GA letter to Mark Rathbun: Apology not needed or wanted (September 4, 2009)

Dear Mark:

Some people have been saying that I wanted an apology from you, or you should apologize to me, or even that you’ll never apologize to me, for the fair game you perpetrated against me and got others to perpetrate against me while you were in the Scientology organization. I want to assure you and everyone else that I am not seeking or asking for an apology. In fact, an apology from you without you doing what you can to correct the wrongs you perpetrated and are ongoing could be yet another cruelty. With your apology plus a quarter I could make a local payphone call.

What needs attention and resolution are ongoing black PR, ongoing injustices, ongoing human rights violations, and the ongoing effects of other crimes, which you were involved in and can help resolve. I know that you know this.

The situation between you, me and Scientology is analogous to a conspiracy that gets a person falsely imprisoned. The victim sits for years in prison. One of the co-conspirators leaves the conspiracy, perhaps because the head conspirator, the crime boss, beat up one too many of the otherwise happy criminal co-conspirators. The falsely imprisoned guy learns that the ex-conspirator has left the conspiracy (or at least the ex-conspirator claims he’s left the conspiracy) and is publicly offering to help people that he or the conspiracy had hurt. The ex-conspirator seems to be claiming that his ethics are now one hundred eighty degrees diametrically opposed to what his ethics were when he was a lieutenant conspirator under the head conspirator.

Although the Sea Org/Scientology is more a criminal organization than a spiritual organization, because it calls whatever it is and does “religious,” you could use the usual Catholic analogy, in which an ex-Catholic had been a Cardinal Conspirator under the Pope Conspirator. The Catholic Conspiracy, from the Pope through some Cardinals down through some more clergy to attorneys and lay thugs, would have been carrying out the Pope’s Holy Command Intention to have the earlier ex-Catholic falsely imprisoned, and in other ways criminally attacked. The person who’d left the Church years before the Cardinal blew could have been a Bishop, or maybe just a Clerk, but perhaps was an uncommonly blessed Clerk, who’d known God personally, and had been authorized by God to do the research for His Biography. The Catholic analogy is not inapt, but I think the conspiracy is easier to follow and understand without the vaticanist trappings, since it is a simple criminal conspiracy, even if called a sacrament.

The falsely imprisoned guy writes to the ex-conspirator asking for the offered, and clearly needed, help. The ex-conspirator doesn’t respond to his victim’s request, which his victim e-mailed to him and posted on various Internet sites to make sure the ex-conspirator got, and very clearly, where his victim was coming from. With good reason and, especially given the circumstances, good humor, and with accuracy and care, the victim communicated some of his sincerely held thoughts about the situation and the human relationship. As an icebreaker, the victim made his initial communication an interparagraphing analysis of a perjurious declaration the ex-conspirator had executed to cause the victim trouble and harm a number of years even before getting him falsely imprisoned.

As you can see, the ex-conspirator would be even crueler than he had already been if he “apologized” to the victim and then did nothing to bring the ongoing crime against the victim to an end. In our analogy or scenario, the ex-conspirator does neither. He doesn’t apologize and he doesn’t help. In fact, clearly contemptuously, he doesn’t communicate back at all.

Not receiving a response from the ex-conspirator, his victim again writes him requesting his help to correct the injustices the ex-conspirator had for many years perpetrated and prolonged against the victim. Specifically, the ex-conspirator had known about the conspiracy’s theft of the victim’s valuable documents and artwork, also years before the false imprisonment, and could have been, if he really had left the conspiracy, a great help in getting them back to the victim. Again the victim receives no acknowledgement, not a word granting him a shred of credence.

