The Jesse Prince Story, Part 3 (August 6, 1998)

Subject: Welcome to the Sea Org, Marty Rathbun
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 1998 08:36:05 GMT
From: (Jesse Prince)
Organization: ARSCC
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

The Jesse Prince Story, Part III1

by Jesse Prince

I just want to give my heartfelt thanks to all of you out there that are interested in knowing the truth concerning Scientology. You know I just can’t refer to Scientology as a church in any way; it would be an insult to all religions.

I have many questions being asked of me and I promise, in one way or another, to get to all of them. It will be best if I just get the whole story out, chapter by chapter, and I promise all will be revealed.

Now, an issue has been raised concerning the pc folder information of those in power in Scientology. This is what I have to say about that: No, I am not a Scientologist! That means that I will not act like one. My intention in going public with the information I have is not to malign any single group or individual in Scientology. I am simply telling the truth about real incidents I’ve seen with my own eyes, that’s all. There is no need for me to talk about anyone’s pc folder information. Real events that have nothing to do with auditing are much more interesting; Just the facts, please.

The bottom line is that the hierarchy of Scientology is composed of people who are very, very, very mentally ill, sick people of the worst sort. Why? Because they are sick and don’t know it. In all honesty, I hope to reach them so that they can wake up and start getting well, like I have, and others have to.

Well, this ties into the next story I’m going to tell, which may give some insight into why some of those people are so sick in the first place.

This story is about Marty Rathbun.

The year is circa 1978. I was forcefully incarcerated in the PAC RPF, and I had been since one week before my 22nd birthday in March 1977. We were 125 strong in the RPF. David Miscavige had been running several missions, along with Mark Ingber, to renovate what is now the big blue building on Sunset Avenue in Los Angeles. These missions were basically a two stage process.

Missions were sent to all the Sea Org locations to get all ethics bait personnel and send them to the PAC RPF to renovate the Complex. We lived in a slave labor camp environment and for weeks on end were on a schedule of working 30 hours on and three hours off for sleep, so that we could “meet deadlines.” People were literally dropping like flies, which resulted in many unnecessary injuries. I remember one person, Bobby Schaffner, who cut off part of a finger during this time. He was so numb that it meant nothing to him, but he was happy to be off, since he could at least sleep for a while.

But my RPF experience is not the subject I’m trying to cover here; that’s another story. I’m just trying to set the stage here.

Now, it happened one day that a fellow named John Coletto was routed to the RPF forcefully. By “forcefully,” I mean he was surrounded by others who forced him to go, just the way it happened to me. He came from the Pubs Org, which later came to be known as Bridge Publications, Inc., or BPI. His wife Diane Coletto was the Commanding Officer, or CO, of the Pubs Org, and she had been instructed to divorce her husband John because he was a “criminal.”

Well, this sent John “over the top.” After some weeks, he managed to escape the PAC RPF and shortly afterwards called Scientology officials to let them know that they had turned his wife against him (a common practice in Scientology), and he was going to kill her.

Diane was assigned a body guard. A new person who just routed onto the EPF (Estates Project Force). The EPF is where you get your initial Sea Org training (brainwashing).

Marty was in a car with Diane driving down what is now known as L. Ron Hubbard Way, when out of nowhere here comes John, her husband, and he has a gun in his hand. John stopped the car and got into an argument with Diane because she would not leave with him. He then took the gun and emptied it into her body. Blood and guts were everywhere. He then took the gun and pointed it at Marty and started to shoot – click, click, click – no more bullets.

Marty sat there in shock staring at John as John stared at him. Marty had blood, bone and guts all over him and barely escaped death that day. John ran off and was found dead himself a few days later for self-inflicted wounds from the same gun he used to kill his wife.

This was Marty Rathbun’s introduction to the Sea Org. Marty was assigned a special Guardian’s Office auditor and spent months trying to audit out the incident. He became part of OSA and was watched and guarded himself for a long time.

Is it any wonder he is a mindless robot today with little to no will or spirit left now?

Monsters of Scientology are created. This is just one story. All John Coletto wanted was to be with his wife.

The result was death.

Death is more common than one would think in Scientology.

Yes, Marty did blow after the IRS decision. Little David Miscavige often beat Marty up (in the presence of bigger stronger goons, of course) and all of this has an effect on a person.

I’m sure Marty was a decent person before, but now he probably feels hopeless and is just waiting for his life to end, as, seemingly, that is the only way out of the Sea Org for him in his mind.

I want Marty to know it’s OK to leave. In fact, Marty, run away as fast as you can. I’ll make sure you won’t get hurt any more. Your suffering will be over for good. I promise.

Respectfully submitted,

Jesse Prince