit.


I pulled out another document, signed by Hubbard. It prohibited any
autopsy of his body on religious grounds, which was legally binding on
officials. DM and attorney Earle Cooley had shoved it at the coroner to
stop him, leaving him to take only blood samples, which turned up the

So, I thought, L. Ron Hubbard, the man who fought psychiatry since 1950
and who railed against the dangers of any psychiatric drugs had died with
them in his brain while signing a new last will.

Plus even the coroner was suspicious of the will as it had been signed by
Hubbard just before he died. Coincidences like that tend to make coroner’s
worry. (I wonder what the coroner would have thought had he known that
Denk was gambling at Lake Tahoe when Hubbard had his stroke, as several
people can attest. The impression the coroner had was that Denk was “in
attendence” with Hubbard not only at death but was there at the stroke,
having stayed at the ranch for months. Hmmm….)

I fell back in my chair, trying to catch my breath.


Okay, I said to myself, lets see if we understand this. Hubbard signs a
will while on the psychiatric tranquilizer Vistaril and then dies. The
coroner cannot conduct an autopsy because Hubbard also signed a paper
(also while on Vistaril?) prohibiting an autopsy on religious grounds. The
Scientologist doctor who was in attendance (except when he went to Lake
Tahoe and Hubbard had the stroke) signs the death certificate as the
physician attending to Hubbard and then disappears for a year. Then even
though David Miscavige has nothing else in writing from Hubbard, he
cancels Hubbard’s last message and hat transfer to trusted aide Broeker
and ousts Broeker, who disappears while his wife is turned into a
compliant vegetable, leaving DM in charge.

Nope, nothing wrong here, I facetiously thought. No outpoints, borrowing
Hubbard’s word for oddities.

I had to take a walk.


I don’t know when it was but I clearly remember a particular moment when I
sat down at my computer keyboard. I am one of those writers who needs
either the opening words of the article or a working title in order to
really start. I had a working title, not for an article, but a book, and I
typed it out. Then I leaned back in my chair, took a deep breath and read
it. It said, “Who Killed L. Ron Hubbard?”

I leaned back and my eyes roamed over each word and letter. I took in the
question and then the words and letters and back to the question. I even
digested the tiny pixels on the screen, as if I hoped the answer would
leap from the phosphorescence but nothing changed but the black cursor
blinking at me, almost mocking my effort. Yes, I thought, it is a
pretentious question but it was the one I had to try to answer, if there
was an answer.

Then I had the exact moment for the opening words. It was on the night
that Terri Gamboa – former Executive Director of Author Services, Inc.
and now out of Scientology – called me to DM’s office where I was told
that Hubbard had died and that I would be going to his ranch.


I leaned towards the keyboard and began to write. To my amazement, the
words and the scene poured out effortlessly. I wasn’t striving for
literature. I merely had to capture the scene.

As the cursor flitted across the screen, I began to remember how it
happened that night and into the days that followed. There was more that I
needed to remember but for now, this would do. Let it roll, I told myself.
Let it roll. It was as if I was regaining myself.

Perhaps six or so hours later, I finally stopped, exhausted and
sufficiently satisfied for the moment. But even then, I found it difficult
to sleep as my mind kept returning to the ranch, Broeker, DM, the RPF, the
Challenger disaster, Newberry, the ambulance taking away his body. I was
searching for pieces of a puzzle that had no comprehension.

And how could I possibly answer the question?


What ensued over the next few years was more of a personal journey than a
professional quest, meaning – as I came to learn very recently – because
it was as much a search for closure on part of my life as it was a search
for the story. But then, that is so often the case with writers, as anyone
who has studied literature knows.

As I pursued it/him/me, it took me around the country and into subjects
that I never expected, such as meeting with police who were involved in
the investigation of the odd suicide of Flo Barnett, David Miscavige’s
mother-in law. She was found with several shots to the chest with the coup
de grace to the temple, all from a rifle. (At one point, the cult grilled
me in a deposition about her death, asking if I had any evidence of any
foul play. No, I said, which made them happy. They failed to ask me if
anyone else has any evidence. Scientology: Knowing how to know. Yup.)

I even came across people who claimed to know about Miscavige’s
in-the-cult-sex life, via accounts from his wife Shelly. (Scientology
confessional methods have an interesting rippling effect.) If true, I felt
sorry for her.


But when I tried to continue my writing, it stalled and I struggled. At
one point I became so disillusioned that I killed the idea for nearly a
year as a ridiculous obsession but then like a weed taking root, it
sprouted again but only to wither and die in my inspirational drought. Was
it the subject or was it me? Had my disregard of the Muse prompted a like

I had not written anything truly worthwhile since 1991, when my article
for San Diego Magazine won two journalism awards, from the Society of
Professional Journalist and the San Diego Press Club. The article was
about the dangers in the flight pattern of the San Diego airport, from the
perspective of the pilots who flew it.

When we fled the cult in 1989, we settled in Ocean Beach, on the Point
Loma Peninsula because of the nearby Dog Beach where a hundred canines
would romp on any given summer day. The downside was that Ocean Beach was
in the westerly flight path of Lindbergh Field and the roar of the jets
above us garnered enough attention to prompt my learning that the flight
path was the target of a citizens group. They in turn introduced me to
pilots who were concerned about the safety of the eastern approach and my
journalistic tendencies took over and the magazine accepted my query.

The article was woven around a hypothetical flight approaching Lindbergh
Field that I had constructed from interviews with a dozen experienced
commercial pilots, moving the reader from cockpit to the airport back to
cockpit to FAA regulations and back to cockpit and then to buildings that
loomed in the pilot’s eyes as he seemingly navigated them like the cars a
few hundred feet below. The pilot’s called it a “white knuckle landing.”

Braiding these elemtns was a thrill and a challenge and the article drew
more letters of praise than anything the magazine had published in years,
the editor told me, prompting them to publish letters for the next three
months. They received only one critical letter, from a Coast Guard pilot
who liked the approach. I guess he loved the thrill.


When my name was announced as the best news magazine article at the awards
banquet for the San Diego Press Club, I was stunned for two reasons. Yes,
winning was a thrill. But there was a more important reason: I had
succeeded as a writer. I hadn’t written it according to “policy” or to
fulfill some program step or as an amends project or to attack some
imagined enemy. My editor didn’t require that I include certain buttons and
attack phrases and the article didn’t need i/a or issue authority to be
certain that it forwarded the most current Party Line. It was MY article
and I had chosen the style and techniques and my professional peers
applauded as I walked to the podium to accept the plaque.