The victim waits another month or so then writes the claimed ex-conspirator again, about another cruel injustice that the conspiracy had perpetrated against the victim. Some people had suggested to the victim that victimizers like the ex-conspirator wouldn’t help their victims unless their victims were extremely polite to them. The victim thinks that this is what bullies or sociopaths standardly do to their victims; nevertheless, he is extremely careful to be extremely polite, and even pre-apologizes in case he was being thought of as overly polite. Again, the victim insures the victimizer gets his communication by sending it directly and publishing it publicly. Despite his victim’s extreme politeness and his care in making sure the claimed ex-conspirator really got his communication, the claimed ex-conspirator again doesn’t even acknowledge his victim.

As you can imagine, by this point, the victim is fairly certain that the claimed ex-conspirator is still part of the conspiracy, doing some twisted nastiness for the conspiracy as he’d done for many years; or he is simply a coward and a bully, and just blowing smoke about helping victims. Nevertheless, the victim writes yet again, trying to assuage his victimizer’s guilt, if he was feeling any, and if he was using the guilt he was feeling in excusing not helping his victim. The conspirators, including the ex-conspirator, as a key part of their criminal conspiracy to destroy the victim, had conducted a global defamation/psychoterror campaign that included lies the ex-conspirator knew were lies. The ex-conspirator had been in places and positions in the conspiracy to know the truth, including the truth about the other conspirators’ knowledge of the crimes they were committing against the victim. The ex-conspirator knew that the conspiracy against the victim and his rights was unlawful, and knew that unlawful acts were committed in furtherance of the conspiracy. The ex-conspirator correcting those lies and confessing to the knowing unlawfulness of the conspiracy and its actions would be a very effective step to start righting the wrongs they had committed and were ongoing.

Despite the victim being one of the conspiracy’s most victimized victims, and despite the claimed ex-conspirator’s vital participation in the victimizing, yet again the claimed ex-conspirator doesn’t respond, or even acknowledge the victim’s existence. Yet again, the victim’s letter had been reasoned, factual, accurate and polite. The ex-conspirator comments publicly in another matter about only responding to communications that are civil, and he’s probably intimating that he hasn’t responded to his biggest victim because he wasn’t civil enough. His victim, of course, was not only civil, but polite, and not overly polite, and the ex-conspirator, whether or not he really had left the conspiracy, is treating and handling him with contempt.

Again too, I’m sure you can see, an apology from the ex-conspirator without his doing whatever he could to correct the judicial injustices and other ongoing iniquities, would be cruel. The ex-conspirator’s contempt for the victim, which the silent treatment à la Lisa Tech evidences, was made willfully more contemptuous and crueler by the ex-conspirator’s setting up a “practice” in which he is the possessor, seller and deliverer of superlative “ethics.” If the ex-conspirator would help his victim as he could and never apologize, doubtlessly the victim wouldn’t object. If the ex-conspirator apologized at any point in their relationship from here on, doubtlessly the victim, being reasonable and not at all like the black PR the conspirators had manufactured about him, would be grateful. An apology could even help, and psychologically and socially could even help the ex-conspirator. But the victim isn’t asking for an apology, because, without the requested help, it would be cruelty.

The analogy is closer to reality than most people would imagine, I would imagine, because, although I have not been falsely imprisoned all the years of your analogous victim above, the Scientology conspiracy did obtain and currently possesses a series of unlawful orders jailing me in California and fining me. I simply didn’t comply with these unlawful orders because they’re unlawful, and no one has any lawful obligation in California, or anywhere in the US, to comply with any order that isn’t lawful. There are still unlawful orders to jail me in California, and you could be very helpful in getting them canceled. If I had complied with even one of those unlawful orders jailing me, the Scientology cultists could have kept me jailed for years, or decades or forever.

You know all the details of the Miscavige regime’s unlawful orders against me, in fact you know details of all Miscavige’s and his regime’s fair game on me, up until 2005, I suppose, when you say you blew from Gilman. I’ll provide a brief description of the unlawful orders and circumstances, and some comments on the relevant related issues, however, so that others who will read this will have enough information to create a pretty clear picture. The available and relevant documents, of course, for all Scientology’s legal cases against me are well organized on my site.