THIS was what writing was about, I realized: the freedom to write without
propaganda or Party Line, without a Big Brother looking over my
shoulder, as if I am the old Soviet Union.

Suddenly there was a separation between what I had been doing for 20 years
in the cult and what writing truly was about. All one has to do is pick up
any Scientology publication, especially their rag called Freedom and watch
the propaganda drip off the page like the rotting garbage it is. What
astounded me was how I had come to believe that this was writing, not
unlike how writers for Pravda probably felt during the Communist regime.
But writing for Pravda or Freedom is to writing what prostitutes are to
love and for the same reason.


And so I began to long to return to my greatest and dearest love and I
realized that just as the cult had drained my creativity by demanding
propaganda instead of art, so had my post-cult days. A piece that I wrote
for Quill magazine about how Scientology manipulates the media
(http://www.scientology.no.net/archive/media/young-quill.html) was
informative but it was hardly satisfying to me as a writer. Another that I
wrote for Der Spiegel magazine about the top secret Snow White program
(http://cisar.org/g50925ae.htm) was as satisfying as eating cardboard
because it appeared in German. How can a writer see and judge the final
piece if he/she cant even read it? At least it hd some photos.

I began to ask myself, what am I doing? In the cult they wanted propaganda
pieces attacking imagined enemies that made the cult executives feel good
when they read them. (That is always the most important audience for such
propaganda. It makes the members feel as if this is reality and truth when
it is nothing but one’s own sock puppet show.) And outside of the cult, I
was writing stories and giving sound bites about Scientology, whether it
be for a newspaper, magazine or TV show. Where was I as a writer, other
than as an email address? So I turned more to cats than cults. At least
they purred.


With some help, I began to see what had happened to me. During my nearly
21 years in the cult, I had sold my creative soul as certainly as if I had
worked for a money-grubbing ad agency, and in that regard, the two aren’t
any different. My proudest achievement – the San Diego story – came after
the cult and before I started consulting on Scientology cases and writing
about the cult. As a writer, I had moved from one cult to another. It was
no wonder that I had spun my wheels for years on that book. I realized
that if I am to regain that joy of writing so the Muse can inspire me to
the completion of any effort, it had to recapture what I was free to do a
few years earlier. But to do that, to entice the Muse to return, I have to
step away from this arena for as long as it takes, whether it be a month
or a year. The Muse works not by deadlines.

How did I come to all of this? At a little retreat called Wellspring in
southern Ohio, where I was able to relax and write and walk with Mac and
talk with friends about any subject I pleased. I could arise in the middle
of the night, as I often did, to pound out something on my laptop until I
wanted to crash until my next inspiration, whatever the hour. Meanwhile,
the kitchen downstairs was stocked for any meal or snack, or prepared for
me if I wanted to devote my time to my own recovery rather than making
dinner. Or I could walk the rolling hills with Mac and a few others of his
species and enjoy the fading purple Ironwood flowers, indicating the end
of summer. Or if the silence was too much, I could watch TV or go into
nearby Athens (a college town, for Ohio University) and enjoy a coffee
house, movie or a good used bookstore, the kind found only in college


Yes, I realized, this is definitely the type of place that Scientology
would hate for it allows freedom and creativity. They would have to hate
it and pump the propaganda just as Pravda attacked the institutions west
of the Berlin Wall that represented the antithesis of the official Kremlin
Party Line. Any true freedom challenges boundaries, especially those that
pretend to be otherwise, as Communism pretended to be the bastion of true
peace and freedom. One can even find and measure totalitarian systems by
their knee-jerk party lines and Scientology is among the best. I know
because I did it for so very long from inside, and then became their
target from this other side.

Wellspring was important because they know what it is like to try to be
free in an abusive environment, whether it be a marriage or a cult or a
job. (They work with a lot of abused women.) Abuse is abuse. Terror is
terror. It differs by degrees and it rips away individuality and
creativity and future for the individual.

But at Wellspring, I was free to write and to peel away the barriers to my
own creativity that included not only the cult but post-cult and pre-cult
experiences, even back to the days when I wrote for school papers or for
the anti-war movement in San Francisco or a political campaign, of which
there were several for me in the 1960s. It was no wonder I was so
qualified to produce propaganda for an abusive cult. I had been writing
propaganda for years!

This is what my two weeks at Wellspring gave me, amongst other insights.
(Results will vary, as label disclaimers remind us.)(laugh) But it was
what I needed to regain a personal integrity that any abusive system,
especially a cult, despises.


So that is what I was doing, am doing and going to do and it will require
concentration and reflection and time which is why I’ve not been on ARS
and won’t be, for as long as I must.

My apologies to many friends who have left messages or sent me mail and
gotten no reply. It’s difficult to explain why one is so involved with an
idea or a project or any creative effort, so that virtually nothing else
exists. I usually don’t even like to talk about it or discuss it. Stacy is
an exception because she has followed this journey since it started. It
was when she told me how many were reaching her to ask about me that I
realized it would be rude to continue to say nothing, given the role I
have played in this endeavor. (I even shared this post with her before
sending it.)

So don’t take it personal if you get no reply. Consider it just the
eccentricity that some writers get into when they latch onto an idea and
lock themselves away or take long walks or won’t talk to anyone and get up
at all hours of the night (it is 4:30 a.m. as I type this), chewing on an
idea, a style, a voice, a scene, a thread and then throwing it all away
and starting again or merely prowling for more information or even
traveling with a friend or a dog to take a break.

My intention is merely to restore and rebuild the creative self I touched
earlier and then decide on my direction. It is not a matter of disdain for
hack writing. That is snobbery. There is a place and time for classic hack
writing just as there is a place for great B movies. Few of us can live on
pure diets of Shakespeare, Mozart and Kant.


What does this have to do with the original idea that I was writing about?
The best answer I can give is, we’ll see. Besides, there is more to write
about, including fiction. Or I might find another airport.