The 1995 injunction Scientology got against me in California Superior Court in Marin County was obtained unlawfully and is on its face unlawful. The injunction has been one of the most insane, self-destructive successes imaginable for Scientology. What a flap! And it’s still ongoing. And you, Mark, were involved in the litigation to obtain the injunction, and in the enforcement actions following its unlawful grant. In fact, you were, throughout many of those years, directly over the litigation. It’s funny really, if you could think about it, that you write to Bert Fields that you held the “second highest ecclesiastical position in the [Scientology] religion” when you were over litigation. This supports the reality that litigation is an ecclesiastical activity, or religious expression, or religious exercise. In my life, as I have proven, it certainly is.

You were on the approval line for the unconscionable contract that would make every Scientology church, every affiliated entity, and all of their directors, officers, employees, volunteers, agents, assigns and attorneys, beneficiaries, not only in the unlawful contract, but in the unlawful injunction that enforced the unlawful contract, and in all the actions, which are all unlawful, taken to enforce the unlawful injunction. I won’t focus on the injunction here, although clearly it is an injustice that must be corrected, even for the benefit of the Scientologists it makes universally and willfully suppressive of basic human rights, but I’ll deal mainly with the enforcement efforts, which resulted in the unlawful jail sentences and fines against me.

You were also involved in fair gaming my attorney Michael J. Flynn from the day you were assigned to the Special Project or MAC. The “Juggernaut” eval is actually a criminal conspiracy. You were also involved in the operation to frame Flynn with the $2 million check forgery, using testimony Scientology purchased and which you knew to be false. From Vicki Aznaran’s July 19, 1990 declaration:

I have been informed by Mark (Marty) Rathbun, a high ranking Scientologist, that his private investigator, Gene Ingram, “fed” confession to Ala Tamimi when visiting him in an Italian prison. This false confession was, in substance, that Tamimi had been involved in a bad check scam involving an account of L. Ron Hubbard. This false confession implicated attorney Michael Flynn in the check scam. Michael Flynn was at the time considered a major enemy of Scientology because he represented numerous clients with claims against Scientology. This purported confession was used to slander and attack Michael Flynn. Michael Flynn has also been sued by Scientology as part of its “strategy” for handling enemies.

So you know what was done to conspire against, threaten, manipulate and degrade Flynn to get him to get me to sign your unlawful contract. These actions too must be confronted, the contract rescinded as unlawful, and the record cleared. As I said above, however, I will just deal now with the efforts to enforce the injunction that enforces the contract, and the unlawful jail sentences and fines you and your fellow religious conspirators obtained against me.

You will recall my August 14 letter, in which I requested your help to correct the black PR on me that you and Miscavige submitted to the IRS to get Scientology’s 1993 tax exemption. I mentioned in the letter that in January 1997, while living in San Anselmo, California, I discovered some of this black PR on the Internet, and that the discovery was so shocking that I felt I had to flee. I was also well aware at that time, of course, of Scientology’s leaders’ willful dishonesty, evil intentions toward me, and their propensity for physical violence, and I felt I had to be in a place, Canada, where I could more safely deal with this black PR and Scientology’s other attacks and threats. As you know, now twelve plus years later, time has proven me right. I also was painfully aware, obviously, that I could not get justice, or even reason, from the Marin Court Judge who’d issued the unlawful injunction and other unlawful orders and who had unlawfully denied me a fair trial, or any trial, Gary W. Thomas.

Back in January 1997, as Randomity would have it, just a few days before I actually left California, and while I was getting ready to leave, which was an extraordinarily threatening and troubling time, Grady Ward, a friendly fellow fighter against Scientology lies, abuses and criminality, served me with a subpoena for production of documents in the US District Court copyright infringement case he was defending against the cult. The following day, Andrew H. Wilson, the cult’s attorney in the Scientology v. Armstrong state case, sent me a letter claiming that my production of the subpoenaed documents to Ward would be a violation of the contract and injunction, and threatening me with enforcement if I produced the subpoenaed documents to Ward. Wilson didn’t copy Ward or the US District Court with his letter, and, although Wilson stated that Scientology would file a motion for a protective order in the Ward case to prevent my production of the subpoenaed documents, the cult never did file the motion.