Besides, with HTML and the Net, writing (not to mention publication) has
changed. One no longer needs a footnote or an appendix with documents when
HTML can link to a document, a map, a photograph or even a video. A writer
who knows HTML – which I have had the good fortune to learn – has greater
opportunities and options and freedoms.

It used to be said that freedom of the press belonged to those who owned
one. Well, with the Internet, that freedom can now belong to anyone with a
keyboard and THAT is what dries the mouth, puckers the hole and strikes
fear in the heart of every tyrant. What Tom Paine could have done today!

So there you are, a writer’s account of himself, past, present and future.
It is long because it is easier than ever to write. Never has a keyboard
felt so clean and comfortable. I hope each of you, especially those in a
cult or out of a cult, have a chance to find YOUR true talent and purpose.
It is what the world needs.

Keep the faith.

Robert Vaughn Young
with a keyboard as a writer@eskimo.com

P.S Wellspring has a web page at <wellspring.albany.oh.us>.



Christofferson: Excerpt of Proceedings (April 12,15, 1985)


Christofferson: Excerpt of Proceedings (April 1, 2, 3, 1985)


Declaration of Joseph M. Flanagan (March 9, 1985)


I, Joseph M. Flanagan, being sworn, hereby state and declare:

1. I have known Paulette Cooper since June of 1979. She has told me, and others, on several occasions that she considers me one of her closest friends. She has frequently confided in me, especially on matters concerning Scientology.

2. In late January, 1985 Paulette called me to tell me that there was a realistic possibility that she could settle her numerous lawsuits with the Church of Scientology by herself. From that point on she kept me informed of her settlement negotiations.

3. In early February, Paulette indicated that negotiations had reached a critical stage and asked me to come to New York in order to discuss the negotiations with her. She was  negotiating with the Scientologists by herself, and refused to allow her lawyers to get involved.

4. When we met on February 8, 1985 in her apartment, she told me that she realized just how much the Scientologists hated her attorney, Michael J. Flynn. She was convinced that they hated him more than her and that their hatred was so fanatical that they were willing to deal with even her. Paulette desperately wanted to settle and realized that Flynn was the Scientologists’ “button;” they would do anything to attack him. In order to further settlement talks, she told me that she had hinted to the Scientologists that she had information regarding a “conspiracy” which the Scientologists were convinced existed. She told me that she knew of no such “conspiracy,” but had made these comments in order to keep them interested in settling her case. She made it clear to me that she was telling them what she thought they wanted to hear.

5. Paulette now told me that the Scientologists would only settle if she gave them a deposition detailing information she had about Michael Flynn’s “conspiracy” against Scientology.
When I asked her “what information,” she replied something to the effect, “I don’t know. I’ll make it up as I go along.” Scientology indicated to her that they would pay her extra for testimony against Michael Flynn. Paulette told me that “the trick is to get as much money as possible” while the group is in a paying mood.

6. Originally, Paulette told me that she was going to negotiate for as much money as possible in the settlement and in extra payments. Having the money safely in hand, in the Scientology deposition she would tell the truth about what she knew of the “conspiracy:” namely, that there is no “conspiracy.” She was nervous, however, that her prior oblique references to the “conspiracy” were proving too vague to the Scientology negotiator. She felt that to close the deal and get more money, she needed to come up with more credible information about this imaginary “conspiracy.”

7. On Saturday, February 9, 1985, Paulette began to create events and scenarios which she would tell the Scientologists were part of the “conspiracy.” She bounced them off me to see if they were plausible. For example, she said that she could tell them Michael Flynn showed us sealed documents relating to Gerald Armstrong’s case after the court ordered all such  documents to be sealed and returned to the court. I agreed that this is the kind of thing they might nibble on. Paulette and I knew that this never happened. I have never seen the Armstrong documents. This story was made up solely for the possible consumption of the Scientologists.

8. Paulette created similar stories such as Michael Flynn had knowingly filed frivolous lawsuits and had suborned perjury. These were stories; Paulette knew that none to these  incidents had ever happened. She was going to imply that they had in order to enhance her negotiating status and obtain more money.

9. I left New York on Saturday afternoon. Paulette kept me informed throughout the week. The structure of the final deal was that Paulette would be paid a “settlement” of $400,000. Unknownst to her attorneys, she would be required to give a sworn deposition about the Flynn “conspiracy” for which she was to receive at least $50,000. (She also told me that she could receive as much as $10,000 for additional affidavits incriminating Flynn.) The settlement could not be consummated unless she agreed to the deposition. I was horrified to learn that Paulette no longer intended to tell the truth about the “conspiracy”–that it did not exist–but would instead tell under oath the stories that she had fabricated when I was with her on the weekend of February 8. I asked her in a heated conversation if she did not consider this a betrayal of her attorney, Michael Flynn, and others. She rationalized by stating that if a court found out that she had been paid $50,000 for a deposition, it would not believe her anyway.

10. I know through Paulette that the initial phase of the settlement was completed and that she received the $400,000. She told me that her deposition was scheduled to Saturday, February 23, 1985. I do not know how much she was paid for it or if it went forward.

11. Shortly before Paulette received her settlement, she called me somewhat excitedly and told me that she could get me out of the Garrison suit (a lawsuit brought against Paulette, myself, and others in which two individual Scientologists claimed we had involuntarily deprogrammed them.) I am a defendant in that case and I do not have a counterclaim in that case or any other lawsuit against any Church of Scientology. Yet Paulette informed me that the Scientologists would pay me $10,000 and dismiss the suit if I apologized in writing to the Garrisons and gave a deposition confirming that Michael Flynn had violated the court order and showed us sealed documents. I was shocked. I told Paulette that I could not give such a deposition because we never saw any documents. I told her that it was wrong to take money for false testimony and that she was getting in over her head.

12. Later that I called Michael Flynn and told him what Paulette was doing. Paulette learned of the phone conversation and called me on Monday, February 25. She was livid and told me that I may have cost her $400,000. She also called me early the next morning. She told me that I had possibly “ruined everything,” reiterated that I may have cost her $400,000, and ordered me not to tell Michael Flynn anything more about our conversations. I have not spoken with her since then.

Signed and sworn this  9th day of March, 1985 in Boston, Massachusetts under the pains and penalties of perjury under the laws of the State of California.




  1. Declaration of Joseph M. Flanagan in PDF format.

B-1 “Time Track” on Gerry Armstrong (ca. June, 1982)

[CT 6262]
CHRONOLOGY: Gerry Armstrong1
1 May 82 Flynn says he spent 2½ hrs with Armstrong. There was a
50-50 chance Gerry would come down to the CW Hearings.
(he didn’t). He (Flynn) said Gerry was really paranoid
and afraid he would be murdered if he came to CW.
25 May Gerry says he is now working in a law office as a researcher
He’s not enthused over it. Also claimed some LRH photos were
stolen – says he’s mad as they were personal and worth a lot
of money. Assumes they were stolen by the Church.
31 May Flynn says he will have lots of speakers for the ” Open
Forum” – including Nibs & Gerry Armstrong.
1 June Nibs says Gerry Armstrong brought 2 people out of the Church
with him and that there are 10-12 who worked with LRH who
are coming out. Says Gerry has docs that show the Church has
$250 million in cash in banks and $35 million in one bank
alone. Also Gerry is supposed to have original LRH applica-
tion to explorers Club, personal orders from LRH, directions
and codes, and that the 20/20 show will have data from Gerry.
2 June Gerry was served in person with a legal letter at Omar
Garrisons PO Box. He got his license # and description at
this time as well. The phone # Gerry has been giving out is
Omar’s publishers – Ralston-Pilot Publishing Co – answering
service. Omar is pretty much the whole company.
9 June His new address is 1991 Newport Ave, Apt A, Costa Mesa, Ca.
He took his old phone # to this address. Report says he was
shaken by the letter that was delivered to him (the legal one)
He’s not sure what it means – thinks he’s been sued, or about
to be. Expressed remorse that things came out the way they
did – since he has friends in Scn. He expressed bitterness
with the “organization”. Says he doesn’t yet have an attorney
but it looks like he will have to get one.
12 June Eddie Walters mentioned that Gerry Armstrong turned & brought
Eddie everything he had as far as data. He came to Eddie
in Clearwater. There will be a big meeting in LA and data about
LRH will be made known (that he had operations and was on drugs)
also Eddie says Gerry provided him with lots of photos of LRH
and some were supposed to have been only a couple mos old.
15 June 82 Flynn in CW has an original contract with Omar Garrison for the
LRH biography. It appears to be an original. He also has
letters from Bridge concerning the publishing of the Bio-
concerning royalties. They apparently were given to him by
Gerry Armstrong. He also has Gerrys home and work phone

[CT 6263]

Gerry Armstrong TT entries
22 July 76 Signs a declaration that he feels Scn has improved all areas of his life
and has not suffered the slightest deterioration in any way,
because of any action by any member of the C of S. Witnessed by Lynn
26 Mar 75 Gerry is assigned Liability for witholding Vital info – apparently
by AG or AGI Flag.
Undated Gerry signs a bond covering confidential matters, in Canada, but
its for the Church of Scn. of Calif. It looks to be incomplete.
That is not fully filled in by others who should have signed it.
15 Aug 75 GWW waives Gerrys psych history, and his CSW for the GO is okay to
go up lines. In his CSW to GWW he wants to join the Info Bureau.
1963 made 3 or 4 visits to a Dr. Slakov (psych) in Vancouver BC. This was
at his parents insistence, as they considered him emotionally un-
stable, difficult to control and he would get very angry. He was
given tranquilizers twice.
1969 Got into Scn at Little Fountain [Mountain] Franchise in Vancouver and was on staff there in 1970.
1970 On staff at Little Fountain [Mountain] Franchise in Vancouver.
Feb 71 Joined the SO and came to Flag in Feb 71.
Nov 74 holds the post of Dir Info in the Port Captains office on Flag.
22 Sep 75 Gerry signs a bond for 10,000 sterling to not divulge the whereabouts
of the Apollo or any nature of his employment with the church.
22 Aug 77 Comm Ev called at the request of Peter Gelfan who is on Mission.
Gerry and 2 others in the RPF are accused of undermining and unmocking
the mission.
30 Nov 77 Gerry is commended by Snr C/S (Looks like David Mayo) for his good
work as RPF bosun, and for making the RPF successful. This same date
there is a report from the Snr C/S that he is not PTS, as it was handled
earlier in the RPF, makes good case gain, all R/S’s are handled
as well as evil purps as he has had full XDN. Has C/S OK to graduate.
6 Apr 75 Despatch to the Dian C/S, to get Gerry into session and fixed up. He is
stated to be very upstat, but is beginning to sag, self invalidate,
going out of comm, is enturbulated and looks black.
Undated letter says that his parents think he has been shanghaied, that the two
letters he did write weren’t really from him. Says they have contacted
Police & Interpol possibly.
18 June 75 Gerry receives a letter from his mother which says she got a letter
(actually an unsigned post card) and 2 phone calls telling her Gerry
had been shanghaied and was in trouble. Says he had written his
mother, and so had Terry, [Terri] but she had never received the letters.
He feels it is someone from his home area who is disaffected
with Scn trying to cause trouble.
11 July 75 Gerry gets the post card that was sent to his parents. Says the
handwriting looks much like George Kellys. His mother said the
people who called were definitely two different people. He has
known George Kelly for years.
1963-68 Gerry Armstrong hung around with George Kelly. He has known him
for 20 years as of 1975.
Sept 74 George sends Gerry some thing to “put in proper hands”. This report says
Roger Bennett got George and Gerry in Scn.