Because Wilson’s threat and attempted interference was clearly unlawful, since I was a subpoenaed witness, I wrote a declaration reporting the threat and sent it to US District Court Judge Ronald M. Whyte, who presided over the Ward case and the related copyright infringement cases, Erlich and Henson. It was completely lawful, in fact arguably a legal duty, to report Wilson’s threat, and the report could not lawfully be prohibited by any injunction, certainly any State Court injunction. After reporting the threat, I left California for Canada. I had already filed a notice of appeal from the injunction and was awaiting the Marin County Clerk’s creation of the record and transcript for the appeal.

While I was in Canada, Scientology had Wilson file an application in Marin for an order to show cause re contempt against me for sending the declaration reporting Wilson’s threat to Judge Whyte. Scientology never served me with the application, or the OSC. Only many years later did I obtain a copy of some of the documents Wilson and Scientology filed in this matter. In his declaration in support of the application, Wilson omitted any mention of Grady Ward serving me with a subpoena duces tecum, any mention of Wilson’s threat, and any mention of the fact that I was sending my declaration to the federal judge to report that threat.

Scientology and Wilson, with machinations you would know about, then got the Judge Thomas, who had already granted the unlawful injunction and an equally unlawful judgment, to grant the cult’s contempt order, punishing me with two days in jail and a $1,000 fine. There is no mention in the order of Grady Ward serving me with the subpoena duces tecum, of Wilson’s threat, or that my declaration reported that threat to Judge Whyte.

While reasonably safely in Canada, I received the Marin Superior Court Clerk’s Transcript on Appeal, and I wrote and timely filed my Appellant’s Opening Brief in August 1997 in the California Court of Appeal in my appeal from Scientology’s unlawful injunction and judgment. Given where I’d written my brief, my situation, condition and resources, my brief is actually very good, and eminently civil, and no one has offered any reasoned and legally supported opposition to its substantive arguments. Scientology didn’t file a respondent’s brief, but filed a motion to dismiss the appeal based on the unlawful contempt order Judge Thomas had signed, which, the cult said, made me a fugitive from justice and therefore barred me from appealing.

What machinating Scientology, Scientologists and your attorneys organized to get Division Four of the First Appellate District to dismiss my appeal from the patently unlawful judgment and injunction, after I had filed a competent, well-supported and civil brief that showed that the injunction on which the contempt order, jail sentence and fines were based was unlawful, you would know, I’m sure, in considerable detail. After you got that appellate division to dismiss my appeal, it became clear to me that defiance and not civility was what was needed for Scientology and Scientologists.

My becoming very defiant as a result of your criminal abuse of process and conspiracy against my rights led me to see, of course, that defiance and civility weren’t mutually exclusive. My civility as a terrorized victim was simply transformed into the civility of a victim who has become very defiant. Defiance, as I intend it here, is “bold resistance to an opposing force or authority” and is, as you can see, neutral. Scientologists, for example, defy me to try to correct the injustices you’re perpetrating against me, and, of course, they defy logic, and even defy God. I defy Scientology’s and Scientologists’ lies. I defy you all to confront your “Suppressive Person” doctrine. I defy you, Mark, to prove that you’re on the right side. I defy you to prove you can’t understand what I’ve written. I defy all Scientologists to prove their “reason” is superior, or even reason at all.