[CT 6264]

Undated 1975 Gerry has 3 brothers – Jim, Andrew, and Tony. He also has a sister
named Rosalie. His father is named Robert Martin [Milton] Armstrong and his
mother is named Phyllis. His father is retired and has lung trouble.
Other Scientologists from his home town area are: Guy and Sheila Norlen,
Joan McCandless, Roger Bennett, Tom Soroka, Art Griffin, Cecil Rudolf.
5 Sept 75 report states Gerry’s mother is antagonistic to Scn and considers it a
quack religion. She had priorly approached the Royal Canadian Mounted
Police who had told her that since Gerry was over 21 there was nothing to
be done. Gerrys phone call home was apparently taped by RCMP.
Nov 75 Gerry has just earlier been on leave to visit and handle his family.
Found they had been getting entheta from the McLean articles. His
mother is antagonistic to both him and to Terry [Terri] at first, but this
does eventually get handled. Also during this visit there is a letter
given to Gerry by his mother, from a former girlfriend who apparently
still carries the torch – though she has been married herself for 3 years.
Gerrys mother is asked to pass the letter on to Gerry in “your usual
discreet manner.”
24 Nov 75 A note states that Gerry has spent the last 5 years desperately trying to
avoid auditing. Also that his mother is listed as a potential witness for
a guy named Rankin in Canada, who is an enemy.
28 Aug 77 Gerry writes that his mother was in the hospital for an operation and for
some reason was kept in the psychiatric ward of Chilliwack Hospital.
He didn’t ask anyone for details on why.
Oct 69 Took HAS course, Little Mountain Van, BC.
Nov 69 Took the HQS course in Vancouver.
April 70 Took HSDC in Vancouver. Never completed.
Feb 71 was on the Boliver in LA. Did the AB Checksheet. Didn’t complete.
Feb 71 Was on Flag. Did checkout mini and SSI.
AUG 71 did the Sailor checksheet on Flag.
April 70 Got Dianetic Triples in Vancouver.
1971 got M1 Wordclearing on Flag.
April 75 did the Drug R/D.
Oct 18, 1946 Born Chilliwack, Gen Hospital, Chilliwack B.C. Canada.
1946-50 Lived in Sardis BC, Canada.
1950-57 Lived at 133 Princess Ave. E. Chilliwack
1957-65 Lived at 115 Princess ave Chilliwack, B.C, Canada.
1965-67 spent long periods in logging camps of Rayonier Timber Co, on Vancouver
Island, and in a camp of Cattermole Timber Co on Harrison Lake in BC.
1968-69 Lived in Vancouver BC, 2270(?) 7th ave, while attending University of
British Columbia.
Oct 69-Jan 70 Lived at a different address in Vancouver with his brother. Didn’t
remember the address.
Jan 70-Sept 70 Lived with his brother Tony at #10, 10th ave.
Grades 1-6 attended Chilliwack elementary school.
Grades 7-9 attended Chilliwack Jr. High School

[CT 6265]

Gerry Armstrong Time Track
11 Mar 1971 Never attested to grade IV triples.
BY FCO 2639-1
25 Nov 1973 IS ASSIGNED DOUBT PER FCO 2573-1
30 Jan 1974 HAD A RANK OF MSM.

[CT 6266]

BY FCO 2972
13 JULY 1974
-15 JULY 1974.
Dec 1974 Meets Tonya [Tonja] Burden on the Apollo.
28 July 76 Finishes Basic Auditing Course on the RPF.
28 July 76 GA is RPF Bosun, routing on to metering course.

[CT 6267]

20 Aug 76 GA finishes metering course.
24 Aug 76 Finishes Ruds Course on RPF.
9 Nov 76 Finishes RPF IP and Sec Check Course.
17 Nov 76 Finishes TRs Course on RPF.
Dec 1976-Dec 1977 GERRY SAYS HE RAN THE RPF.
30 Nov 77 Dispatch from Larry Price RPF Bosun – “Gerry Armstrong has my
unequivocal recommendation for graduation from the RPF. In my book he put
the RPF here and when I stepped in to take over from him there was already
a smooth running operation that was aligned with LRH’s intention for the
RPF. Gerry is one of the most honest individuals I have met and was an
inspiration to me as a senior. I learned a lot from him and would not
have been able to be an effective RPF Bosun without the hatting and
experience I received under him. He is an example the rest of
the RPF can be proud of and is a Sea Org Member in the true sense of
the term. He goes with my full back-up and best postulates.
He’ll be a tremendous asset to whatever unit is lucky enough to have him.”
20 Dec 1977 Per dispatch of the date Gerry Armstrong is approved for SU provided
he is not on CMO or CSG lines. Not on GO lines or senior to messengers.
Not to be trusted in a position of trust or near sensitive comm lines.

[CT 6268]

19 Dec 78 Gerry is demoted from RPF MAA To RPF member per Conditions order 384 WHQ.
24 Jan 79 Armstrong goes to see Bill Fosdick and Debbie Carringer where they are
staying at Fosdick’s parents’ home in Pine Grove, Calif.
Fosdick and Carringer have blown the WHQ and SO and Armstrong sees them in
order to get them routed out properly. He gets their agreements to
get sec checked, do OW write ups, audited etc at a nearby hotel as
arranged by George Carringer.
7 Feb 79 SU Conditions Order 288-2 Review Comm Ev recommends his RPF Assignment
be cancelled, he does not qualify as Joker and Degrader per points 1-4
of HCOPL 5 Feb 77 Jokers and Degraders. He is assigned to SHQ to be
assigned by SHQ CMO msnger. Gerry takes the lowest condition he has
ever been assigned and works thru it with full amends.
3 April 79 Gerry writes a report to comm ev Sec re Chris Byrne/Bitty Tompkins
and himself. Says Chris was feeding Bitty entheta while she was on the
RPF, (comments made by others above Bitty) upsetting her. Said Byrne
hated the CMO and threatened to leave his wife if she joined. Also that
he hated the RPF policies and felt it was no better than a South Carolina
jail. (Byrne’s statements)

[CT 6269]

8 Apr 79 Gerry writes a chit that recent vehicles bought are dangerous, inoperational
and out PR. States he was told LRH ordered only $500 be spent on each, but
he feels this is wrong and others are using LRH to front for them.
9 Apr 79 Writes knowledge report on Fred Rock for his comm ev.
9 April 79 Writes a knowledge report defending Fred Rock who is under comm ev.
Fred was Port Captain SU.
9 April 79 Gerry writes a report re Mike Butler. Debbie Carringer has told Gerry
that she has seen only 2 R/Ses that she could attest as being valid.
One was on herself in a solo session, so therefore, per Gerry, this
casts doubt on Mike’s having one, since Debbie has accused at least 2 other
RPFers of having List one R/Ses.
14 Apr 79 Bitty Tompkins is returned to the RPF for false reporting
on a fellow staff member by Laurel Rick [Rock – Sullivan]and GA.
16 Apr 79 Enturb report on GA with HE & R about not getting his purchasing
gas paid for.
17 Apr 79 Knowledge report from GA re transport saying there is a general
feeling of overwhelm with the Transport Unit. Area needs a
strong SO exec.
2 May 79 Gerry writes a chit on RPF staff as someone knew several hundred dollars worth
of LRH’s tools had been left in the rain and some had rusted. This was
known by the RPFers, but they went to study instead of handling.
5 May 79 Gerry writes a chit on Bitty Tompkins complaining of the fact that she has
not turned over her post properly, and that per an audit there is lost
accounting, to the sum of $14,000.
5 May 79 Gerry writes a chit on Chris Byrne for letting Bitty Tompkins leave
the accounts area, and himself leaving the area, with accounts for the project
not having been properly done. Says one disbursement was used to cover
another due to out admin (Chris’ act)
13 May 79 Gerry writes a chit on Randy Young who has lost some receipts and DV’s
(Disbursement vouchers) from the renos project. He has to take a part back
and can’t find the receipt.
20 May 79 Comm ev called on Gerry and others is cancelled.
21 June 79 he left SU with Nanny Francis – went by bus to San Francisco, dropped her
off and continued to Canada.
22 June 79 Commendation on Gerry for his work on the R home pjt.
25 June 79 Nanny Francis called Gerry in Canada and said she wasn’t happy in SFO and
people were trying to get her to not go back.
1 July 79 called Nanny Francis. She said she wasn’t going back to SU.

[CT 6270]

15 July 79 Write up of his connection with blown staff Nanny Francis. Said he kissed
her a few times, encouraged her to handle her 2D problems with husband
Tom Francis. When it appeared she was adamant on divorce he took her
to Tijuana.
12 Aug 79 Gerry is promoted to Ensign (prov) by order signed by LRH. Flag Conditions
order 3677
30 Aug 79 Shelly, R Services Chief writes Gerry has not handled Brenda Black yet.
Every time she is sent to get something she spends a long time finding it.
Maybe someone should be put in charge of LRH’s gear.
6 Sept 79 Signs a security pledge not to reveal anything about the Church’s con-
fidential actions in Calif or any other part of the world.
28 Sept 79 Norm Starkey writes a report that Gerry has been a good worker and always
put duty first, and could be trusted.
29 Sept 79 Gerry writes to Dir I & R and says he doesn’t want to be on any justice
actions for a while as he has too much work & his seniors are away, and
the one he just finished caused him to lose too much sleep – making driving
20 Oct Gerry is the chairman on a comm ev on Becky Pook.
3 Nov 79 Commendation from Jon Horwich for handling some R Renos cycles/
7 Nov 79 Compliance report to LRH to order dated 24 Sept 79 – to work out a solution
so the wet areas outside the house don’t get tracked in on the carpets.
He did the cycle – getting indoor and outdoor carpet mats.
6 Dec 79 Gerry requests a chit from Anne Taskett be withdrawn. Says he gave incomplete
data to his seniors and upsets were caused as a result. (Ann says this)
Jan 80 Gerry Blew from the purif- no comm to the C/S at all.
Feb 18 80 Report (Commendation chit) From Dawn Praeger to Laurel states Gerry did
a lot of research into DIVE BOMBER. Was thanking Laurel for her help at
a SEF event. Chit same date on Gerry (Commendation) states he did a
lot of work researching LRH’s role in the film – Dive Bomber.[More re Dive Bomber]
7 Apr 80 Jerry got off an ow in session that he had an out 2D with Liz Lee.
9 Apr 80 Does lowers on first dynamic (Doubt) on up.
9 Apr 80 Report from Laurel Sullivan – says he did documentation on the purif- very
thorough – is back on the biographical material, that in some cases he does
what he wants to – regardless of orders. He is now auditing on OT I & II –
which is his first case progress in a long time. He didn’t get along
with Shirley but this got sorted out when Laurel threatened to throw them
both out in the hall.

[CT 6271]

10 Apr 80 does lower conditions for first, 2nd and third dynamics for out 2D.
(Lynn Lee.)
14 April 80 report on Shirley Navarro (Lippmann)- says Shirley committed many overt
products, that Laurel had trouble with her too.
17 Apr 80 Does Danger and emergency for letting 1st and 2nd dynamic activities
conflict with 3D.
24 Apr 80 Commendation chit on Laurel Sullivan & Gerry Armstrong. Helped handle a
flap at a wedding.
2 June 80 Shirley writes a chit on Jerry – indicates she would like it if he would STOP
trying to be her personal ethics officer.
9 June 1980 Armstrong at SU
1 July 80 Gerry CSW’s for a court of Ethics on Shirley Lippman. Says he found a lot
of overt products from her. (poor quality xeroxing). However this is
requested cancelled by A/HAS Pers Office as she has been off the lines
there and has done well in another area for the past 10 weeks.
Feels her handling has been done.
12 July 80 Gerry is accused of making derogatory comments about the film Problems
of Life. This clears up as a misdupe of a comm cycle.
9 Sept 80 George Kelly, a psychotic who is currently attacking Scn and threatens
going to the CS Sun and give them a story, is currently in comm with
Jerry Armstrong. They were on the Apollo together as crew members.
16 Sept 80 SC SU reports that per Lynn Walker, she did an out 2D scene with Jerry Armstrong.
23 Sept 80 Report from SC CMO SU that Gerry Armstrong had got drunk with Jeannie,
Lynn and Sue possibly Olga too, was going to each girl kissing them,
and then got into each ones bed in turn, this data from Sue. SC says
she hears he is now doing fine – but he only came off with the thing
with Lizzie(?) which was separate – and he should be confronted with the
22 Oct 80 Commendation from Gary Press. Press was in training at USGO, possibly on
Audits and finance.
25 Oct 80 Armstrong writes in letter to George Kelly, “But there
are some important points of agreement. DMSMH is the basic book
and misapplication proceeds from MU’S.
“I have had the good fortune myself to have done some of the NWC
(NEW WORLD CORPS) courses and auditing actions. These do bring
about far greater understanding of the basic materials.”
29 Jan 1981 Armstrong goes to Torrance to fix his photocopier and in Torrance
he goes to restaurant to have breakfast where he sees Anne
Rosenblum and two men one of the men, Kevin Flynn as it
turns out, came and sat by Armstrong and harassed him while eating.
7 March 81 Commendation Chit from SO #1 I/C for his assistance. Says he has provided
service to all of us in SO#1.
4 june 81 No Report Chit from Laurel Sullivan – he failed to turn in stats.
10 June 81 Gets an “appreciation chit” from Lisa Britowich – MCCS 2nd. Apparently
he did work with this mission.
14 Aug 81 Jerry arrived from a research project in IOWA. Hadn’t a clue what was
going on. (Re GO Missions) Report says he’s been sort of leaderless –
was under Laurel then she suddenly wasn’t there any more. Per De De
(Voegding?) [Voegeding]. Laurel had said she was about to pull Jerry in for Ethics
handling as he had been nattering about CMO.
17 Aug 81 Interview with HCO CH PDOI states that he was never on GL Legal or CMO
lines directly so no ethics sit there. He noticed Laurel got upset
easily. Had not bad feelings about CMO. Was concerned about what was
going on with Laurel, and the whole GO cycle. He was set up with his
comm lines to Barb, Share & Sue. Says he has always maintained a good
line with HCO & Qual when not off traveling. He is busy organizing
all the data gathered on his trip, and says he was very good indicators
on what he is doing and really enjoys what he is doing.
17 Jan 82 In meeting with Vaughn Young, Armstrong says that the current changes
in the Church in the last six months came about because Ron was off
the lines. Ron is the source of everything in Scn – both of these
things implying LRH was the source of the criminality – per the report.
The only way anyone can help him (Ron) is to leave Scn.
He (Gerry) can destroy/refute (forget exact word) every HCOB/PL
that Ron wrote.
He (Gerry) is (and here I don’t have exact word) a sensitive case or
potential threat because what he knows.
19 Jan 82 Report from Sue Koon who did interview on Armstrong (case interview)
“Not far into OTs he stopped auditing. He went on a leave and never
got back on the level. Around that time I did an interview on
him and he brought up the data that he had encountered (the data
he couldn’t talk about). It was pretty charged and there was nothing
written in the worksheets as to the nature of what he was talking about,
due to security.”
20 Jan 82 Per report from Vaughn Young, Young has seen Omar Garrison. Garrison
mentions that he has seen GA a day or two before and spoke highly
of Armstrong.
21 Jan 82 DGI US finds the Armstrongs living in Omar G’s house while they were in
Utah but since Omar has returned, they have moved to an apartment close
by in Costa Mesa.
27 Jan 82 Report from Vaughn Y. – Vaughn meets with GA. He (GA ) brought up (and had
some suppressed grief on) a report written on him by Norm Starkey. Said
the report was not sent to him but wanted a secret action done on Gerry.
Said that was the final act and that was when he decided to leave.