Throughout my adult life, I have been civil, and in fact consciously and automatically polite and courteous. In an earlier communication to you, I mentioned my need to communicate as I communicate, and to publish what I publish, to counter Scientology’s and Scientologists’ lies and black PR on me. I mentioned specifically the big lie to the IRS to get your tax exemption that all of you truly believe I’m psychotic. The very same abundance of my writings and other communications now also has to prove, and does prove, that I’m civil. I am as civil as anyone as defiant as I am could be. I defy you to find anyone as defiant as I am and more civil than I am. In fact, I defy you to find anyone who is, whether a defiant victim or not, as big a victim of Scientology persecution as I am, and more civil.

The common, non-social emotion and attitude among Scientologists, which is installed in them by the application of Scientology, is contempt. They even watch each other to make sure they’re contemptuous enough of the right victims. Scientologists are universally contemptuous of me. Contempt is also, you should be aware, the actual, non-social tone and attitude of bullies and sociopaths. Scientologists’ group contempt for someone, or for others, facilitates aggression toward the targets or victims of their contempt. One of the available tones and attitudes in response to Scientology’s and Scientologists’ contempt and aggression or fair game is defiance, bold resistance. I’m happy to be able to report that the number of wogs defying Scientology’s and Scientologists’ contempt and aggression has grown exceedingly over the past several years. This expansion of planetary defiance, of course, has validated my own choice to defy these evils, and even made my defiance more defiant.

Your communications indicate that you are elevating your contempt for me to the point of demanding that I be civil. Yet, as a defiant victim of Scientology and Scientologists, you included notably, I am excruciatingly civil, dotting every i, crossing every t, and obeying every other convention or rule of grammar, etiquette and civility. You’re actually demanding that I stop being a civil defiant victim and just be your civil lickspittling victim, which I could never be even if I wanted for some insane reason to be. Your demand, of course, is both impossible and ludicrous. Victimizers demanding politeness from their victims is a form of what Hubbard called in scripture “double-curving.”

My defiance of your contempt is good for you, for me, and in fact it’s good for everyone. When you stop being contemptuous, naturally, I’d stop being defiant. I’d still be civil, but I’d appear very differently to you. You’d see in fact what you already know; that I’d been civil all along. So really, an apology from you, as long as you remain contemptuous of me and don’t help to end the continuing injustices and other fair game against me, would be just more contempt, more fair game, and, as I said, more cruelty, which, of course, is what contempt and fair game is intended to be.

Following your success getting Judge Thomas to sign your contempt order jailing and fining me for my sending my threat report to Judge Whyte, you also got Judge Thomas to sign a second contempt order for thirteen religious expressions about the Scientology religion I expressed in Europe and Canada, punishing me with another twenty-six days in jail and another monetary fine. Such an order is no more lawful than it would be to jail a person for expressing religious expressions about the Christian religion. The idea that an injunction issued by a California State Court judge, clearly either deranged or degraded, can lawfully prohibit a Canadian citizen from expressing his religious expressions about a religion in Canada or anywhere else is, of course, obscene, and clearly impossible.

After Judge Thomas retired, you used his series of unlawful orders and the Court of Appeal’s unlawful dismissal of my appeal to get another Marin Court Judge Vernon F. Smith to sign another contempt order against me for one hundred thirty-one religious expressions of my religious experiences and religious knowledge of a religion and its religionists. Being as defiant as I humanly could be, knowing that the contract’s and injunction’s conditions that I was violating were inarguably unlawful, and just living my life, I had, even by that time, actually violated these conditions hundreds of thousands of times. I would say that I have violated these unlawful conditions millions of times.

Over my sincere opposition at every stage, you priced each religious expression of my religious experiences and religious knowledge at $50,000 per expression, and you got Judge Thomas to agree that was a reasonable, fair and judicially enforceable figure. I disagreed that my religious expressions of my religious experiences and religious knowledge had that monetary value, but Scientology and all Scientologists, and certainly you, who were then in charge of litigation, insisted upon that valuation, and Judge Thomas went along with you. To further unlawfully help Scientology and Scientologists to unlawfully persecute me, he also went along with your unconscionable math, ruling it perfectly fathomable. The multiplicand for the $50,000 would be determined by the recipients, or even intended recipients, of any religious expression of my religious experiences in and religious knowledge of the Scientology religion.