[CT 6273]

6 Feb 82 Terri G meets with GA. He’s disaffected and nattery. Says
the Omar bio will expose the truth about Omar. Said he was
worried about B1 checking into him, and his brother-in-law
Scott Brown. Said he didn’t want to be the victim of a
B1 op like an assassination. Terri orders him to be declared.
Omar called Vaughn saying he was thinking of hiring GA to
assist him on his project.
18 Feb 82 SP declare on GA for blowing and spreading destructive rumors
about senior Scientologists.
23 Feb 82 Report from AGI GLA – “My conjecture on what happened (with Gerry)
is that he must have run into some SP(s) while doing his research on
the LRH BIO. Apparently he interviewed about 80 people who all knew
LRH, and ran into a lot of old timers, many of whom are off lines for
years. It could be that he ran into a lot of entheta from an SP or two
which served as the straw on the camel’s back. Per the C/S who reviewed
his folder after his blow, he was unflat on OT 3 for about a year, and that
entheta might have triggered something. Per his folder, he made good
case gain.
24 Feb 82 Report from a person in comm with Laurel Sullivan. Says after
working with GA, Laurel has been exposed to data by Gerry on R
which enturbulated her. GA has been in touch with her. Laurel
has made it clear to him that she does not want to have any
entheta on her lines. Also Gerry was complaining of people
in “B1” calling around to his relatives looking for him and he
felt harassed. GA said he could be a dangerous enemy in court
if pushed too far.
26 Feb 82 Report from Finance US on GA financial data. No definite
crimes were found, but some outpoints came up.
Suit bag, sweater, tie, attache case – total 121.55.
Were these legit? Meals seemed overly expensive. There were a
number of cycles in which GA paid people sums of money for
apparent LRH writings. – Mrs. Stevens, Helen O’Brien, Barbara
2 Mar 1982 Gerry and Joyce Armstrong may be in Phoenix, Arizona with Joyce’s parents.
8 Mar 82 GA reported as being seen at Omar V. Garrison’s home.
22 Mar 82 Spec Pjct PA orders SC Int CMO to pull in Barbara Decell [DeCelle]for an
interview on another subject, then metered interview to pick
up her relationship with GA.
25 Mar 82 GA’s phone number is listed to a “John Compton” at 656 Center,
Costa Mesa. He is excited about a new philosophy that he is
developing. that he’s developing. still nattering about Church
organizational mishandlings and incompetence. Say he’s working
on a book.

[CT 6274]