You’ll recall that you had Scientology state in its early lawsuit to enforce its contract against me that I had sent a single religious expression to 19 people establishing its value at $950,000. All my religious expressions times their recipients times $50,000 a pop, I’m sure you’re aware, generates more monetary value than there is money in the world. In his deposition in the case, your junior during many years Lynn Farny provided the ecclesiastical adverb “a pop” when explaining how Scientology performed its monetary valuations of my religious expressions.

[Attorney Michael L. Walton:]  Q. The sending of this letter Scientology has alleged entitles it to $950,000 in liquidated damages. Can you explain that to me?

[Lynn R. Farny:]  A. Yes, I can. The letter which is attached to the Complaint as an Exhibit E is nine pages long and provides an extensive amount of information. Now each of the individuals designated in paragraph 87 received a copy of this letter, so it’s the disclosure of information to those individuals at $50,000 a pop which totals 950,000.

This letter to you, which I intend and expect conservatively a million people will receive, is worth, according to the Scientology “beneficiaries,” $50 billion.

Based on the unlawful injunction, judgment and contempt orders, in 2002 you had Scientology sue me again, seeking $10 million for two hundred of my religious expressions, virtually all of which were expressed in Canada or Europe. Your suit was also against Bob Minton and the Lisa McPherson Trust, seeking more millions from them for “acting in concert” with me in violation of your unlawful orders against me. You sued Minton for purchasing a computer for me because that computer would be used by me to express my religious expressions about the Scientology religion. Your attorneys unlawfully threatened several people with judicial enforcement of the unlawful injunction.

In 2004, at a trial of your $10 million suit, which was not the fair trial I seek in which I can put on a defense, Marin Superior Court Judge M. Lynn Duryee dispensed with the jail sentences and fines Scientology had obtained against me as unconscionable punishment. Amazingly and demonically, and through a very dishonest connection in the same appellate division that had dismissed my appeal of the unlawful injunction on the basis of the unlawful contempt order, Scientology was able to get this unconscionable punishment reinstated. I have the complete appellate record on my site.

Thus there are still these unlawful jail sentences and fines that prevent me from traveling to California, and even threaten my traveling anywhere else in the US. You know they’re unlawful, and shouldn’t want them, if you have any conscience, to be considered lawful by anyone; and you’re perfectly able to help me correct these and all the injustices Scientology and Scientologists have perpetrated against me all these years. That you worked so assiduously under Miscavige to silence people about Scientology, and make it appear lawful to silence people about Scientology, is a crime not only against me but against all wogs, and even more, against all Scientologists.

Scientology and Scientologists, as you know and doubtlessly directed, have also used, and continue to use their unlawful California jail sentences and other unlawful orders against me to black PR me and cause me trouble all around the world. See, e.g. this 2001 OSA black PR to a huge list of Russian Federal, and Provincial departments and officials, the clergy, and the mass media :

I am talking about Gerald Armstrong, a man who will take part in this conference and will present a paper on April 24, 2001.

In May 1998 the Supreme Court of the State of California issued an order to “arrest him and to bring him to the court” and that this arrest “can be conducted any time day or night” (cited from the court decision). I should add that this Armstrong was to be brought before the court and held accountable for anti-religious propaganda.

The order has not been executed until now for the simple reason that Armstrong is not at the moment residing in the US and thus is outside the reach of American justice.

I have no doubt that neither the Diocese of Nizhny Novgorod nor the authorities of Nizhny Novgorod Province and the city of Nizhny Novgorod have access to this data; otherwise this man would not have been put on the list of participants in the Conference.

I include here a copy of the document sent to me from the USA and I ask you to find out whose initiative it was to invite this man to Nizhny Novgorod, deliberately not informing the government that he is a criminal element. It is necessary to carefully screen all the list of the participants as well.