31 Mar 82 GA has changed from thin to gaunt. All he eats is a half pound
of rice a day. He’s acting type III. GA says he wants
to write a book which will be a thinly veiled science fiction
parody of Scn and LRH. It will be about a writer who starts
a cult. Says if you meditate God will talk to you. The voice
he heard told him he ought to walk across the country and carry
on his back all the food he could eat for the whole trip. Then
he could write a book about his experiences. (He was encouraged).
GA is still in comm with Omar. Per GA Omar is upset with the
Church and wants to get the book back from the Church so that he
can publish it himself – hopefully with a larger and more
reputable publisher. His ARC X with the Church is that he is not
able to put the “truth” about LRH in the book. GA says he’s
in comm with Ron Strauss and others. He’s been saying all pl
doesn’t work, drugs and LSD are OK, est works. Says LRH is
paranoid and ill. Say’s he’s been popping pills and is quite
misemotional. Says LRH is being manipulated by these around him.
Wife Joyce, agrees with GA but is less intense. GA is in comm
with Nibs personally and Barbara DeCelle.
1 Apr 82 Letter from GA to Dick Sullivan. Says he heard a rumor that someone
out his way (SU) embezzled a lot of cash so the rest of the crew
had their hands cut off. Then more 1.1 humor on the type A sits
which developed etc. Says he’s going to start a training pgm
with weights pretty soon. Says he saw Dan Sherman a couple
days ago and he’s writing a book.
11 Apr 82 Dick Sullivan writes back to GA. Its good roads and sort
of nullifying.
14 Apr 82 Rpt from Vaughn clarifying earlier report on GA’s finances.
Vaughn says he saw him balance his books before leaving.
Review of GA’s books showed them to be in order but discrepancies
were found. During a trip through the mid-west he was traveling
by himself for a couple of weeks, but suddenly another person
joins him and there are then receipts for this other person.
Couldn’t find $10-20 worth of book receipts. $10 of receipts
were made out to others who we did not know.
GA put on some receipts that he was “representing OVG – author”
which is a misrepresentation. Vaughn’s theory is that GA and Omar
have homosexual relationship.
15 Apr 82 Dick Sullivan of SU writes to Steve Marlowe sending him copies
of the letters he got from GA. Letters make 1.1 references
to the GO trying to track him down, he’s not impersonating a
messenger, etc. Gives his PO Box and phone number.
18 Apr 82 Steve Marlowe acks Dick Sullivan of SU for passing on the
letters he received from GA, saying they are really a bunch
of shit. Tells him to stay in comm with GA, with comm to
GA going via Steve.
23 Apr 82 GA does notarized statement describing photographs in a photo album
which were taken aboard Apollo on Dec 10, 1974. People include
Terri Gillham, LRH, Pat Broeker etc. (Wedding pictures of
Terri and Gerry Armstrong). The photos described above
belong to LRH under the care of the CMO.
24 Apr 82 GA writes up description of a set of photos of LRH, saying
where they were taken etc.
24 Apr 82 Jim Dincalci does a statement describing a group of photos
of LRH, saying where and when each was shot.
24 Apr 82 SP Declare (revised) on GA is published. Says he took
unauthorized leave, theft, church property stolen, reselling
org property, impersonating a Scn when not authorized, etc.
Says since leaving he has falsely represented himself as on
a “secret mission,” spoken out pro LSD, etc.

[CT 6275]

1 May 82 Flynn says he spent 2½ hrs with Armstrong. There was a
50-50 chance Gerry would come down to the CW Hearings
(he didn’t). He (Flynn) said Gerry was really paranoid
and afraid he would be murdered if he came to CW.
9 May 82 Dispatch from Norman Starkey says GA took some photos while
doing research. He has retrieved them. No violation of the
law here at all. The goods (which we did not specify as stolen
are retrieved.)
25 May Gerry says he is now working in a law office as a researcher.
He’s not enthused over it. Also claimed some LRH photos were
stolen – says he’s mad as they were personal and worth a lot
of money. Assumes they were stolen by the Church.
31 May Flynn says he will have lots of speakers for the ” Open
Forum” – including Nibs & Gerry Armstrong.
1 June 82 GA gets served with a legal letter
at his PO Box in Costa Mesa.
1 June Nibs says Gerry Armstrong brought 2 people out of the Church
with him and that there are 10-12 who worked with LRH who
are coming out. Says Gerry has docs that show the Church has
$250 million in cash in banks and $35 million in one bank
alone. Also Gerry is supposed to have original LRH applica-
tion to explorers Club, personal orders from LRH, directions
and codes, and that the 20/20 show will have data from Gerry.
2 June Gerry was served in person with a legal letter at Omar
Garrisons PO Box. We got his license # and description at
this time as well. The phone # Gerry has been giving out is
Omar’s publishers – Ralston-Pilot Publishing Co – answering
service. Omar is pretty much the whole company.
9 June His new address is 1991 Newport Ave, Apt A, Cosa Mesa, Ca.
He took his old phone # to this address. Report says he was
shaken by the letter that was delivered to him (the legal one).
He’s not sure what it means – thinks he’s been sued, or about
to be. Expressed remorse that things came out the way they
did – since he has friends in Scn. He expressed bitterness
with the”organization”. Says he doesn’t yet have an attorney
but it looks like he will have to get one.
12 June Eddie Walters mentioned that Gerry Armstrong turned & brought
Eddie everything he had as far as data. He came to Eddie
in Clearwater. There will be a big meeting in LA and data about
LRH will be made known (that he had operations & was on drugs)
also Eddie says Gerry provided him with lots of photos of LRH
and some were supposed to have been only a couple mos old.
15 June 82 Flynn in CW has a contract with Omar Garrison for the
LRH Biography. It appears to be an original. He also has
letters from Bridge concerning the publishing of the Bio-
concerning royalties. They apparently were given to him by
Gerry Armstrong. He also has Gerrys home and work phone


  1. This document in PDF format.

Assistant Guardian Intelligence GLA Daily Report to PAC Mgmt Chief (March 16, 1982)

PAC Mgmt Chief US
cc: AG GLA

Br 10B Dir for


cc: PES US
cc: DGI US
cc: Org P & E Info US


[Handwritten] March 16, 1982

DR March 16, 1982

DR (March 16, 1982)

Re Gerry Armstrong

Dear Roberta,

          The data is the same, that we are going to resume the stakeout in the next day or so. We hope someone will be back at OVG’s by then. As you know, not even OVG has been there in the past week. The apt is unoccupied.

Love, Debbie

P.S. I just got word we got a lead on where GA may be. A GAS
2called Brad saying he had an address for GA It is just a lead – we don’t know
that this will be the current address or not but it could be.


  1. AGI GLA: Brad Balentine
  2. GAS: Guardian Activities Scientologist

Assistant Guardian Intelligence GLA Daily Report to PAC Mgmt Chief (March 15, 1982)

PAC Mgmt Chief US
cc: AG GLA

Br 10B Dir for


cc: PES US
cc: DGI US
cc: Org P & E Info USMarch 15, 1982


[Handwritten] Re: Gerry Armstrong

DR (March 15, 1982)

DR (March 15, 1982)

Dear Roberta,

As I have been reporting, there hasn’t been anyone home at all at OVG’s house (apt.) so it appears they are temporarily out of town. We are going to pick the stakeout back up on Wed. or so, it will be better to use our resources when it is likely to pay off than to continue now when no one at all is at OVGs. By Wed or so maybe they will be back, so we will resume the stakeout in a couple of days.

Love, Debbie


  1. AGI GLA: Brad Balentine