I also would like to inform you that this document, with an explanatory letter similar to this one, has already been submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Moreover, the information about the arrival of Armstrong in Russia has been handed to the U.S. Embassy in Russia so that the necessary measures may be taken for his detention.

Or see Scientology’s false statement to have me prosecuted in Ekaterinburg, Russia in 2003, which included this “support” for the demanded false prosecution:

We ask you to take measures, which are provided for by the law in relation to the members of this group of people. And we inform you, that G. Armstrong was brought to justice for his illegal activity. Namely, the Supreme court of the state California, County of Marin, case #157680, sentenced G. Armstrong to be guilty and demanded him to pay the compensation in the amount of $300 000 to the plaintiff. The Supreme Court of state California county of Marin, case #152229, awarded the Order to immediately arrest G. Armstrong, who purposely violated the writ 13 times. Also, the Supreme Court of California county of Marin, case #157680, #152229 declared, that the defendant G. Armstrong is guilty in 13 acts of contempt of court. Also he is punished for the previous contempt of authorities by the fine $200 for each infringement (totally $2600) and confinement in the County Jail for a period 48 hours for each infringement (totally 26 days). G. Armstrong should appear before the Court of the county of Marin, obeying the law, or should be brought to suffer punishment till 10 of February 1998. In case G. Armstrong does not obey to the mandate of the court, the bench warrant will be issued to arrest him immediately and subject to confinement, till the punishments for the contempt of the court are fulfilled.

If you stick with the Scientology position that the orders jailing me and fining me for expressing my sincere religious beliefs, experiences and knowledge about this religion, or any other religion, are desirable, moral or lawful, then you support Miscavige on this most key issue confronting Scientologists. On the other hand, if you really want to bring Miscavige to justice, to get justice for the victims of his regime’s injustice, and to actually defend human rights, then these orders and my relationship with Scientology and Scientologists provides an excellent opportunity. My case and the orders against me are all about human rights, and I have fought for this opportunity for over twenty-seven years. The help I need from you is your knowledge of what you were doing, or getting others to do, or of what Scientology was doing, that was not lawful, or fair, or conscionable, or even arguably advisable in its conspiracy to silence, imprison, ruin, and beastify me. If you tell the whole time, place, form and event, my attorney and I will make great use of it to do great good.

Yours civilly as always,

Gerry Armstrong
[contact info]

Declaration of Gerry Armstrong (March 7, 2006)

[…] 1

28. Scientology leaders had used the same Ken Hoden in a similar attempt in 1985 and 1986 to have me prosecuted by the Los Angeles District Attorney on charges


that the organization itself manufactured. Scientology ran a covert operation on me from 1982 through 1984 involving a writer Dan Sherman whom organization leaders operated to befriend me, get close to me, and set me up in a series of secretly recorded and videotaped meetings with other covert agents. Mr. Sherman and the other agents claimed that there were people inside the organization who wanted to reform it and stop Fair Game, but they were afraid for their lives and so sought out my help. The other agents David Kluge and Michael Rinder, pretending to be reformers, attempted to entrap me into the commission of crimes, without success. The recordings were made without my permission or knowledge and were illegal, and were in no way evidence of what Scientology claimed they were. Nevertheless, Scientology edited the recordings and used Mr. Hoden and others to try to get the LA DA to prosecute me, as well as my attorney Michael Flynn. Appended hereto as Exhibit C is a true and correct copy of the letter dated April 25, 1986 from LA DA to Mr. Hoden, et al. fortunately refusing prosecution or further investigation of Scientology’s claims.2 Scientology claimed that its covert videotaping operation was legal because it was authorized by the LA PD. As mentioned above, a Scientology agent had paid an LA PD officer at least ten thousand dollars for a series of phony “authorizations” to wiretap and eavesdrop on Mr. Flynn and me. Appended hereto as Exhibit D is a true and correct copy of a public announcement of April 23, 1985 from the LA Chief of Police denouncing the “authorizations” as not from the LAPD3 Despite the scathing denouncement from the Chief of Police, and the corrupt officer being suspended from


the LA PD, Scientology has continued to this day to justify its unlawful entrapment operation and the false charges it sought with the lie that the videotaping was approved by the LA PD.

29. At the time he attempted to have me prosecuted on Scientology’s trumped up charges, Mr. Hoden was part of the organization authorized and directed to handle or treat or Fair Game SPs. Scientologists in such positions are expected to lie, including under oath, to obstruct justice, and do what is necessary and can be gotten away with to harm the people organization leaders want harmed, like Mr. Henson and me. I believe that Mr. Hoden was used specifically in the efforts to have us prosecuted because he has been willing to lie, testify falsely or otherwise Fair Game us, whereas other Scientologists might not be so willing. I believe that my knowledge of Scientologists lying and testifying falsely as a practice, and specifically Ken Hoden lying, to have the organization’s SP victims prosecuted and jailed or otherwise harmed, was very relevant in Mr. Henson’s terrorism case, and if the jury had heard that testimony he would have been found not guilty on all counts.

30. The scriptural principle given by founder Hubbard that Scientology is following in its actions in the legal arena against people like Mr. Henson and me states:

The DEFENSE of anything is UNTENABLE. The only way to defend anything is to ATTACK, and if you ever forget that, then you will lose every battle you are ever engaged in, whether it is in terms of personal conversation, public debate, or a court of law. NEVER BE INTERESTED IN CHARGES. DO,
yourself, much MORE CHARGING, and you will WIN. And the public, seeing that you won, will then have a communication line to the effect that Scientologists WIN. Don’t ever let them have any other thought than that Scientology takes all of its objectives.4


The charges that the Scientologists and their agents who execute the Suppressive Person doctrine bring against their SP victims are often false charges. Scientology sought to have me falsely charged by the LA PD in 1982 for theft. In 1985 and 1986, as shown above, Scientology tried to have me prosecuted by the LA DA. In 1985 and 1986 Scientology tried to have me prosecuted by the FBI in Boston on a charge Scientology manufactured that I had impersonated an FBI officer.5 In 1992 through 1994, Scientology sought to have me punished for contempt of court on false charges. In 1997, Scientology was successful, as shown above, in having me punished with a fine and jail for reporting the organization’s threat to me after I was subpoenaed. In 1998, Scientology was successful in having me fined and ordered to jail for twenty-six days for expressions expressed in Canada and Germany.6  In 2001, Scientology was again successful in having me found in contempt of court for more religious expressions in Canada.7 In 2001, Scientology also sought to get me in trouble with the FSB, the Russian intelligence service that succeeded the KGB, and tried to have me picked up by U.S. agents in Moscow.8 In 2002, Scientology sought to have me charged by the Ekaterinburg, Russia prosecutor on the basis of false statements by Scientologists that I had trespassed in their office in that city. In 2004 and 2005 a Scientology agent leased an office across the street from my apartment in Chilliwack, B.C. Canada, spied on my wife throughout that period, and tried to trick us into making a video recording to later be used against us.9

31. I am convinced that Ken Hoden and any Scientologists who testified that they were frightened by Keith Henson possibly bombing them or hurting them in any way are lying as part of a conspiracy run by Scientology’s leaders to deprive him of his rights in violation 18 U.S.C. § 241, and in violation of other state and federal criminal statutes. What Scientology is trying to do in silencing me judicially and


extra-judicially demonstrates the same, and the list of beneficiaries of Scientology’s efforts to deprive me of my civil rights shows that the conspiracy is organization-wide. Since Scientology is demonstrably inter alia a criminal conspiracy against rights, Mr. Henson has every justification in the world to interfere with the conspiracy, even if the conspirators call their conspiracy religion.